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Can I Wear Contact Lens Everyday? Sep 12, 2020 291
Update on Contact Lens Treatment of Keratoconus. Sengor, Tomris; Kurna, Sevda Aydin Disease/Disorder overview Jul 1, 2020 8408
Time to ditch the contact lenses? Eyes can be a route for COVID-19 too. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Jun 10, 2020 988
Woman spends 771 days in hospital after 'split contact lens' was sign of serious illness; Sophie Mallon suffered an "acute inflammatory episode" on part of her brain, leaving her in the Horsley Intensive Care Unit of The Walton Centre in Liverpool for 26 months. By, Emilia Bona Jun 6, 2020 1102
Management of Cataract in Patients with Irregular Astigmatism with Regular Central Component by Phacoemulsification Combined with Toric Intraocular Lens Implantation. Gao, Yi; Ye, Zi; Chen, Wenqian; Li, Jinglan; Yan, Xinlin; Li, Zhaohui May 31, 2020 5807
Contact lenses raise danger of suffering with Covid-19. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 15, 2020 373
Contact lenses raise danger of suffering with Covid-19; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD DAILY MIRROR DMUULS 36 FRIDAY 15.05.2020. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD May 15, 2020 373
Rotational Stability of a New Posterior Chamber Toric Phakic Intraocular Lens. Yasa, Dilek; Kose, Bulent; Agca, Alper Apr 30, 2020 3945
Visual and Refractive Outcomes of Cataract Surgeries Performed in One Year in a Private Practice Setting: Review of 2714 Procedures. Rementeria-Capelo, Laureano A.; Garcia-Peerez, Jorge L.; Gros-Otero, Juan; Moran, Aida; Sanchez-Pina Theater review Apr 30, 2020 5885
Mobile App for Pre- and Intraoperative Assessment of Astigmatism Correction with Toric Intraocular Lenses in Cataract Surgery. Dias, Francisco Aecio Fernandes; Dias, Vinicius Jose Fernandes; de Araujo Lima Dutra, Barbara; Marqu Apr 30, 2020 3857
Coronavirus prevention: Experts' advice on wearing glasses and contact lenses; Two experts have revealed their recommendations around wearing glasses and contact lenses amid the coronavirus outbreak. By, Shivali Best Mar 24, 2020 328
8 everyday habits THAT ARE HARMING YOUR HEALTH; Fall asleep in your contact lenses? Surf the net in bed? We investigate the little things we are all guilty of - and why we really need to stop. Mar 22, 2020 931
Contact lenses raise your risk of suffering sight loss. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Mar 9, 2020 452
Contact lenses raise your risk of suffering sight loss; DMUULS DR MIRIAM STOPPARD 30 DAILY MIRROR MONDAY 09.03.2020. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Mar 9, 2020 452
ToF-SIMS and AFM Characterization of Brown Cosmetic Contact Lenses: From Structural Analysis to the Identification of Pigments. Kim, Seon Hee; Lee, Jihye; Jang, Yun Jung; Lee, Kang-Bong; Lee, Yeonhee Mar 1, 2020 5773
A Facile Route to Fabricate CS/GO Composite Film for the Application of Therapeutic Contact Lenses. Chen, Pin; Wang, Xin; Kong, Jingyang; Hu, Xiaohong Mar 1, 2020 5078
Here's looking at you, kid ... baby with cataract fitted with specialist new lens. MARTIN SHAW @MARTINSHAWWRNS Feb 29, 2020 527
Futuristic Israeli 'Contact Lens' Stops Vision Loss in Damaged Eyes. Feb 10, 2020 406
CARDIFF UNIVERSITY ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR EYES; The university's optometrists offer free eye examinations and contact lens appointments*. Feb 3, 2020 390
Fitting hybrid contact lenses. Chi, Jessica Feb 1, 2020 4206
Cardiff University encouraging people to take care of their eyes; The university's optometrists offer free eye examinations and contact lens appointments*. Leena Sidat Jan 31, 2020 422
Mojo Vision builds AR-enabled contact lens. ANI Jan 16, 2020 150
FDA gives green light to myopia management contact lens. Powell, Selina Jan 1, 2020 238
What consumers really want: OT reports from a CooperVision roundtable with patients that aimed to find out what wearers really want from their contact lenses. Discussion Jan 1, 2020 1868
'Smart' Contact Lenses Might Also Monitor Eye Health. Alan Mozes, HealthDay Reporter Dec 10, 2019 570
Aligning clinical practice with professional beliefs. Walsh, Karen; Jones, Lyndon Dec 1, 2019 3254
Influence of Overnight Orthokeratology Lens Treatment Zone Decentration on Myopia Progression. Wang, Anken; Yang, Chenhao Nov 30, 2019 5045
Global Contact Lenses Market Review and Outlook, 2016-2019 & 2027. Nov 26, 2019 1523
Outlook on the Global Contact Lens Market (2019-2023): Focus on Cosmetic Lens Markets. Nov 21, 2019 1108
Warby Parker Launches Contact Lens Brand Scout With $5 Trials. Elizabeth Balboa Nov 20, 2019 392
Beauty Contact Lens Market - Global Industry Share, Growth, Competitive Analysis and Forecast, 2019-2025. Nov 19, 2019 775
Global Beauty Contact Lens Market Analysis, Growth, Share, Industry Trends, Supply Demand, Forecast and Sales to 2025. Nov 18, 2019 648
US FDA approves first contact lens indicated to slow the progression of myopia in children. Nov 18, 2019 268
US FDA approves first contact lens indicated to slow the progression of myopia in children. Nov 18, 2019 272
FDA Approves First Contact Lens That Slows Myopia Progression. Nov 18, 2019 291
Global Daily Contact Lenses Market Report 2019 by Supply, Demand, Sale, Price, Share, Revenue and Top Manufacturers. Nov 13, 2019 310
Beauty Contact Lens Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025. Nov 12, 2019 653
One day workshop on "Handling of Contact Lens" - Press Release issued by The University of Faisalabad. Nov 9, 2019 150
Bausch Health Companies Inc. (formerly Valeant Pharmaceuticals) (NYSE: BHC). Nov 4, 2019 3957
Inflammatory response of the ocular surface in contact lens wear: This article reviews the incidence of clinical and subclinical inflammation of the ocular surface in response to soft contact lens wear. Saliman, Noor Haziq Nov 1, 2019 2932
Contralateral Posterior Chamber Phakic Intraocular Lens Implantation as Rehabilitation of Refractive Lens Exchange with a Monofocal Intraocular Lens in a Young, Nonpresbyopic, Bilateral Highly-Myopic Patient. Balparda, Kepa; Vanegas-Ramirez, Claudia Marcela; Segura-Munoz, Laura; Gomez-Londono, Manuela Oct 31, 2019 3552
Bausch Health Companies Inc. (formerly Valeant Pharmaceuticals) (NYSE:BHC). Oct 28, 2019 3961
Contact Lenses Market 2019 Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Sales, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2028. Oct 21, 2019 822
Bausch Health Companies Inc. (formerly Valeant Pharmaceuticals) (NYSE:BHC). Oct 21, 2019 3960
Daily Wear Contact Lenses Market 2019: Global Key Players, Trends, Share, Industry Size, Segmentation, Opportunities, Forecast To 2025. Oct 18, 2019 762
Global Contact Lenses Market Comprehensive Research Study 2019, Global Size, Share, Demand, Industry Trends, Statistics and Current Scenario by Forecast to 2023. Oct 11, 2019 992
OcuMedic Inc partners with Gelest for contact lens drug delivery system. Oct 10, 2019 240
OcuMedic Inc partners with Gelest for contact lens drug delivery system. Oct 10, 2019 236
Global Contact Lenses Industry Analysis 2019, Market Growth, Trends, Opportunities Forecast To 2024. Oct 9, 2019 1134
Smart Contact Lenses Market in 2019 Key Findings, Trends, Emerging Audience, Industry Segments, Regional Study and Business Opportunities to 2023. Oct 8, 2019 1126
Contact lenses are convenient but require care. Oct 7, 2019 1761
Why we need to capture the opportunity of keeping presbyopes in contact lenses. Pyzer, Ian Oct 1, 2019 300
Correlations of Corneal Spherical Aberration with Astigmatism and Axial Length in Cataract Patients. Zhang, Min; Qian, Dongjin; Jing, Qinghe; Chen, Jiahui; Deng, Michael; Jiang, Yongxiang Sep 30, 2019 5345
Former Scots broadcaster wants to end plastic pollution from contact lenses. Sep 30, 2019 314
Global Color Contact Lenses Market Report 2019 by Sale, Price, Share, Revenue with Leading Companies and more... Sep 27, 2019 376
Global Cosmetic Contact Lens Market 2019 Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast To 2026. Sep 27, 2019 644
Contact lenses recall: 1-day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism - MHRA urges patients to check their boxes for recalled lots. Sep 26, 2019 485
Extended Wear Contact Lens Market Precise Scenario Covering Trends, Opportunities and Growth Forecas. Sep 20, 2019 941
Extended Wear Contact Lens Market Inclinations & Development Status Highlighted for the Forecast Per. Sep 19, 2019 954
Contact Lens Market: Development of Silicone Hydrogel Material Instills Confidence among Stakeholder. Sep 16, 2019 667
Augmented and Virtual Reality Contact Lens Market Emerging Trends, Demand, Share And Forecast Analysis (2019-2026) / Mojo Vision, Sony, Samsung, Alcon. Sep 12, 2019 1050
Princess! Sandy Launches Contact Lenses in Her Name. Sep 10, 2019 135
Extended Wear Contact Lens Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2018 2026. Sep 9, 2019 741
Smart Contact Lenses Market 2019 to Witness Heightened Revenue Status at $7.2 Billion Million till 2023 - by Samsung, Alcon, Google, Sony, Sensimed SA etc. Sep 5, 2019 1165
Canada's Contact Lenses Market: 2019-2025 Forecast. Sep 2, 2019 634
United States Contact Lenses Market Outlook, 2019-2025 - Leading Players are Menicon Co, Bausch & Lomb, CooperVision, Alcon Laboratories, and Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. Sep 2, 2019 680
The Contact Lenses Market in China 2019-2025: Anticipating a CAGR of 3.92%. Sep 2, 2019 635
Contact lenses for presbyopia--where are we now? This article explores trends in contact lens correction for presbyopia and the options available for practitioners when fitting these patients. Bakaraju, Ravi C.; Sha, Jennifer Sep 1, 2019 3576
Clinical Manual of Contact Lenses, 5th Edition (online access included). Book review Sep 1, 2019 135
India's Contact Lenses Market to 2025. Aug 30, 2019 612
Contact Lens Health Week--August 19-23, 2019. Aug 16, 2019 283
Research report covers the Extended Wear Contact Lens Market share and Growth, 2018 to 2026. Aug 15, 2019 924
Patients Recall Few Suggestions for Contact Lens Wear, Care; Most providers report sharing recommendations always or most of the time at checkups. Aug 15, 2019 258
Global Contact Lens Market 2015-2019 & 2025: Forecast by Segments, Materials, Design, and Companies. Aug 8, 2019 836
Contact Lens Market, Global Forecast by Segments (Corrective Lens, Cosmetic & Lifestyle oriented Lens, Others), Materials, Design, Companies. Aug 6, 2019 1273
Blinking brilliant; New hi-tech contact lenses can change focus when eye moves. Aug 1, 2019 173
BLINKING BRILLIANT; New contact lenses can focus with eye. Aug 1, 2019 177
New hi-tech 'electric' contact lenses allow eyes to zoom in and out on objects; New prototype contact lens tracks your eye movements, and focuses appropriately using electrical impulses. Aug 1, 2019 387
ALCON: The contact lens company discusses reducing its environmental footprint and an exciting future. Aug 1, 2019 291
Research report covers the Extended Wear Contact Lens Market share and Growth, 2018 to 2026. Jul 31, 2019 924
Robotic Contact Lenses Can Zoom In Distant Objects. Jul 31, 2019 326
Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Contact Lens Used in Trabeculectomy. Li, Bin; Zhang, Miaomiao; Yang, Zhen Clinical report Jul 31, 2019 4200
Diagnostic Sensitivity of Different Reference Bodies When Using Scheimpflug Tomography in a Myopic Population with Keratoconus. Garcerant, Daniel; Jimenez-Alfaro, Ignacio; Alejandre, Nicolas Jul 31, 2019 6106
Effects of Blink Rate on Tear Film Optical Quality Dynamics with Different Soft Contact Lenses. Garcia-Montero, Maria; Rico-del-Viejo, Laura; Martinez-Alberquilla, Irene; Hernandez-Verdejo, Jose L Clinical report Jul 31, 2019 5072
Scientists Have Just Created Contact Lenses That Zooms In A Blink Of An Eye. Jul 30, 2019 328
We need to talk about contacts. Jul 30, 2019 549
Global Color Contact Lenses Market Analysis 2019 - Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2025. Jul 29, 2019 630
New type of contact lens allows zooming with just a blink! Jul 29, 2019 151
Never use water to clean your contact lenses! Jul 19, 2019 311
FDA issues warning against 7 unregistered contact lenses. Jul 7, 2019 185
Contact Lenses Market Analysis Covering Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 -- 2027. Jun 26, 2019 1068
Contact Lenses Market Analysis Covering Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 -- 2027. Jun 24, 2019 1085
Helmer Schweizer: The past president of Euromcontact tells OT why the UK leads the contact lens market in Europe. Interview Jun 1, 2019 344
CANTOR & NISSEL: The contact lens company discusses manufacturing lenses for animals and Game of Thrones. Jun 1, 2019 228
Patients develop their own contact lens habits and need to be reminded of the importance of hand hygiene. Alderman, Henrietta Jun 1, 2019 557
The drive to review and improve how contact lens aftercare messages are delivered to patients. Bridge, Alistair Jun 1, 2019 419
Getting comfortable with contacts: OT speaks to three optometrists about how they became comfortable fitting and offering contact lenses to patients when they were newly-qualified. Jun 1, 2019 1022
"Contact lenses are an essential part of my practice": AOP Awards Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year 2019, Bhavin Shah, on developing his own practice and advancing his interests in contact lenses and children's vision. Shah, Bhavin Jun 1, 2019 618
Making contacts child's play: OT poses a monthly scenario from a practitioner This month, we look at fitting contact lenses as a newly-qualified optometrist. Grewal, Indie Jun 1, 2019 629
Improve contact lens conversion? Optometrist and head of professional affairs at Alcon, Jonathon Bench, shares insight into what practices can do to support patients trialling contact lenses. Bench, Jonathon Jun 1, 2019 511
"I let patients test drive contact lenses": Optometrist and founder of Ellis C. Killpartrick Opticians, Mike Killpartrick, and director of marketing and national accounts at CooperVision, Mark Draper, discuss the contact lens company's Stories from the Chair competition. Jun 1, 2019 595
A perfect fit? An optometrist's youngest patients are often their most compliant contact lens wearers and, as OT learns, they can reap long-term eye health benefits. Jun 1, 2019 714
A modern menace: Contact lens optician Nick Howard shares his tips for keeping dry eye at bay among contact lens wearers. Jun 1, 2019 470
Welcome: OT's contact lens guide for the whole practice team. Beasley, Ian Jun 1, 2019 277
The ABC of contact lens options: A look at the range of contact lens options available for patients. Franklin, Katherine Jun 1, 2019 692
Fact from fiction: Tackling common assumptions about contact lens wear. Smith-Jaynes, Ceri Jun 1, 2019 394
"The whole practice team has a role to play": Country manager of the UK and Ireland, DEBBIE OLIVE, celebrates the impact of contact lenses on patients' lives, and explains how the industry can do more to reverse the dropout rate. Interview Jun 1, 2019 815
Patient outcomes: Scenarios where patients can benefit from contact lens wear. Franklin, Katherine Jun 1, 2019 431
Your resource guide: How you can get the most from education resources on contact lenses. Smith-Jaynes, Ceri Jun 1, 2019 301
Geordie Shore star's Instagram posts banned for promoting unsafe buying of contact lenses; Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint about Marnie Simpson's promotional Insta pictures. May 29, 2019 469
Geordie Shore star's Instagram posts banned for promoting unsafe buying of contact lenses; Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint about Marnie Simpson's promotional Insta pictures. May 29, 2019 448
Geordie Shore star's Instagram posts banned for promoting unsafe buying of contact lenses; Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint about Marnie Simpson's promotional Insta pictures. May 29, 2019 448
Geordie Shore star's Instagram posts banned for promoting unsafe buying of contact lenses; Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint about Marnie Simpson's promotional Insta pictures. May 29, 2019 448
Geordie Shore star's Instagram posts banned for promoting unsafe buying of contact lenses; Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint about Marnie Simpson's promotional Insta pictures. May 29, 2019 448
Corneal topography: contact lens considerations. Howard, Nick; Searle, Emily May 1, 2019 2986
Overnight Orthokeratology: Technology, Efficiency, Safety, and Myopia Control. Villa-Collar, Cesar; Carracedo, Gonzalo; Chen, Zhi; Gonzalez-Meijome, Jose M. Apr 30, 2019 955
Comparison of Toric and Spherical Orthokeratology Lenses in Patients with Astigmatism. Jiang, Jun; Lian, Lili; Wang, Feifu; Zhou, Ling; Zhang, Xuhong; Song, E. Apr 30, 2019 5629
Colored Contact Lenses Market Investigation and Growth Forecasted until the End of 2026. Apr 8, 2019 871
Extended Wear Contact Lens Market Dynamics, Segments, Size and Demand, 2018 to 2026. Apr 5, 2019 904
Scleral contact lenses: back to the future: This article explores the resurgence of scleral contact lenses, the indications for their use, and the approach to the fitting process. Bradford, Pauline Apr 1, 2019 2305
Assessment of speciality contact lens fits. McDonnell, Claire Apr 1, 2019 727
Twenty-Four-Hour Contact Lens Sensor Monitoring of Aqueous Humor Dynamics in Surgically or Medically Treated Glaucoma Patients. Posarelli, Chiara; Ortenzio, Pierluigi; Ferreras, Antonio; Toro, Mario Damiano; Passani, Andrea; Loi Mar 31, 2019 5848
STUDY OF 549 LENSES SUPPORTS BIPHASIC GROWTH. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 234
The optical profession's messages about safe lens practice need to cut through with wearers. Morgan, Phil Mar 1, 2019 551
The silicone hydrogel choice: Eye care professionals discuss how their fitting habits have developed to reflect developments in silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses. Mar 1, 2019 1815
Keratoconus management post-discharge: This article outlines the patient journey following corneal cross-linking (CXL) treatment for keratoconus (KC). Leucci, Marcello Feb 1, 2019 2830
CONTACT LENSES: Nigel Flowers, UK managing director of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, explains the engineering behind how disposable contact lenses are made. Flowers, Nigel Feb 1, 2019 622
Policy team feedback. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 150
Anisometropia: does this mean we have to dispense single vision lenses? Hickton, Mark Jan 1, 2019 3059
The myope up close. Gifford, Kate Jan 1, 2019 3190
Prevalence, habits and outcomes of using contact lenses among medical students. Report Dec 31, 2018 4437
Bausch Health reports FDA clearance for ULTRA Multifocal for Astigmatism lenses. Dec 5, 2018 117
Contact lens solutions to binocular vision problems: This article considers clinical scenarios where contact lenses can be used to successfully manage binocular vision anomalies. Shi, Linda; Halvorson, Kirk; Thomas, Jonathon Dec 1, 2018 2407
Japanese researchers build LED into contact lens. Dec 1, 2018 298
Big City Optical Announces Orthokeratolgy. Nov 29, 2018 365
Google halts project to build glucose-sensing contact lens. Nov 18, 2018 258
Alphabet Verily stops glucose-detecting contact lens project. Nov 17, 2018 251
Alphabet's Verily, Novartis' Alcon put glucose-sensing contact lens work on hold. Nov 16, 2018 193
This startup wants to make futuristic AR contact lenses. Nov 15, 2018 184
Contact lens firm creates 100 new jobs. Nov 14, 2018 106
Hong Kong Optical Fair Seminar Examines Asia's Contact Lens Market. Nov 13, 2018 1209
Numerator Analysis: Eye Care. Nov 5, 2018 289
New 'bandage' contact lens aims to boost corneal treatment. Nov 2, 2018 249
STAAR Surgical reports first Visian Toric ICL implanted in U.S. Nov 1, 2018 104
Toric calculator. Nov 1, 2018 146
Survey to Determine Perceptions and Practices in Contact Lens Use and Identify Key Features of Safe Use Education. Sengor, Tomris; Alkibay, Sanem; Sertoglu, Aysegul Ermec; Kurna, Sevda Aydin Nov 1, 2018 4545
Contact lens recycling launched. Oct 24, 2018 199
Free vital eye examinations and contact lens appointments for all; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Oct 4, 2018 639
The role of the practitioner in driving contact lens compliance. Edwards, Richard Oct 1, 2018 3381
Lack of hygiene among contact lens wearers may cause infection. Sep 24, 2018 401
Contact lens wearers warned of infection which can cause blindness; Medical experts have highlighted Acanthamoeba keratitis. Sep 24, 2018 284
Eye Infection in Contact Lens Wearers Can Cause Blindness. Sep 23, 2018 844
Finally, daily contact lenses that are comfy even for kids. Sep 10, 2018 696
"ARE MY EYEBALLS GOING TO FREEZE?". Column Sep 1, 2018 689
Clerio Vision plans revolution in contact lenses. Aug 24, 2018 976
Contact Lenses Adding Tons Of Waste To Waterways. Aug 20, 2018 526
Risk your old contact lenses might end up in food chain. Aug 20, 2018 147
Contact lenses not environment-friendly. Aug 20, 2018 433
Contact Lens Health--August 20-24, 2018. Aug 17, 2018 343
Corneal Infections Associated with Sleeping in Contact Lenses--Six Cases, United States, 2016-2018. Cope, Jennifer R.; Konne, Nuadum Muriel; Jacobs, Deborah S.; Dhaliwal, Deepinder K.; Rhee, Michelle Aug 17, 2018 2515
'Lost' Contact Lens Retrieved From Eyelid After 28 Years. Aug 17, 2018 566
Doctors find contact lens lost for 28 years in woman's eye. Aug 17, 2018 171
Report Details Corneal Infection Tied to Sleeping in Contacts; Six patients reported sleeping in lenses on regular basis; most had vision loss, permanent damage. Report Aug 17, 2018 241
Doctors Remove Contact Lens Embedded in Eyelid for Years; Lens was encapsulated within the upper eyelid soft tissue since childhood eye trauma. Aug 16, 2018 173
Doctors discover a contact lens embedded in woman's eye - 28 YEARS after she lost it; The woman, who is unnamed, lost the contact lens after getting hit in the eye during a game of badminton when she was 14. Aug 16, 2018 253
Mum goes blind in one eye after parasite burrows behind her contact lens while in the shower; Nurse Suzanne Dunne also warned contact lens wearers the bugs are "rampant" during the warm weather. Aug 11, 2018 710
Coloured contact lenses for normal, damaged and disfigured eyes. Ramdass, Stephanie; Fromstein, Stephanie Aug 1, 2018 3033
When was the last time you had an eye test? You could be breaking driving law; Can you read a number plate from 20 metres away through your glasses or contact lenses? Jul 23, 2018 320
Select the right lens: Independent optometrist, Lyndon Ferguson, advises on the importance of the tear film when choosing contact lenses. Ferguson, Lyndon Jul 1, 2018 451
Surgical options for vision correction. Vaswani, Sundeep; Bhatt, Jay; Roberts, Vicky; O'Donnell, Clare Jul 1, 2018 3210
Contact lenses for kids. Gifford, Kate Jul 1, 2018 3323
Does Long-term Soft Contact Lens Wear Affect Corneal and Anterior Chamber Parameters? Cavdarli, Cemal; Topcu-Yilmaz, Pinar Clinical report Jul 1, 2018 3109
Clone of Google Lens: A Sweet Innovation! Jun 29, 2018 509
Alcon introduces DAILIES TOTAL1EeA water gradient contact lenses. Jun 13, 2018 806
Purest vision. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 113
Boost zones. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 114
Visible light. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 105
Adding ortho-k to your practice: This article provides a guide to get practitioners started with ortho-k contact lens fitting, covering the equipment needed, optimal fitting characteristics and troubleshooting tips. Levine, Paul; Weshefsky, Thomas Jun 1, 2018 2891
Contact Lens Could Let You Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes. May 4, 2018 481
Bausch + Lomb awarded US FDA's approval for ULTRA Contact Lenses for extended wear up to six nights and seven days. May 3, 2018 243
Bausch + Lomb awarded US FDA's approval for ULTRA Contact Lenses for extended wear up to six nights and seven days. May 3, 2018 239
CLS DRIVING FORCE BEHIND BATTERY BREAKTHROUGH. Powell, Selina Brief article May 1, 2018 161
FIRM HANDLING OF CONTACT LENSES: From online product substitution to the unregulated sale of cosmetic contact lenses on the High Street, Henrietta Alderman explains why the AOP recognises the importance of tackling big issues. Alderman, Henrietta Interview May 1, 2018 467
Only a click away: OT speaks to two independent practices with websites that enable patients to order contact lenses online. Interview May 1, 2018 978
Improve contact lens penetration: Clinical development manager at Bayfields Opticians, Diba Choudhury, discusses how the independent maintains a healthy contact lens take up. Choudhury, Diba Interview May 1, 2018 566
"Contact lenses have made me feel happier". Grewal, Indie; Girdlestone, Carol Interview May 1, 2018 676
A contact lens for everyone: Contact lens optician, Lian Robson, on her experience of finding a contact lens option suitable for wearers from six to 71 years old. Robson, Lian Interview May 1, 2018 679
EURO VISION: Sweden leads an annual tally of contact lens penetration, while Spain takes the last spot. OT asks optometrists based in Stockholm and Madrid to unpick the trends. May 1, 2018 907
A TANGLED WEB? OT talks to British Contact Lens Association president, Keith Tempany, about cosmetic lenses and the challenges of regulating online sales. Interview May 1, 2018 617
MISIGHT CONTACT LENSES: Optometrist at Black & Lizars in Giffnock, Graham Freeman, shares why CooperVision's MiSight lens has been game-changing in practice. Freeman, Graham Interview May 1, 2018 588
FDA Approves Transition Contact Lenses. Brief article Apr 26, 2018 110
Contact lenses that darken under sunlight coming in 2019. Apr 16, 2018 208
US approves world's first contact lenses that darken in bright light. Apr 15, 2018 329
The US FDA awards clearance to first contact lens with light-adaptive technology. Apr 11, 2018 294
The US FDA awards clearance to first contact lens with light-adaptive technology. Apr 11, 2018 290
EyeGate issued new patent for Iontophoretic Contact Lens. Apr 11, 2018 105
FDA Approves First Auto-Darken Contact Lenses; Acuvue Oasys contact lenses with light-adaptive technology are soft contact lenses made for daily use. Apr 11, 2018 169
Selling contact lenses responsibly: This article outlines the rules and regulations relating to the sale and supply of contact lenses. Bradford, Pauline Apr 1, 2018 2277
Contact lens compliance. Sethi, Wendy Mar 1, 2018 2496
Free eye examinations and contact lens appointments for all; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Feb 21, 2018 669
Age is no barrier: Behavioural optometrist, Bhavin Shah, tells OT about managing eight-year-old Rian's myopia with contact lenses, and how he helped dad, Hiten Shah, overcome his concerns. Interview Feb 1, 2018 603
A contact lens to measure blood sugar. Jan 30, 2018 739
Contact lens. Jan 27, 2018 486
Graphene Based Glucose-Monitoring Contact Lens Comfortable Enough to Wear. Jan 26, 2018 382
Contact lens firms lead growth of Taiwan eyewear industry. Jan 8, 2018 306
Fit first--practical implications of multifocal soft lens design and fit: This article emphasises the importance of ensuring a suitable fit to achieve a successful visual outcome for soft multifocal contact lens wearers. van der Worp, Eef Jan 1, 2018 2985
Customized Toric Intraocular Lens Implantation in Eyes with Cataract and Corneal Astigmatism after Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty: A Prospective Study. Lomoriello, Domenico Schiano; Savini, Giacomo; Naeser, Kristian; Colabelli- Gisoldi, Rossella Maria; Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 4322
Comparison of Two Toric IOL Calculation Methods. Kern, C.; Kortum, K.; Muller, M.; Kampik, A.; Priglinger, S.; Mayer, W.J. Jan 1, 2018 6395
Characterization of Soft Contact Lens Edge Fitting during Daily Wear Using Ultrahigh-Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography. Cui, Lele; Chen, Sisi; Zhou, Weihe; Sheng, Kaixuan; Zhang, Lei; Shen, Meixiao; Li, Ming Jan 1, 2018 3997
Comparison of Two Toric IOLs with Different Haptic Design: Optical Quality after 1 Year. Mihaltz, Kata; Lasta, Michael; Burgmuller, Michael; Vecsei-Marlovits, Pia Veronika; Weingessel, Birg Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5161
Pentacam HR Indices Variation in Normal Corneas with Different Corneal Thickness. Roshdy, Maged Maher Salib; Wahba, Sherine Shafik; Elkitkat, Rania Serag; Madkour, Nermine Said; Fikr Jan 1, 2018 3357
Nonsurgical Procedures for Keratoconus Management. Rico-Del-Viejo, L.; Garcia-Montero, M.; Hernandez-Verdejo, J.L.; Garcia-Lazaro, S.; Gomez-Sanz, F.J. Jan 1, 2018 14119
Can I try contact lenses? Dec 23, 2017 179
Only one batch of contact lenses recalled. Dec 11, 2017 161
3 Things to Know About Contact Lens Benefits. Dec 11, 2017 336
A lens for the future. Madler, Mark R. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 190
A back-to-basics approach to soft toric contact lenses. Sethi, Wendy Dec 1, 2017 2239
Facing the perplexing presbyope: This article provides an overview of presbyopic contact lens fitting, and addresses some of the challenges encountered in complex cases, offering simple and advanced approaches to management. Walker, Maria Nov 1, 2017 2774
Cat's eyes lenses left me blind after fancy dress party; Sight loss warning from [euro]10 novelty accessories. Oct 26, 2017 496
Cat's eyes lenses left me blind after fancy dress party; Sight loss warning from PS10 novelty accessories. Oct 26, 2017 512
What Halloween Contact Lenses Can Do To Your Eyes Is Scary. Oct 25, 2017 530
Warning over illegal coloured contact lenses. Oct 20, 2017 195
Why Halloween Contact Lenses Are Not A Good Idea. Oct 19, 2017 428
Tackling illegal zero-powered cosmetic contact lens sales. Oct 1, 2017 264
Management of contact lens discomfort with punctal occlusion therapy: Based upon the authors' experience, this article explores the use of punctal occlusion therapy and considers its impact on managing contact lens discomfort. Price, Andrew; Long, Bill Oct 1, 2017 2952
THE TOPCON CA-200F CORNEAL ANALYSER: Optometrist and BCLA Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year 2017, Laura Reece, on her increased use of the topographer and the benefits it brings. Reece, Laura Oct 1, 2017 468
Free eye examinations and contact lens appointments for all; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Sep 14, 2017 664
Parcrest Advises Contact Lens Distributor Allied Vision on Sale to Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney. Sep 6, 2017 293
Parcrest Advises Contact Lens Distributor Allied Vision on Sale to Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney. Sep 6, 2017 295
Record keeping in contact lens practice: could we do better? Alderson, Alison Sep 1, 2017 2777
Contact Lens Health Week--August 21-25, 2017. Aug 18, 2017 339
Do not sleep or shower wearing contact lenses, doctors warn. Aug 4, 2017 508
German Scientists Develop New Type of Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes. Aug 3, 2017 253
Understanding contact lens materials. Conway, Martin Aug 1, 2017 2901
Value on track: tract Toric 3-15x42 Impact BDC delivers sophisticated performance at a budget-friendly price. Barsness, John Aug 1, 2017 1362
Woman has 27 contact lenses removed. Jul 18, 2017 147
OAP has TWENTY-SEVEN contact lenses removed from eye. Jul 18, 2017 168
Patient stuns doctors with 27 contact lenses found in one eye. Jul 16, 2017 422
Get a clearer view with cataract treatment: if cataracts are impairing your vision, corrective lenses, better lighting, and/or surgery can improve your view. Jul 1, 2017 754
New for astigmats. Jul 1, 2017 101
Strategies for keratoconus contact lens fitting. Thompson, Drew Report Jul 1, 2017 2829
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Cutting edge: OT talks with Professor James Wolffsohn about innovative technology that aims to make contact lenses more comfortable. Jun 1, 2017 359
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My contact lens support team: past contact Lens Practitioner of the Year, Suzanne Czerwinski, explains why her support team is vital to her patients' contact lens wearing success. Czerwinski, Suzanne May 1, 2017 587
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Survey backs Clear Care Plus. Brief article Apr 3, 2017 101
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Contact lens workshops. Dec 1, 2016 133
Cybernetic contact lens not yet ready for testing. Nov 21, 2016 218
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M6 Group Sells Online Glasses, Contact Lens Retailers to Alain Afflelou Group. Oct 4, 2016 182
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Making contact: with recent research conducted by the GOC indicating poor contact lens compliance, now is the time to help campaign for better awareness and patient aftercare, writes the GOC's director of strategy. Bridge, Alistair Sep 1, 2016 579
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The importance and relevance of eye dominance, Part 2: in the second part of this two-part series, the latest research relating to our understanding of eye dominance will be explored with its significance considered in relation to sport and monovision correction. Barrett, Brendan Aug 1, 2016 3130
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Ultra-thin lens looking to revolutionise optics. Wannan, Olivia Jul 1, 2016 431
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