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Contact lenses and cosmetics.

Contact Lenses and Cosmetics

Women who wear contact lenses should never use eye cosmetics that are "waterproof." Occasionally, small amounts of eye cosmetics will find their way into the eye, and a particle could become trapped under the lens, an event that can be extremely painful.

"Frosted" eye shadow products contain minute flakes of mica, and mascara contains small particles of nylon, neither of which breaks down in the tear fluid that naturally lubricates the eye. Accordingly, these particles can also cause extreme pain by getting under contacts and scratching the surface of the cornea.

Waterproof mascara, furthermore, can be removed from the eyelids only with a solvent such as mineral oil. If any of this oil gets into the eyes of someone who is wearing contacts, it will cause cloudiness of the lens. Even when the lens is taken out before such makeup is removed, a trace of oil remains in the eyes and is enough to cloud the lenses when they are inserted again next day. This clouding can last up to 24 hours and is perhaps the most common complaint of those who wear contacts.

To minimize the problem, wash around the eyelids with soap and water after removing makeup, and then, if necessary, use eyewash as well. Use only water-soluble makeup and insert the contacts each day BEFORE it is applied. This reduce the risk of carrying makeup into the eye with a lens, a slip that, with soft contacts, could necessitate purchase of a new pair. (Cutis, 39:549,87)
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Title Annotation:problems with makeup for contact lens wearers
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1990
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