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Consumer basket in Macedonia totals EUR 500.

With a monthly consumer basket of around 500 euros and an average salary of some 330 euros, a Macedonian family of 4 is hard put to make ends meet, experts say. While in other countries of the region overall costs of living are being measured, in Macedonia only the costs for food and beverages are taken into account. Therefore, statistically Macedonians have the smallest consumer basket. However, experts say that the present ratio between the salary and the costs of living puts Macedonian citizens in a worse situation than the other residents of the region.

The continuous increase in prices of basic food products gives citizens an additional concern unless salaries are rising in the right proportion. Citizens complain that prices in supermarkets and green markets are rising daily.

Relative to the same period of last year, prices of cucumbers and peanuts went up most, by some 50 percent. Prices of bread, milk, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit soared too and only a small portion of the seasonal products are sold at low prices. Citizens note that in spite of the rising prices of energy resources, prices of certain products do not go up. However, their weight is climbing down. This method has been practiced for years by manufacturers as a way of saving, markets say.

While prices in supermarkets are the same throughout the country, residents of different cities pay different prices at green markets. The most expensive are the green markets in Skopje and Kumanovo.
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Date:May 29, 2012
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