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Contingency planning.

Emergency Management for Records and Information Programs

Virginia A. Jones, CRM, and Kris E. Keyes

Updated to better address electronic records, as well as salvage and recovery procedures, this essential guide will help you prepare for and recover from natural or manmade disasters.

Its five sections provide a step-by-step guide through the essential phases of emergency management--prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery--and include such topics as

* the basic concepts of emergency management and insights on selling it to top management

* vital records, risk management, and disaster prevention planning

* preparation of the emergency management plan

* recovery and resumption of operations

"Chapter Checklists" at the end of each chapter review major concepts and guide you in forming your emergency plan, and "Small Business Tips" give information of special importance to smaller organizations.

ISBN:0-933887-98-1 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 120 pages, 2001 Catalog No. A4715 $61, ARMA member $42

An Ounce of Prevention: Integrated Disaster Planning for Archives, Libraries, and Record Centers, 2nd Ed.

Johanna Wellheiser and Jude Scott, with the assistance of John Barton

This second edition of the award-winning Ounce of Prevention from the Canadian Archives Foundation, published in cooperation with Scarecrow Press, is essential for larger archives, libraries, or record centers beginning or updating an institutional disaster plan.

The authors take the approach that disaster recovery planning must touch every department of an organization and that emergency response must be a carefully mapped strategy. This broad-based approach to integrated disaster planning explains each phase, with chapters covering planning for prevention, protection, preparedness, response, and recovery. The authors consider collections, records, facilities, and systems and include a chapter on post-disaster planning as well. The authors also cover Canadian federal and local assistance programs and list other sources for financial assistance.

ISBN: 0-8108-4176-2 (Scarecrow Press) Soft cover, English, 304 pages, 2002 Catalog No. B4821 $30 ARMA member or non-member

Manager's Guide to Contingency Planning for Disasters

Kenneth N. Myers

The second edition of this book helps you plan to prevent a disaster, or, if one should occur, to be prepared to recover without a great loss of time or income.

This book

* will help you establish a corporate contingency plan policy and strategy while minimizing plan development costs

* provides sample computer contingency plans and business continuity strategies and case studies

ISBN:0-471-35838-X (Wiley) Hard cover, English, 251 pages, 1999 Catalog No. B4203 $65 ARMA member or non-member

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages, 12th Ed.

Steven Lewis, Ph.D.

With more than 3,000 vendor listings in 270-plus categories, this is easily the most comprehensive sourcebook designed to help users locate disaster recovery services throughout the United States and Canada. Disaster Recovery's five sections cover restoration services, mobile buildings, computer and emergency equipment, planning and data recovery software, and training publications and videos, and include special features such as

* an alphabetical listing of companies for ease in locating vendors

* a tutorial on areas that are frequently overlooked when preparing disaster recovery plans

* hints on getting started and preparing a disaster plan

A subscription update service is offered by the publisher at a modest cost.

ISSN: 1074-0112 (The Systems Audit Group Inc.)

Binder, English, 350 pages, 2003 Catalog No. B4315 $101 ARMA member or non-member

A PC-based CD-ROM version of this sourcebook includes active links to vendor Web sites.

ISSN: None (The Systems Audit Group Inc.) CD-ROM, English, 2003 Catalog No. B4827 $101 ARMA member or non-member
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