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Consumers respond to digital ad network.

DUBLIN, Ohio -- Pharmacy Health Network, Cardinal Health's digital advertising network for retail pharmacies, is an effective way for advertisers to market products to consumers at the point of purchase, a Nielsen Co. audience research study has found.

Pharmacy Health Network streams advertisements and educational content to fiat-panel LCD screens that are placed in retail pharmacies, enabling advertisers to target consumers while they wait for prescriptions to be filled.

Nielsen interviewed consumers as they were leaving network locations. More than two in five (41%) respondents recalled seeing ads, and about half indicated that they felt encouraged to discuss a product or brand they had seen on the screen with their pharmacist.

Sixteen percent indicated that after seeing ads they discussed those products or brands with their physicians, one-fifth took materials from the brochure rack that accompanies each screen, and 11% purchased products that they had seen promoted.

At a time when savvy consumers are sensitive to the credibility and quality of advertising and marketing messages, Cardinal was particularly pleased that the Nielsen study found that more than 80% of respondents rated the network's programming as excellent or good, and nearly 90% found the content to be informative, said network senior manager John Disher. "We're thrilled that advertising messages heard on Pharmacy Health Network are being extended outside the pharmacy," he remarked. "Consumers are taking action and talking with their physicians about products they learn about on our network.

"Pharmacy Health Network has received an overwhelmingly positive response from advertisers and consumers alike, and we look forward to expanding the number of stores and advertisers that participate in the program."

The network is the first and only in-pharmacy advertising network to be featured in Nielsen's Fourth Screen Report, which measures audience exposures in digital out-of-home network locations. The report indicated that the network garnered more than 1.2 million advertising exposures over four weeks.

Participating retail pharmacies receive installation and ongoing maintenance for a flat-panel LCD screen and directional, targeted audio system, on which the health-related content plays. Participants also receive a custom rack to provide pharmacy customers with easy access to health-related brochures, coupons, business reply cards and other promotional and educational materials.

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Title Annotation:Annual Report: Drug Wholesalers: Cardinal Health Inc.
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Jun 11, 2012
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