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Continental margin sedimentation; from sediment transport to sequence stratigraphy.


Continental margin sedimentation; from sediment transport to sequence stratigraphy.

Ed. by Charles A. Nittrouer et al.

Blackwell Publishing


549 pages



Special publication number 37 of the International Association of Sedimentologists


Population pressures and development have increased studies of historical and current continental margins, sedimentary processes, and strata associated with fluvial dispersal systems. This research resource, which could also well serve in the classroom as models of study, deals with time scales ranging from particle transport to deep burial and use as test cases a tectonically active margin in northern California and a passive margin in New Jersey. The nine extended articles, which are well-illustrated, include a survey of new data on continental margin sedimentary processes and topics such as sediment delivery to the seabed on continental margins, post-deposition alteration and preservation of sedimentary strata, oceanic dispersal and accumulation of river sediment, submarine mass movements on continental margins, the mechanics of marine sediment gravity flows, seascape evolution on continental shelves and slopes, long-term stratigraphic records on continental margins and predictions about margin stragigraphy.

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