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Articles from Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice (January 1, 2012)

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An Introduction to Ethics. Lazaroiu, George Book review 1144
Aspects juridiques dans le theatre comique du XIXe siecle. Boboc, Alina Report 2977
Aspects of auditors' personal liability in insolvency procedure. Corches, Radita Report 1865
Athletic morality and aggressive behavior. Marasescu, Mihaela Rodica Report 2398
Being creative with the syntax of legal language. Bacalu, Filip Report 2669
Climate change--humans remain the same (from Durban and Rio+20, of nearly everything). Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Report 1429
Communicative functions of smart clothing. Lazaroiu, George Report 2321
Comparative study on self-defense in case of property violation in other states and Romania. Gradinaru, Nicolae Report 2319
Considerations on the economic and financial crime investigation phenomenon peculiar to European judicial scope. Bocaniala, Tache; Rusu, Ion; Coman, Varvara Licuta; Costache, Mirela Paula; Dorin, Matei Report 2670
Considerations regarding the legal interpretation of contracts in private international law. Pricopi, Ciprian Report 3393
Considerations regarding the legal status of embryo and fetus from the perspective of the right to life. Lazar, Patrick Rares Report 4618
Controvercies and ambiguities regarding the clause rebus sic standibus. Andritoi, Claudia Report 2705
Conventions for the avoidance of double-taxation. Romania case. Covrig, Georgiana Report 1663
Creative intelligence and its application to entrepreneurial opportunity and ethics. Hunter, Murray Report 16925
Creative intelligence and its application to entrepreneurial opportunity and ethics. Hunter, Murray Report 18877
Cross-cultural perspectives on the business dispute resolution system in China. Lian, Xi Report 8112
Dealing with 'terminological incongruency' in legal language. Radulescu, Adina Report 4079
Defining the concept of human rights in the light of juridical values theory. Pavel, Nicolae Report 6757
Diversification and conflicts in women's roles in the late 19th century society. Mihaila, Ramona Report 2606
Dynamics of legal vocabulary in the new code of criminal procedure. Dutu, Olga Report 934
Ethical Naturalism: Current Debates. Lazaroiu, George Book review 626
European regulations on workers of member states. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu Report 3220
Factors of modelling the legal language from the current Romanian legislation. Lates, Gheorghe; Lupsan, Gabriela; Postolache, Mihaela Report 3876
Features and evolution references to personality rights. Manuc, Liliana Marilena Report 4043
Higher education, corruption, and reform. Johnson, Vincent R. Report 6618
History, present and perspectives in democracy. Olteanu, Camelia Report 2625
International justice: bringing the world home through social justice. Rubin, Gabriel Report 3768
International law regarding enforcement powers at sea. Marian, Ilie Report 2507
Kant's Critique of Practical Reason. Lazaroiu, George Book review 970
Kant: Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. Lazaroiu, George Book review 436
Law, religion and science--determining the role religion plays in shaping scientific inquiry in constitutional democracies--the case of intelligent design. Ravitch, Frank S. Report 5013
Legal language and criminal conversation in medieval society and legends. Magiru, Anca; Magiru, Ionel Report 3279
Legal translation: principles of success. Burukina, Olga Report 7114
Limits on the exercise of universal jurisdiction especially about other states representatives' immunities. Aghenitei, Mihaela; Flamanzeanu, Ion Report 2004
Machine Ethics. Lazaroiu, George Book review 511
Mediation as an alternative to conflict settlement. Topor, Roxana; Dragomir, Cristina Boroiu Report 2044
New developments regarding legal cultures in Europe. Exploring legal conflicts in the multicultural society. Butculescu, Claudiu D. Report 2632
New legal perspectives regarding mandatory laws in the field of international arbitration. Pricopi, Adrian; Droc, Bianca Report 2043
New regulations concerning the contractual risk in internal legal circuit. Stoian, Anca-Iulia Report 3181
On the edge of theory: Lady Gaga, performance and cultural theory. Peters, Michael A. Critical essay 5921
Political Romania, poetic Romania--gossip and other scandals: a brief analysis of the language and behavioral aspects of Romanian politicians. Stanescu, Amelia Report 1809
Protecting human rights and international humanitarian law in the fight against terrorism. Marian, Ilie Report 2260
Reflections regarding the concept, forms, causes and effects of tax evasion. Cristea, Ion Report 2962
Reflections regarding the investigation of illicit drug trafficking. Alecu, Gheorghe Report 1809
Romania's vulnerability to economical, political and terrorist threats. Zaharia, Aurel Report 2267
Romanian legal regulations on workers from non-EU borders. Drumea, Mihnea Claudiu Report 2776
Several theoretical and practical aspects of the transportation contract: the reglementation within the new Civil Code. Pandele, Adina Laura Report 4013
Sexual freedom in French legislation. Nicolau, Ingrid; Lupu, Raluca Report 2618
Stages of the criminal case as stipulated in the Romanian code of criminal procedure. Ivan, Gheorghe Report 3107
Teaching the origins of English legal language. Nadrag, Lavinia Report 2109
Tests of deceptive advertising used by the Federal Trade Commission with an application to alternative medicine. Kenagy, Robert; Vollrath, David; Fox, Mark Report 5791
The affirmation of the renewing current of prison reform in 19th century Romanian thinking. Merei, Luminita Eleni Report 3390
The Cambridge Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics. Lazaroiu, George Book review 1125
The complexity of legal translation: social and cultural bounds aspects. Botezat, Onorina Report 2294
The evolution and inter-dependence of tourism with the environment. Gherasim, Mihaela Elvira; Tanase, Gheorghe Report 4926
The fundamentals of sustainable development. Gherasim, Mihaela Elvira; Tanase, Gheorghe Report 3882
The institution of preventive measures in the new code of criminal procedure. Dutu, Tiberiu Report 3670
The need for law throughout the secondary housing-finance market. David, Bogdan Report 2369
The phenomenological texture of desire. Georgescu, Matei Report 2403
The place of punishment within the criminal justice system. David, Bogdan Report 2158
The presumption of marriage in Australia-Revivine? Bates, Frank Report 15181
The procedure before European Court of Justice. Dinu, Gheorghe; Dinu, Diana Report 2627
The relationship between the carriers participating in the performance of international rail freight. Neagu, Emilian Report 2025
The role of managerial motivation in predicting management performance. Bucur, Ion Report 2275
The role of NBFIs in developing market. Legal framework. Dima, Cristian Report 1939
The ship owner's obligation to ensure seaworthiness of the ship--implicit obligation of the ship owner in the charter party. Lesni, Claudiu Iulian Report 2438
The study on the public administration reform in Romania which contributes to reduce corruption. Mitu, Cristina-Dana Report 3649
The study on the role of public administration in the modernization of state. Mitu, Cristina-Dana Report 3142

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