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Articles from Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice (January 1, 2014)

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A critical essay on Islamic freedom in ASEAN. Hunter, Murray 6245
A point of view regarding the role of interception in the penal process. Dutu, Tiberiu 848
Acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. Rotaru, Raluca Report 2336
Advertising psychology versus lifelong learning. Bondrea, Aurelian A.; Stefanescu-mihaila, Ramona Olivia Report 3630
Affective and cognitive dimensions of media communication. Cojocariu, Gheorghe Report 3027
Aggressive behavior of elite athletes. Marasescu, Mihaela Rodica Report 2133
Aspects of legal liability in organ, tissues and cells of human origin sampling and transplant. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report 1936
Aspects regarding children and family juridical protection after the entry into force of the new criminal code. Magureanu, Alexandru Florin Report 2661
Bitcoin--between legal and financial performance. Negurita, Octav Report 2351
Civic engagement in the age of online social networks. Bala, Monica Report 2640
Communication and culture: cultural paradigms and referentials. Miulescu, Viorel Report 3832
Communication, representation, and social change. Bratu, Sofia Report 2259
Comparative view regarding regulations on motivation of draft regulatory acts. Fainisi, Florin Report 4184
Considerations on "the principle of waiving the criminal investigation," one of the changes brought to the criminal procedure provisions through the new criminal procedure code. Galateanu, Oana Report 2937
Consumer rights protection in the context of online marketing research. Bondrea, Aurelian A.; Geangu, Iuliana Petronela; Gardan, Daniel Adrian; Cretoiu, Raluca Report 3636
Criminological characteristics of the woman offender's personality. Dragomir, Cristina Boroiu Report 2678
Critical reflections on the donation revocation for ingratitude regulated by the new civil code. Florea, Bujorel Report 4384
Deontology in public administration. Constantin, Eugen Report 1859
Distance learning management based on information technology. Andronie, Maria Report 3075
Drafting the contract for the carriage of goods. Pandele, Adina Laura Report 2242
Dynamics of workforce development with a focus on the R&D--the Romanian case study. Pasnicu, Daniela; Tudose, Gabriela Case study 3518
Education and unemployment in the knowledge-based society. Andronie, Mihai; Andronie, Irina Elena Report 3321
Education legislation in accordance with constitutional rules, market economy and accounting law. Baluta, Aurelian Virgil Report 3283
Fiducia in the new Romanian Civil Code. Magureanu, Alexandru Florin Report 2352
Financial solidarity--a structured approach to the complex issue of the migration phenomenon. Tudor, Florin Report 2410
Forecasting the number of people at risk of poverty in Europe using single exponential smoothing method. Schin, George Cristian Report 2082
Francesco Casetti's deictic conception on cinematographic enunciation. Serban, Silviu Report 4251
Governance and government in the Arab Spring Hybridity: reflections from Lebanon. Stel, Nora Report 8793
House arrest as a preventive measure. Dutu, Tiberiu Report 1994
Human capital in the new economy. a post-revolutionary Romanian radiography. Gurgu, Elena; Savu, Cosmina Report 2969
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) used for education and training. Andronie, Mihai; Andronie, Maria Report 2484
Interview: essence, appearance and the reporter's task code. Paunescu, Andrei Report 2612
La distinction entre tombeaux de famille et tombeaux hereditaires en droit romain classique. I/la position de gaius. Paturet, Arnaud Essay 15328
La distinction entre tombeaux de famille et tombeaux hereditaires en droit romain classique. II/le temoignage d'ulpien. Paturet, Arnaud Essay 12242
Legal approaches towards the appeal for annulment both in former and new procedure regulation. Mocanu, Mihaela Cristina Report 3297
Legal aspects and developments for financial consumer protection: evidence from the Romanian banking system. Baicu, Claudia Gabriela Report 2649
Legal challenges of the human rights framework in the European Union. Iordache, Constantin; Jipa, Vlad Report 2795
Legal language. A terminology analysis of the Romanian Criminal Code. Nadrag, Lavinia; Buzarna-Tihenea, Alina "Galbeaza" Report 2800
Les racines vigoureuses de l'ignorance du droit a la moralite, le bon sens et la culture. Stanescu, Amelia Report 1378
Linguistic and anthropological-cultural perspectives on eponimy: Ferdinand de Saussure and the theory of hypograms. Georgescu, Nicolae; Coman, Ruxandra Report 2700
Management and change in Romanian education. Ungureanu, Adrian; Rascu-pistol, Silvia; Ungureanu, Anca Report 1997
Media ethics in the ideological contextof the twentieth century. Moldovan, Gratian Report 1591
Medical services consumer protection in the context of eHealth development. Geangu, Iuliana Petronela; Gardan, Daniel Adrian; Orzan, Olguta Anca; Oprescu, Alina Elena Report 3198
Mergers--how do they legally and psychologically impact the employees? Hinescu, Arcadia Report 2184
Models and theories of mass communication. Landmarks in time. Miulescu, Viorel Report 2982
Models of marketing simulations for SMEs in Romania: strategic game for marketing mix simulation. Pistol, Luminita; Bucea-Manea, Rocsana Tonis Report 2090
Neural mechanisms underlying school-based learning. Pera, Aurel Report 2078
New challenges for the WEEE management system in Romania as a result of the recast of the WEEE directive. Rudareanu, Costin Report 2826
Novelties in engagement and marriage matters in the light of the new civil code. Lesni, Claudiu Iulian Report 3200
Population as environmental law subject. Nicolau, Ingrid Report 2234
Principles of doctor legal liability in Romanian civil law. Lazar, Liliana Marilena Report 2035
Problematizing liberal cosmopolitanisms: foucault and neoliberal cosmopolitan governmentality. Peters, Michael A. Report 10033
Recognition of prior learning by competences' validation in selected European countries. Velciu, Magdalena Report 1989
Refined impact factor manipulation procedures. Lazaroiu, George Report 2186
Respecting consumer rights and professional ethics: particular aspects of the Romanian healthcare services. Cetina, Iuliana; Dumitrescu, Luigi; Pentescu, Alma Report 4062
Several aspects regarding the organization and functioning of the national integrity agency. Ghencea, Flavia Report 2238
Societal consequences of para-networking influences under crisis. Costea, Carmen; Vladuca, Laura Libardea; Mihoreanu, Larisa Report 4369
Some aspects regarding juridical documents that can be contracted by different classes of natural persons distinguished in relation to their legal competence. Topor, Roxana Report 1786
State's liability for judicial errors in the criminal domain. Galateanu, Oana Report 2166
Struggles in the representations of Roma immigrants in the north of France: from migration management to public discourse. Staiculescu, Ana Rodica; Gherasim, Mircea Report 3729
Temporal limits of the notions of "reasonable time," "promptly" and "speedily" of the European convention on human rights. Soldea, Ioana Report 2406
The aleatory contracts under new civil code provisions. Lazar, Patrick Rares Report 2553
The child's education--object of parental authority regarding the child's personality. Munteanu, Cornelia Report 4466
The European and national dimension of the actual migration. Legislative and security aspects. Todor, Catalina; Repez, Filofteia; Postolache, Mihaela Report 2895
The European Union operations in ethnopolitical conflicts. Bejan, Ana-Maria Report 1692
The financial evolution of the Romanian countries. Popa, George Dorel Report 1380
The game and bet under new civil code provisions. Lazar, Patrick Rares Report 3416
The hypotheses of Francesco Casetti's view on cinematographic enunciation. Serban, Silviu Report 3602
The importance attached to citations for judging the quality of research. Lazaroiu, George Report 2234
The importance of communication in the production of social representations. Bratu, Sofia Report 2249
The importance of perspective in conceptual thinking and visual communication. Voloaca, Ioana Diana Report 2181
The influence of marketing environment on institutions of higher education in Romania. Manea, Natalia Pariza; Cetina, Iuliana Report 1745
The integration of cognitive neuroscience in educational practice. Pera, Aurel Report 2028
The interview. Ethics, art and technique of the legal plagiarist. Paunescu, Andrei Report 2163
The Japanese Prime Minister's visits to the Yasukuni Shrine analyzed under articles 20 and 89 of the Japanese constitution: (previously published in Michigan state university international law review 22(3), 2014: 713-729). Ravitch, Frank S. Essay 5067
The literary character between philosophy and life: archive of characters, themes, places. Georgescu, Nicolae; Coman, Ruxandra Report 2564
The movement of excise goods under excise duty suspension within the European community. Covrig, Georgiana Report 2833
The perception of corruption in public administration. Sandu, Adriana Magdalena; Niju, Mirela Loredana Report 2041
The performance effects of transformational leadership in public administration. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Report 2077
The phenomenon of media communication. Cojocariu, Gheorghe Report 4278
The possibility of unilaterally modifying the contract for the carriage of goods. Pandele, Adina Laura Report 2460
The prerequisites of parties for bringing a civil action under the new code of civil procedure. Stoica, Adrian Constantin Report 5031
The principle of transparency in administrative law. Report 1652
The sequence of legal regulations on social security in Romania until the unification of social insurance law, Ioanitescu 1933. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu Report 2627
The social construction of participatory media technologies. Lazaroiu, George Report 2223
The twilight zone of consumers' brains. The relevance of expenditure on advertising on micro and macro levels. Bondrea, Aurelian A.; Stefanescu-Mihaila, Ramona Olivia Report 3725
The typology of crime and punishment in Romania and China. Gruia, George; Gruia, Luciana Ioana Report 3088
Transformational leadership behavior in public sector organizations. Ljungholm, Doina Popescu Report 1956
Unique identification project for 1.2 billion people in India: can it fill institutional voids and enable 'inclusive' innovation? Yadav, Vanita Report 3835
Women's rights in Islam. Nicolau, Ingrid Report 4073
World population--accelerator or brake in development? Stanciu, Miltiade; Stoica, Ana-Maria "Mihali" Report 3009

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