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Articles from Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice (July 1, 2012)

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A basic introduction to constitutional free exercise of religion in the United States and Japan. Ravitch, Frank S. Report 6557
A contemporary observation on international protection of cultural property. Lian, Xi Report 4018
A corpus-based analysis of deontic and epistemic values of the modal shall in legal texts. Goga-Vigaru, Roxana Report 4263
A critical note on "animal rights". Machan, Tibor R. Essay 1486
Abuse of rights. Gradinaru, Nicolae 2216
Applicability of the precautionary principle. European Union case law--France Model. Cobzaru, Angelica Report 3964
Aspects of European cooperation in the fight against cross-border crime. Bocaniala, Tache; Bocaniala, Andrei Report 2649
Aspects referring to the international cooperation on the protection of the Black Sea against pollution. Tiganescu, Ana-Maria Report 2132
Assigning better tax governance within the EU through the actions to overcome the debt crisis and enhance the economic convergence. Tudor, Florin Report 2356
Community service. Gradinaru, Nicolae 3278
Conditions for legal liability for environmental damage. Brasoveanu, Florica; Brezeanu, Alexandru Petru Lisievici 1920
Considerations on classification of good in fungible and non-fungible. Muntean, Cornelia Report 3004
Considerations on health policy. Boboc, Luciana; Coman, Varvara; Pavel, Liliana Report 1768
Contract of mandate in the new Civil Code. Stiolica, Mirela Loredana; Goga-Vigaru, Roxana; Dumitrache, Oana Gabriela Report 2194
Corporate human rights violations and private international law: the hinge function and conductivity of pil in implementing human rights in civil proceedings in Europe: a facilitating role for pil or pil as a complicating factor? Van Den Eeckhout, Veerle 14110
Criminal policy and constitution. Terminology and concept. Babu, Vasile Report 1351
Criminal policy in constitutional democracy. Terminology and concept. Babu, Vasile Report 1227
Custody on remand according to the new Criminal Code of Romania. Ivan, Mari-Claudia; Ivan, Gheorghe Report 4267
Dependent origination as a natural governing law. Hunter, Murray Report 13056
Dependent origination as a natural governing law. Hunter, Murray Report 14367
Determining the time of death and its importance in the inheritance matter. Lazar, Patrick Rares Report 2233
Developing a regional interfaith and intercultural network in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Michael, Michalis S. Essay 12449
Different procedures to acquire the public domain. Sandu, Adriana Magdalena Report 3024
Droit et ordre social dans l'antiquite romaine : morceaux choisis. Paturet, Arnaud Report 11654
E-learning--the ultimate educational tool. Bacalu, Filip Report 3942
Educational approach and counseling in youngster's aggressivity. Ticusan, Marilena Report 2449
Epistemic ecologies of knowledge. Lazaroiu, George Report 2487
Equity, fundamental principle of law. Coman, Varvara; Boboc, Luciana; Steriopol, Octavia Report 3545
Euthanasia. Diaconescu, Amelia Mihaela Report 4182
Forms of medieval judicial procedure of the Romanian people. Anghel, Ion M. Report 2401
Forms of medieval judicial procedure to the Romanian people (9th-16th century). Anghel, Ion M. Report 2937
Grundnorm. The controversial supporting point of the Kelsenian positivist system. Trandafirescu, Bogdan Cristian Report 2175
Guaranteeing the carrier's claims: regulations in the Civil Code and special legislation. Pandele, Adina Laura Report 3127
Guilty plea agreement. Dutu, Tiberiu Report 1389
Identity in conflict: a case study of violence. Staiculescu, Ana Rodica; Stan, Alina Report 4992
Implementation of international humanitarian law--current challenges and obstacles. Skrbic, Ajla Report 5454
Implementation of marketing principles--a necessity in primary school education. Sferle, Sorin; Gardan, Daniel Adrian; Gudei, Simona Corina; Geangu, Iuliana Petronela Report 2906
Insight into ill-treatment in the workplace: patterns, causes and solutions. Fevre, Ralph; Lewis, Duncan; Robinson, Amanda; Jones, Trevor Report 13168
Intellectual creation in the light of the convention establishing the world intellectual property organization--the WIPO organization. Anechitoae, Constantin 959
Intellectual property rights though the lens of the agreement on trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights, concluded in Marrakesh. Anechitoae, Constantin Report 1554
International cooperation in the struggle against trans-border organized crime and money laundering. Popa, George Dorel Report 1327
Inventing human rights: a social theory of right and the juridical construction of the subject. Peters, Michael A. Essay 7270
Isn't equal opportunity a basic human right? How feudalism hinders community transformation and economic evolution. Hunter, Murray Report 3749
Jews' rights in France after 1789 Revolution. Lupu, Raluca; Nicolau, Ingrid Report 2326
Juvenile delinquency--security threats in the Extended Black Sea Region. Calopareanu, Gheorghe; Repez, Filofteia; Postolache, Mihaela Report 2560
Kant's dilemma and the double life of citizenship. Storey, Ian Essay 11465
Key factors that influence behavior of health care consumer, the basis of health care strategies. Radulescu, Violeta; Cetina, Iuliana; Orzan, Gheorghe Report 3641
Law no. 221/2009 on convictions with political character and administrative measures related, sentenced between March 6, 1945 and December 22, 1989. Grounds for the law and its applicability. Rotaru, Raluca Report 2188
Le status de la profession de l'huissier de justice dans le monde contemporaine : realitee et perspective. Stoica, Adrian Report 6037
Le totem de la psychanalyse et le tabou de la diversite culturelle dans le scenario de l'originaire sociale. Georgescu, Matei Critical essay 3569
Legal aspects regarding waters administration, use and management in Romania. Tiganescu, Ana-Maria Report 2804
Legal dimensions of secularism: challenges and problems. Palomino, Rafael Report 8049
Legal language: a realm of contradictions. Burukina, Olga Report 6252
Legal translation through the distorted lens of culture: an English-Romanian case study. Nadrag, Lavinia; Buzarna-Tihenea, Alina "Galbeaza"; Stan, Alina Case study 4676
Liability of the public road manager who manages county roads sectors located within built urban areas, under provisions of Government Ordinance no. 43/1997 on roads conditions, republished and updated. Zaharia, Aurel Report 1626
Medieval interpretations of Roman law. Paraschiv, Elena Report 2265
Mining, forestry and human rights governance--restoring the lost balance. Salmoli, Choudhuri Report 3013
Money laundering directives and corruption in the European Union. Ionescu, Luminita Report 1547
New provisions of the 2011 Romanian Labor Code: Articles 1 to 31. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu 1446
No solution for Europe without reaffirming the Lisbon strategy. Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Report 2587
Offenses concerning the road factor by not complying with conditions of the construction authorization issued under the law, to provide access to the public road, if constructions are situated on the road. Zaharia, Aurel Report 1472
Preserving conceptual concordance in the multilingual translations of EU legislation. Radulescu, Adina Report 2381
Psychological aspect of liberty deprivation and custodial environment. Rus, Mihaela Report 3647
Quine's holistic model of science and language. Serban, Silviu Report 2114
Quine's scientific semantics. Serban, Silviu Report 2162
Recourse in legal purposes from the perspective of law 202/2010 regarding the acceleration of trial settlement. Coca, George Report 1857
Requirements for ensuring uniform legal practice. Dutu, Tiberiu Report 1778
Rise of political Islam in Turkey and its effects on Turkish--Syrian relations. Akkaya, Saffet Report 4961
Risk assessment audit versus work accidents prevention. Elefterie, Liana Report 2506
Single consignment note CIM / SMGS in international rail freight transport. Neagu, Emilian Report 1520
Specific features of the dismissal of personal assistants of disabled persons. Case study. Marin, Marilena; Botina, Madalina Case study 3046
Strategies for controlling children's crimes. Arhire, Diana-Elena Report 2572
Study on administrative contracts. Sandu, Adriana Magdalena; Pagarin, Maria Sofia Report 2627
TermCoord and IATE's roles in the age of computer-assisted translation tools. Radulescu, Adina Report 2533
Territorial cohesion and spatial justice. Marian, Ilie Report 2207
The accessory punishment according to the new Criminal Code of Romania. Ivan, Gheorghe; Ivan, Mari-Claudia Report 2150
The accounting law and the mixed legal institutions system in terms of promoting development mechanisms. Baluta, Aurelian Virgil Report 2684
The challenges of enforcing international law. David, Bogdan Report 2080
The conative function of language and media semiotics. Serban, Silviu Report 3172
The dissolution of a marriage on the territory of an EU state, between a Romanian citizen and the citizen of that state. Territorial competence. Botina, Madalina; Marin, Marilena Report 1982
The exhaustion of Greek political system and a society in flames. Karantzeni, Dimitra 1865
The freight market. Grigorut, Cornel Report 1083
The impact of Roman law in the ancient world. Paraschiv, Elena Report 2247
The impact of the new informational era on law. Stoian, Anca-Iulia 2276
The implications of the adoption of the EU Acquis on the Romanian banking sector. Negurita, Octav Report 2501
The increased significance of education as an investment in human capital. Nica, Elvira Report 2242
The inheritance opening and its legal consequences in light of the entry into force of the new Civil Code. Lazar, Patrick Rares Report 2441
The insertion of the precautionary principle in the environment protection as a legal norm in the European Union countries. Fainisi, Florin; Ilie, Marian; Artene, Diana Anca Report 8237
The issue of the police and judicial cooperation in the European Union. Panait, Cristina Florina "Popescu" 2825
The judicial organization in provinces returned to the country or outside its borders during the second half of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Ghitulescu, Bogdan 2108
The judicial organization in Romanian principalities during the second half of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Ghitulescu, Bogdan Report 3067
The lease contract. Lesni, Claudiu Iulian Report 1896
The legal concept of corporate responsibility. David, Bogdan Report 2087
The organization of prisons in the Romanian principalities (1831-1862). Merei, Luminita Eleni Report 2448
The pitfalls of simplifying legal writing. Radulescu, Adina Report 2297
The principle of direct consequences and effect of EU rules on national courts. Dinu, Gheorghe 1650
The relations between international conventions on international trade contracts. Trandafirescu, Bogdan Cristian Report 2907
The relationship between the Romanian and the European citizenships. Brasoveanu, Florica; Brezeanu, Alexandru Petru Lisievici 1376
The right to good administration. Pavel, Nicolae 5778
The right to life as a supreme value and guaranteeing the right to life. Pavel, Nicolae Report 8848
The right to self image: the consent given in the case of reproduction of a person in a photograph, film, drawing, on the Internet. Manuc, Liliana Marilena Report 1334
The right to self image: the consent given to create or use a person's image in the new Civil Code. General considerations. Manuc, Liliana Marilena 1463
The social perception of the economic crisis in Greece. Popescu, Gheorghe H. Report 2075
The status of active subject of bribe-taking. Alecu, Gheorghe; Micu, Camelia Doina Report 2921
The status of property rights in international space law. Marian, Ilie Report 2290
The status of scientific research in the field of legal relations of the crew personnel working on merchant ships. Mitric, Bogdan Marian Report 3725
The traffic of human beings is inhuman. Steriopol, Octavia; Boboc, Luciana; Coman, Varvara Report 2891
The victim outside the trial: illegal immigration and the residence permit. Aghenitei, Mihaela 1722
The work in prison at the beginning of modern Romania. Merei, Luminita Eleni 2996
Titu Maiorescu: one of the greatest Romanian culture triumphs or the failure of a possible successful Romanian lawyer? Stanculescu-Ilie, Oana Biography 2696
Trading vessels. Grigorut, Cornel Report 1144
Transition entre l'espace et le temps chez Proust. Orasanu, Brindusa Critical essay 4814
Views on the process of globalization and its effects on human beings. Galateanu, Oana 1783
Where have all the women gone? Gender and the literature on constitutional design. Irving, Helen 11013

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