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Contemporary Parenting and Parenthood: From News Headlines to New Research.


Contemporary Parenting and Parenthood: From News Headlines to New Research

Edited by Michelle Y. Janning



351 pages




This volume contains 14 chapters by social science scholars from North America, who address and demystify news headlines about parenting topics, offering research-based views of the experiences of parents and parenthood. They present research from psychology, sociology, economics, demography, and interdisciplinary work in anthropology, human-computer interaction studies, cultural studies, and family social science, to examine patterns that indicate what life is like for parents in the US today, including helicopter parenting, adaptive management parenting, parent-adult child relations, technology and digital culture in parent-child relations, and parental well-being and mental health; the significance of time, cultural values, and social policy in different areas of parents' lives, including parental leave, work-family supports for working mothers, and parenthood and leisure time; and how demographic characteristics and group inequalities impact parents' and children's experiences and the conception of modern US parenthood, including how parents and children understand inequality, parental ethnic-racial socialization strategies, the parenting styles of those with dependent visas, transracial and transnational adoption, child well-being in same-gender-parent families, and parents and the acceptance of lesbian, gay, and bisexual children. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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