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Consultants, dealers, services & products.

Use this supplier guide for information on the latest higher education resources. You'll find a wealth of ideas on these Web sites, or use the many toll-free numbers for immediate action. To connect to the links on this page, go to DirectConnect. For advertising information contact Maureen Mollahan at 203-663-0124,

Solver, Inc.

10780 Santa Monica Blvd #370

Los Angeles, CA 90025


Budgeting, Reporting, Dashboards, Ad-Hoc Reporting, Data Warehousing

Does your institution have a cumbersome, slow budgeting, forecasting & reporting process? Our Microsoft solutions will streamline & automate your budgeting & forecasting processes; adding powerful reporting and analysis to management giving decision makers much more time to analyze data.

Numonics Corporation


Numonics' PI-1500 LCD tablet monitor sets a new standard for presentations. When connected to a computer, its electromagnetic pen replaces the mouse and allows you to control your computer with incomparable speed and accuracy. An adjustable writing angle and a variety of presentation tools make it perfect for any setting.

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.


Janine von Juergensonn, Vice President of Marketing

Barnes & Noble operates nearly 600 campus bookstores for many of the nation's top academic institutions, medical schools, law schools, and community colleges. All campus stores are customized to meet the specific needs of their community and feature a highly professional management staff, top quality merchandise, computerized book ordering, and innovative store design.

Navitar, Inc.


Instantly Change Your Projected Image Size! Navitar ScreenStar Conversion Lenses dramatically change your picture size or throw distance. Simply place the ScreenStar lens in front of your projector's standard lens to increase image size by 25-50%, decrease image size by 17-33%, or move your projector 20-50% farther away. Navitar ScreenStar lenses work with most digital projectors.

Campus Management Corporation

For more information

or contact us at 866-397-2537.

Campus Management Corporation develops, distributes, and supports one of the most widely used administrative software solutions in the post secondary school community.

CampusVue[TM] provides a complete solution for the administration of contact management, admissions, student records, financial aid, accounting, placement, loan management, and distance education.

Karcher Group Inc.

14221-A Willard Road

STE 1500

Chantilly, VA 22030


A/V Systems Installation/Integration, Digital Asset Management Software/ Consulting, Digital Video Archive, Data Storage.

Karcher Group, Inc. provides customized presentation systems for Conference Rooms, Media Rooms, Operations Centers, and Classroom applications. KGI also provides integration and consulting services in Digital Asset Management, Data Storage/Archival and AV System Design.


877-266-0847 Toll free

IQ.Session[R] is a comprehensive academic scheduling software system. It automates and organizes your scheduling process--top to bottom. There is a scheduling grid, query tool and full suite of schedule and performance reports. It comes in enterprise and departmental versions and integrates with your administrative system, website and email system.

Keeling & Associates, Inc.


How can we make our whole campus a learning community? How can new concepts of learning strengthen the student experience? How can we unite all of the resources on our campus to improve student outcomes? How can we assess and document the results of our work?
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Date:Feb 1, 2007
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Consultants, dealers, services & products.
Consultants, dealers, services & products.
Consultants, dealers, services & products.
Consultants, dealers, services & products.

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