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Articles from Consumer Interests Annual (January 1, 2007)

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"Nearly 47 million Americans without health coverage: is incremental reform working?" 2007 ACCI Annual Conference Esther Peterson Consumer Policy Forum. Koftman, Mila 632
2007 Dissertation Award: a five-nation examination of financial risk tolerance. Goetz, Joseph W. 436
53rd American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI) Conference: consumer movements across the Pacific 20 April 2007. Chan, Pamela W.S. Speech 4942
A household production approach to overweight: a model and preliminary estimates. Kolodinsky, Jane; DeSisto, Thomas 1087
Across the life-cycle: comparative analysis of the financial well-being of single women. Sharpe, Deanna L.; Reynolds, Laura M. Brief article 158
An analysis of workforce housing in rural Georgia. Turner, Pamela R.; Tinsley, Karen L.; Cude, Brenda J.; Sweaney, Anne L. 2370
An examination of customer retention behavior in debt management program. Guo, Lin; Xiao, Jing Jian 848
Are financial education programs meeting the needs of financially disadvantaged consumers? Chang, Yunbee; Lyons, Angela C. 210
Attitudes toward using credit for loss of income. Lee, Jonghee; Hanna, Sherman D. 7293
Attribute framing in former price comparison advertisements (1). Devlin, James F.; Ennew, Christine; McKechnie, Sally; Smith, Andrew 1457
Cash rewards effect on unplanned buying behaviors--watch your wallet carefully! Tsai, Dungchun; Yeh, Nai-Chi; Lou, Yung-Chien 1207
Changes in characteristics of adjustable-rate mortgage borrowers between 2001 and 2004. Li, Min; Weagley, Robert O. 4827
Changes in stock ownership by race/Hispanic status, 1998-2004. Hanna, Sherman D.; Lindamood, Suzanne 3944
Chinese urban regional differences in patterns of food consumption. Gu, Jianfung; Sharpe, Deanna L.; Abdel-Ghany, Mohamed 188
College students and credit card debt: means of attainment and spending behavior. Robb, Cliff Brief article 215
Consumer debt types and debt payment behavior. Sun, Jing; Jian Xiao, Jing Brief article 158
Consumer expenditure survey data interactive workshop from collection to analysis: meeting the challenges of changing times. Paulin, Geoffrey Conference notes 655
Credit constraints: the effect of race/ethnic group. Hanna, Sherman; Lindamood, Suzanne 294
Economic and demographic differences in debt delinquent behavior. Sun, Jing; Xiao, Jing Jian 5495
Examining a model of economic well-being based on financial ratios. Park, Mi jung; DeVaney, Sharon A. 8082
eXtension: a high tech resource for improving financial security. O'Neill, Barbara; Schuchardt, Jane; Pankow, Debra; Porter, Nancy; Seiling, Sharon; Branch, Judy; Mil 2300
Factorial and discriminant analyses of the underlying factors that predict customer retention in the debt management plan. Tang, Chuanyi; Xiao, Jing Jian 715
Financial distress/financial well-being: do length of time spent in a debt management program and changes in debt burden and financial stressor events make a difference? Prawitz, Aimee D.; O'Neill, Barbara; Sorhaindo, Benoit; Kim, Jinhee; Garman, E. Thomas 1235
Financial strains and depression among elderly women. Brown, Susan; Lee, Yoon G. 1362
Financial stress and job productivity: evidence from credit counseling clients. Kim, Haejeong; Sorhaindo, Benoir; Kim, Jinhee 541
Financial wealth and the role of time preferences. Zumwalt, Andrew; Finke, Michael; Huston, Sandra Brief article 208
Financially distressed consumers' information search for retirement plans. Kim, Haejeong; Sorhaindo, Benoir; Kim, Jinhee 1196
For better or worse: financial decision-making behavior of married couples. Lyons, Angela C.; Neelakantan, Urvi; Fava, Ana; Scherpf, Erik 409
Get financially fit: a financial education toolkit for college campuses. Cude, Brenda J.; Lyons, Angela C.; Lawrence, Frances Cogle 1218
HOPE or no-HOPE: merit-based college scholarship status and financial behaviors among college students. Goetz, Joseph; Mimura, Yoko; Mehta, Miti; Cude, Brenda 1153
How are asset holdings different between non-homeowners and homeowners among near-retirees? Smith, Tiffany A.; Lee, Yoon G. 1048
How do single non-married women save for retirement? Lee, Yoon G.; Rowley, Megan 566
Major influencing factors in young adolescents' privacy concerns and their subsequent behaviors in the online environment. Youn, Seounmi Brief article 163
Measuring the extent, depth, and severity of food insecurity: an application to American Indians in the United States. Gundersen, Craig 127
Meeting basic consumption needs: a joint examination of food and medical care. Nielsen, Robert B.; Garasky, Steve 1411
Misperceived financial management assistance needs among the elderly. Kim, Eun-Jin 207
No pain, no strain: impact of health on the financial security of older Americans. Kim, Hyungsoo; Lyons, Angela C. 263
Racial/ethnic disparities in stock ownership: a decomposition analysis. Wang, Cong; Hanna, Sherman D. 9729
Recent shifts in determinants of internet banking adopters: empirical evidence from 2001 and 2004 SCF. Babiarz, Patryk; DeVaney, Sharon A. 6418
Regret to know? An investigation of the effect of reference prices on consumers' emotions. Cai, Yi; Cude, Brenda 625
Relationship between entrepreneurship and household wealth: does full-time, part-time entrepreneurship activity matter? Siman, Emilian; Sharpe, Deanna L. Brief article 153
Remittances and the economic well-being of Sudanese- and Vietnamese-Canadian refugees. Johnson, Phyllis J. 1236
Retirement savings and expenditure patterns of renters and homeowners: different resources or different views? James, Russell N., III,; Sharpe, Deanna L. 454
Sensation-seeking and college students' credit card debt. Huang, Yan; Weagley, Robert O. 3040
Small steps to Health and Wealth[TM]: the total package. O'Neill, Barbara; Xiao, Jing J. 1703
The acculturation of Taiwanese exchange students in the United States. Lee, Annie; Bei, Lienti; DeVaney, Sharon A. 161
The contours of choice: the role of consumer information in social responsibility. Thoresen, Victoria W. 8554
The levels of first mortgage and second mortgage debt among near-retirees. Lee, Yoon G.; Stokes, Cindy 370
Unlocking the risk-based pricing puzzle: five keys to cutting credit card costs. Hazembuller, Amberly; Lombardi, Britton J.; Hogarth, Jeanne M. 8027

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