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Consumers seek insect bite relief.

NEW YORK -- Insect bite treatments accounted for the biggest growth among first aid categories in the three months ended July 9, according to IRI.

Segment sales rose by nearly one-fourth to $3.2 million. Private label products led the charge, posting a 71% gain to $1.2 million. The top-selling brand, After Bite, from Tender Corp., saw dollar volume rise 17%.

Jim Creagan, president of Randob Labs Ltd., which supplies Sting-Kill insect bite treatment and Fire-Out for relief from fire ant stings, says people will always be looking for fast, effective medicines to treat their health issues, including stings.

"We want to be where people are searching for these solutions, which is why a large share of our efforts are online," says Creagan. "For products that work well, this consumer knowledge and digital testimonials can be a boost to a brand. This trend has been great for Sting-Kill because a customer who does the research will see Sting-Kill's dual actives for pain and itching set it apart from the competition, along with the positive brand experiences and reviews." Sting-Kill ranked as the sixth-best selling insect first aid brand in the tracking period.

Bees live in every state, and the U.S. has 176 species of mosquitoes, Creagan points out. Sting-Kill has been delighting customers for over a half-century, he says. "The reason is simple--it works, and we have unique delivery systems for the effective formulation."

Sting-Kill is pharmacists' top-rated bee sting treatment and the No. 1 customer-rated product on for insect bite treatment and relief. It is the only bee sting treatment with maximum strength, dual active ingredients: benzocaine (20%) for killing pain and menthol (1%) to stop the itch. It is available in convenient, sanitary, single-use swabs and wipes. Packaging includes the classic peggable card, which is ideal for a seasonal clip strip display.

The year-old Fire-Out, targeted for fire ant stings and bites, comes in a roll-on applicator to cover the entire "sting zone" of the body. It is available in Harris Teeter and H-E-B. And distribution at Southeastern Grocers LLC for both Fire-Out and StingKill is expected imminently.

Fire ants are a huge problem across the Southeast, where over 40% of the population is stung every year. Over 5 million Americans are stung annually, with fire ant stings occurring more frequently than bee or wasp stings in affected areas. Disturbing a fire ant mound typically results in dozens or hundreds of stings at a time.

Demand for Sting-Kill and Fire-Out has been boosted by the rollout of national TV commercials and an expanded salesforce.

Other insect bite treatment brands performing well include Off from S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. (up 12%), and seventh-place Chigg Away from Humco Lab Inc. (up 16%).
Insect First Aid Products

TOTAL DOLLAR SALES * $6.8 mil. (+0.1%)
DRUG STORES $3.2 mil. (+23.6%)

                               Market       Dollar      Dollar sales
LEADING BRANDS **              share      sales (000)     % change

Private Label                    37.0%        $1,198        +71.4%
After Bite                       27.4%           888        +17.1%
Off                              15.8%           510        +11.9%
After Bite Plus                  10.5%           339         -0.8%
After Bite Kids                   3.1%           100        -10.4%
Chigarid                          3.0%            96         -8.6%
Sting-Kill                        1.7%            54        -16.4%
Chigg Away                        0.5%            16        +16.4%
No Bite Me                        0.4%            12        -48.7%
After Bite Xtra                   0.3%            11        -34.8%

TOTAL UNIT SALES * 1.6 mil. (-0.5%)
DRUG STORES 0.6 mil. (+18.3%)

                             Avg. price      Unit        Unit sales
LEADING BRANDS **             per unit    sales (000)     % change

Private Label                    $6.54           183        +80.5%
After Bite                        5.36           166        +13.8%
Off                               6.09            84         +7.8%
After Bite Plus                   5.32            64        -11.3%
Chigarid                          3.60            27         -9.3%
After Bite Kids                   6.35            16        -12.1%
Sting-Kill                        3.74            14        -20.7%
After Bite Xtra                   4.26             3        -41.0%
Chigg Away                        6.13             3        +10.6%
Chiggerex                         3.09             1        +14.0%

* Total of drug stores, supermarkets, discount stores, military
commissaries, and selected club and dollar stores.

** In drug stores only.

Source: IRI For the 12 weeks ended July 9, 2017.
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Date:Sep 4, 2017
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