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Consumables enable confident genomic DNA testing.

Agilent Technologies Genomic DNA ScreenTape prepackaged consumables device works with the company's 2200 TapeStation instrument to determine the quantity, size and quality of genomic DNA in <2 min/sample, using only 1 mL of material. The quality of genomic data depends on the quality of the starting material. Therefore, it is imperative to determine whether samples contain a sufficient quantity of intact, high-quality genomic DNA before committing time, money and resources to a genomics experiment. The standard. manual method for assessing the quality of genomic DNA samples is laborious, can take several hours to complete and is prone to mistakes. But the Tapestation and consumables set address an important bottleneck and revolutionize the currently subjective quality assessment of genomic DNA. Agilent Technologies Inc. 408-345-8886

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Title Annotation:Life Science & Biomedical Labs
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:May 1, 2013
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