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Contact a court qualified california sales tax expert at 916 369-1212.

California Sales Tax Consultants, Inc.'s (CSTC) Founder, Chairman and CEO is a former Board of Equalization (Board) auditor who heads up a uniquely qualified team of sales tax experts which have an exclusive and insider's knowledge of the audit procedures, practices, audit strategies and collection tactics employed by Board auditors and Compliance representatives. The company offers a broad range of services to assist taxpayers and tax professionals with their sales tax issues. CSTC's aggressive posture before the Board has proven to be very effective. For over 30 years the tax experts at CSTC have prevailed in securing tax adjustments in more than 95% of their cases resulting in average savings of over 80% of the tax liability as originally proposed by the Board. Here is what one client had to say ...

"I am writing you this letter to acknowledge your work in helping my company prepare for the future in dealing with the California Sales and Use Tax Code. Rarely in my professional life have I had the pleasure to work with so qualified and responsive a team of consultants. Most of all, however, 1 want to express my appreciation for your genuine desire to share what you have learned with all of us who need to know the facts. My meeting with you in Sacramento left me impressed with the altruistic culture of your company that has been clearly perpetuated by you, the man at the top. You are building a legacy and you will not be forgotten."

--M.K., President

Joseph F. Micalief is a former State Board of Equalization Auditor and California Court Qualified Sales & Use Tax Expert

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Author:Micallef, Joseph F.
Publication:California CPA
Date:Jan 1, 2015
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