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Content in the Unbroken Continuum.

Content in the Unbroken Continuum

   We ran foolhardy against this hasty beginning.
   Beginnings are always hasty; they presuppose
   too much: then, and then, and then. What?
   Life is content to be a story; only when maneuvered
   beyond the frame does the moment become
   painful. Like here, in this beginning, we want
   more. We want character and context. We're not
   content to say, you are Walt Whitman a third
   remove from native hill, and I am Edith reading
   a rose like a letter. Soon, a dish will break;
   a page will turn. I don't suppose to punctuate
   the vestige people call Chapter Three. Hardly.
   It is a vastitude. But in context, they are most
   right, and so win the point:
   You may or may not remember this desire
   to be more than a life.
   I may or may not remember this story's try
   to betray its book--
   And so unleash. And so distend. And so enfold.
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Author:Taylor, Duffie
Publication:James Dickey Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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