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Consumers embrace natural supplements to treat sleeplessness.

NEW YORK -- Negative press reports and consumer fears about the adverse effects of prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids have caused a growing number of people to turn to products formulated with herbs and other natural ingredients.

Estimates are that more than 1.6 million Americans use some form of alternative medicine to help them sleep, with nearly 65% of them turning to herbs or other supplements to combat their sleeplessness.

The demand for alternative sleep treatments has led suppliers and retailers to put more emphasis on such products as kava kava, valerian and melatonin, three alternative therapies proven to be effective--and usually safer than mainstream sleep drugs--at treating insomnia.

Consumer interest in these types of products is leading to increased sales of herbal and natural formulas aimed at alleviating sleep troubles, those in the industry say.

Concepts in Health Inc. president and founder Holly Rosenthal, for instance, notes that in the year since the company debuted its all-natural sleep aid MidNite distribution and sales of the product have grown significantly.

MidNite, Rosenthal explains, is a blend of natural herbs and substances, including melatonin, chamomile and lemon balm.

Many of the herbs recommended for relief from sleeplessness are mainstays in the nutritional supplements aisles of most chain drug stores. Such common products as black cohosh, lavender, and Saint-John's-wort are just a few of the more than two-dozen herbal supplements that health care experts say can help alleviate sleep problems.

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Date:Oct 23, 2006
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