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Articles from Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice (July 1, 2011)

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Between discovery and choice: the general will in a diverse society. Gaus, Gerald Report 12147
Bourdieu's influence on contemporary thought in the social sciences. Serban, Silviu Report 2266
Bureaucratic values and modes of governance. Ionescu, Luminita Report 2216
Esoteric and open pedagogies. Peters, Michael A.; Liu, Tze-Chang; Ondercin, David J. Report 10149
Insurance against losses from natural disasters. Paraschiv, Daniel-Stefan Report 2245
Islamic and secular feminisms: two discourses mobilized for gender justice. Bahi, Riham Report 7909
Kant's Metaphysics of Morals: A Critical Guide. Lazaroiu, George Book review 906
Law and government in medieval Europe. Paraschiv, Elena Report 2251
Media knowledge and journalism's mission in democratic policy. Lazaroiu, George Report 2557
Millikan's biosemantics: a biological-teleological account of content. Calinescu, Mihaela Report 1950
On the process of implementing change within organizations. Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela Report 2150
Perpetual self conflict: self awareness as a key to our ethical drive, personal mastery, and perception of enterpreneurial opportunities. Hunter, Murray Report 18664
Reconsidering the principle of separation of powers: judicial networking and institutional balance in the process of European integration. Magrassi, Mattia Report 9818
Religious liberty and human rights. Preduca, Grigoriana Report 2389
Rosenfeld on constitutional ordering. Zaharia, Daniel; Zaharia, George Cristinel Report 1964
Rules vs. discretion: the judicial alternative. Sola, Juan Vicente Report 9439
Solidarity and society in the era of globalization. Trofin, Liliana; Tomescu, Madalina Report 2250
Spinoza on Human Freedom: Reason, Autonomy and the Good Life. Lazaroiu, George 2528
The art of contrast: aesthetic experiences. Popescu, Crinuta Report 2287
The impact of globalization on crime control. Ristea, Ion Report 2428
The inter-organizational dynamics of bureaucratic power. Ionescu, Luminita Report 2085
The moral foundations that underlie the crime of tax evasion in Europe. Zoana, Maria Gabriela Report 2325
The protection of human rights in criminal law. Ristea, Ion Report 2325
The role of music in the development of affectivity. Popescu, Crinuta Report 2325
The social ontology of music. Olteteanu, Ion Report 2352
The status of recognition and enforcement of judgments in the European Union. Larobina, Michael D.; Pate, Richard L. Report 5865

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