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Contact call centres when power fails, says minister.

Manama, August 7 (BNA) -- Any resident suffering power disruption should immediately inform the call centre staff who in turn will alert the task force and ensure speedy restoration of power, said the Minister of Energy.

Dr Abdul-Hussain Ali Mirza, Minister of Energy, told the Bahrain News Agency that power disruption complaints would receive utmost priority.

"We have almost doubled the number of call centre staff from 35 to 65 to meet with emergencies," said Dr Mirza.

Outlining the measures being adopted to combat power disruption this summer, he said, the task force was increased from nine to 15. Complaints reaching the call centres would be relayed to the task force for action. For better and prompt redressal of such complaints the Electricity and Water Authority has employed 35 more engineers and technicians from the private contractors, said the minister.

In addition to these measures, if the disruption is major, then mobile generators would be immediately dispatched, he added. The number of mobile generators has been increased three fold from 30 to 94, said the minister.

However, he urged the residents of Bahrain to conserve both power and water. The minister said that switching off even one air conditioner when the room was not being occupied would save enough electricity to power a house for a day.

"I request the cooperation of all residents in switching off all power utilities in rooms not occupied. This would result in huge conservation of electricity and lesser load on the cables," he added.

"On a long term we do agree that much more needs to be done and we are in the process of carrying out all such measures as is needed," he said.

The maintenance procedures have been changed, he added. As a result, cyclical review of cables is being carried out and cables are changed. The permitted life of a cable now is three years, a roll-back from the previous six years," said Dr Mirza. "We also look at the condition of the cable in addition to the number of years its been used," he said. Worn out cables is one of the reasons for power disruption, he said.

A key area of maintenance is the establishing of emergency centres in all the five governorates of Bahrain -- the first of which is already being established in Muharraq, said the minister.

In coordination with the municipal councils the electricity and water authority is ensuring that no power excess is consumed, he added.

Municipal councils have declined permission to people whose houses have more connections and electric utilities than that permitted by the authority, said Dr Mirza. Elaborating on this, he added, connections are given as per housing plans provided at the beginning of construction. Any alteration to the plan and addition of more rooms or floors would add considerably to the power output and damage the cable leading to power disruption for the resident, he added.

The number of power supply hubs has been increased he said to enhance the power output. From the beginning of New Year 2011 to July 31, nine major power stations have been integrated, said Dr Mirza.


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Publication:Bahrain News Agency
Date:Aug 7, 2011
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