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Contemplating icons.

* Regarding "Art history is integral to-Catholic education" (NCR, Sept 2): What is expressed in Dale Hackerman's article is exactly what too many of us are either ignorant of or not even interested in. In my own experience, once I was exposed to authentic icons in Europe, Greece, the Holy Land and Rome, I could no longer spend my precious time on what too many describe as Western art.

I'm now very passionate about icons and hope and pray we begin to expose more of our students, and everyone, to the depth of meaning in this type of image. Traditional icon writing is a prayer and as St. Clare of Assisi suggests, we are to "gaze upon them, consider them, contemplate them and then go forth to imitate what they tell us." What a sense of awe and mystery!


St. Louis

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Author:Cusack, Roberta, Sr.
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Date:Oct 28, 2011
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