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By the end of last year, the building industry had hit rock bottom. Numerous small construction and contracting companies folded, some packed up and left town, yet many larger corporations downsized their operations to stay afloat. Those who rode out this turbulence, which has been hovering over our economy th past few years, can expect to see a glimpse of light soon.

The evidence is prevalent: Hotels are flourishing again and many are planning major renovations; homebuyers are feeling optimistic and demand for housing is rising; and land development in West Oahu and other parts of the state is well under way. In the following pages, Hawaii Business features key companies that provide direct support to the construction industry, along with a myriad of their new products and services that will help prepare for the rebound of the industry.

HAWAIIAN CEMENT. For many years, Hawaiian Cement has manufactured gray cement specifically designed for Hawaii's climate and conditions. Today, the company i pleased to introduce Hawaiian White Cement, a new product specially manufacture for the construction and building industry. While gray cement has been the primary choice for building concrete structures, white cement has traditionally been used to enhance aesthetics in decorative concrete.

Like gray cement, white cement is a true portland cement; the difference is primarily the color. Its use is recommended wherever white or colored concrete or mortar is desired. In Hawaii, white cement is used for exterior and terrazzo surfaces and has beautifully enhanced such architectural designs as the new interisland terminal at the Honolulu International Airport. It is also used throughout the state for swimming pool surfaces.

With Hawaiian White Cement now available, Hawaii can look forward to more creative and colorful uses of concrete. For information on Hawaiian White Cement, call 532-3400.

HAWAII MODULAR. When Hawaii Modular's mobile mini storage containers hit the market earlier this year, the company wasn't surprised by how popular they quickly became. The containers are created to combine several important features. They are made of steel for durability and designed compact for space saving and easy mobility. Each container is vented to provide regular air circulation and has easy-to-operate doors with a patented dual-lock system, which makes it virtually burglar proof. The mobile mini containers are availabl for rental or purchase and come in three sizes--eight feet by eight feet, eithe 10, 20 or 40 feet in length. They may also be customized to allow for doors on both ends, rollup doors or even modified for office use.

The company recently provided custom modular buildings for the golf clubhouse and dining facilities at the Royal Kunia Country Club and two modular classroom buildings for Montessori School on Maui.

Hawaii Modular will move by mid-1995 to a 2.3-acre facility at Kapolei Business Park. The new facility will be more than twice the size of its current location at Campbell Industrial Park.

The company sells and rents new, used and custom-designed modular buildings, office trailers and storage and cargo containers. For more information, call 682-5559.

ROSCOE MOSS HAWAII INC. Since 1965, Roscoe Moss has kept pace with the growth o Hawaii through the development of potable ground-water sources. The company drills wells and outfits them with pumps or full-status production facilities. Roscoe Moss has completed and outfitted numerous projects statewide for private developers, local boards of water supply, and county and state agencies. In addition, the company sells and services a number of water pump product lines and represents major manufacturers of pumps and related equipment in the United States, including submersible well pumps, deep-well turbine pumps, fire pumps, and various configurations of horizontal centrifugal pumps. Roscoe Moss is the only company of its kind that manufactures and distributes its own well casings and screens in Hawaii. The pump division's sales and application section includes a staff of equipment sales specialists who service product lines in si areas: agriculture, building trades, government, manufacturing, petroleum, chemical and power utilities. Its original Los Angeles operation, established i 1962, is now known as Roscoe Moss Manufacturing Co. and manufactures and fabricates different types of casings and screens marketed throughout the natio and world. Roscoe Moss Hawaii thrives on customer service, quality products and solid experience. For more information, call the pump sales office at 682-5554 or the drilling department at 682-5856.

THE ESTATE OF JAMES CAMPBELL. Ranked 50th on this year's Hawaii Business Top 250, The Estate of James Campbell was established in 1900 as a private trust to administer the assets of one of Hawaii's foremost business pioneers, James Campbell. Today, the trust's assets are valued at more than $2 billion.

The Estate's portfolio includes 71,200 acres of land throughout Hawaii as well as offices, retail and industrial properties on Oahu, Maui and other regions of the United States. The Estate's 114 employees work in its new headquarters in the developing City of Kapolei and regional offices in San Francisco and Chicago.

In Kapolei, the latest endeavor of The Estate of James Campbell, infrastructure for the first 135 acres of the 570-acre city has been completed; and 1.2 millio square feet of the projected 7 million square feet of commercial space has been committed. This future job capitol of Hawaii will also be the home of the long-planned University of Hawaii West Oahu campus, built on 500 acres of state-owned land. For more information on the City of Kapolei, call 674-3227.

TILECO INC. The Keystone Retaining Wall System is the latest addition to the Tileco product line. This highly flexible wall unit, manufactured and distributed exclusively by Tileco, is a concrete module that interlocks and secures with a high strength fiberglass pin. The modules, once installed, creat graceful curves and ingrained classic lines. Keystone walls require no concrete footing; their fast and easy mortarless installation makes them very cost-effective. The system comes in different unit sizes, ranging from a mini for short landscaping projects to a standard unit for large structural walls over 40 feet in height.

Tileco's keen insight into the needs of the construction industry has been the major factor behind the company's continued success. For many generations, Tileco's main focus has been customer service. "Quality" is the term most used by industry experts to describe Tileco's concrete blocks. For information about Tileco's Keystone Wall System or other products, call 862-5737.

TOOLMASTER HAWAII INC. If you are looking for a special tool, chances are you'l find it at Toolmaster Hawaii. Located in Kauai's new industrial park, two minutes from Lihue Airport, Toolmaster has the largest selection of contractors tools, equipment and supplies on Kauai. The company's sales department offers products from more than 500 manufacturers. Among its line of products are the top 10 brands of professional power tools and accessories, as well as supply items such as abrasives, bits, blades, nails, screws, anchors, epoxy, plastic sheeting, steel strapping, STO architectural coatings and a complete paint department. Toolmaster also has an array of other construction products available for purchase, including ladders and scaffolding, high-reach equipment drywall and cement finishing tools, lawn and garden equipment, levels and transits.

The company's rental department offers almost every conceivable item a contractor needs, from Bobcats, compaction and concrete equipment, generators, pumps and scaffolding to Genie booms and vertical lifts, electric and pneumatic tools, air compressors, forklifts and trucks. Islandwide delivery is available. For more information, call toll free (800) 377-0100 or 246-1000 on Kauai.

MARSH & McLENNAN INC. A Fortune 500 company, Marsh & McLennan Inc. is ranked among the 50 largest diversified financial companies. It is one of the world's premier professional services firms, specializing in insurance services, consulting and investment management.

While Marsh & McLennan has been touted as the "world's leading insurance broker with global resources" by Business Insurance Magazine for 21 consecutive years, the company is equally proud of its Hawaiian roots, firmly planted more than 30 years ago when it was established as Ackerman-Chillingworth & Associates. In 1972, Marsh & McLennan acquired the company, which has grown to become a major player in the Hawaiian insurance marketplace with offices on Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island providing risk management services to clients.

The style and quality of Marsh & McLennan's client partnership is its strong understanding of client business needs, and unique service levels in claims, loss, control, surety and captive management. The company's thrust has always been for creative and strategic programs designed to serve the specific needs o each client. For more information, call 531-4211.

HERBERT CHOCK & ASSOCIATES INC. Hawaii's leading construction and engineering consulting firm, Herbert Chock & Associates specializes in construction management, claims management, project scheduling, cost estimating and dispute resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

The company's multidisciplinary team of accountants, engineers, schedulers and software consultants offers consulting, computer software, training and seminar in project management, project documentation, partnering and re-engineering.

For more than 20 years, Herbert Chock has successfully helped owners, developers, government agencies, contractors and attorneys throughout Hawaii by efficiently and cost-effectively identifying and solving their construction-related problems, from conducting simple jobsite inspections to facilitating partnering strategies to supporting complex litigation.

Two years ago, the progressive company inaugurated the popular management process of partnering, which promotes trust, cooperation and open communication among team members. Now the company is launching re-engineering, a cutting-edge management technique which institutes new procedures and structures to radicall redesign an organization's processes and culture, thereby achieving "quantum leap" improvements throughout the organization. For more information, call Herb Chock, P.E., at 526-9399.

HALE KAUAI LTD. Since 1945, Hale Kauai has helped contractors and homeowners with their building material needs. With a dependable ready-mix concrete fleet, hollow-tile block plant, fully stocked lumber yard and a diverse line of hardware and finish items, Hale Kauai is the leading construction supply house on Kauai.

From the smallest home remodeling job to the largest commercial projects, Hale Kauai provides knowledgeable advice, quality materials and dependable service. In addition to its main store at Nawiliwili Harbor, Hale Kauai maintains anothe store in Koloa to better serve the needs of customers working on projects in east Kauai.

Hale Kauai is grateful to its thousands of loyal customers for their steady business over the years. It would not have been possible for Hale Kauai to grow from a small hardware business into Kauai's newest member of the Hawaii Busines Top 250 without the help of each and every customer along the way.

GROUP BUILDERS. The kamaaina Group Builders recently beat out companies from California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Washington for the 1994 Regional Minority Construction Firm for the Year, selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency, San Francisco Regional Office. The company is now being nominated to compete on the national level; results will be announced this month.

"I'm really excited about receiving this prestigious award," says Lito Alcantara, president of Group Builders. "We always try to maintain the quality of our work, which has given us a lot of confidence in winning major jobs and competing with larger companies."

Established in 1979 with three employees, Group Builders today employs 350 workers. The company has satisfactorily completed many top-notch projects. Recent ones include the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, Th Ritz-Carlton Mauna Lani, the Honolulu Interisland Terminal and the Ihilani hote at Ko Olina. Group Builders has proven ability in offering a variety of specialty services, from carpentry, plastering, taping, drywall, lathing and fireproofing to creating cabinets, millwork installation and floor leveling. Call them at 832-0888.

RSI ROOFING SUPPLY. The acquisition of Monarch Building Supply in May by RSI Roofing Supply makes the company the largest full-service roofing supplier in Hawaii. Building contractors can now make an easier shopping trip for all roofing supplies as well as other construction products, including lumber, drywall, waterproofing, tools and siding--all at one location.

In 1983 when Debra and Ritchie Mudd opened this family-style, service-oriented company, they never thought the company would become one of the leaders in the building industry. Now plans are under way to develop a division for building supplies to better serve their customers.

Centrally located on Sand Island Access Road, RSI's huge facility, which holds the most extensive roofing supplies in Hawaii, is able to provide fast delivery anywhere on the island. In fact, the company's efficient and dependable deliver service and quality products have become its trademark for the past decade.

"We are constantly improving our products and services to meet the needs of our customers," says Debra Mudd. "We are a customer-driven company. Our customers' needs are priority because at RSI, every customer is number one."

COMMQUEST COMMUNICATIONS INC. Since CommQuest Communications opened its doors last December, the company has quickly become as popular as the Motorola products it represents. The company has a combined expertise of nearly 120 years, with Richard Serikaku as president, Alan Nishimura as vice president and Diana Fujii as secretary-treasurer.

As the authorized Motorola dealer in Hawaii, CommQuest carries a complete range of Motorola products, specializing in two-way industrial radio equipment, cellular phones, pagers, laser barcoding, mobile data, CCTV and many other wireless telecommunications solutions. Among the more popular services the company offers specifically to the construction industry is a statewide repeate system, a high-tech method of instant communication using two-way radios. This low-cost, instantaneous communications capability offers easy access to people and information, thus enhancing daily productivity.

CommQuest, Hawaii's premier provider of complete communications solutions, is committed to providing only the best and most affordable wireless telecommunications solutions using only products of the highest quality. For information, call CommQuest at 484-1166.

WILLOCKS CONSTRUCTION CORP. The remarkable Convault Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks (AST) are distributed exclusively in Hawaii and the South Pacific by Willocks Construction Corp., a Big Island-based general contractor.

The principle of the vaulted AST is to provide a long-lasting (20 to 30 years) fuel container with both secondary containment and a two-hour fire wall. Invented and patented by Convault Inc., a California firm, the AST features a steel primary tank wrapped with a 30-mil high-density poly liner, which acts as the secondary containment, and six inches of reinforced concrete to encase the entire structure. The poly liner doubles as a corrosion barrier between the steel tank and the insulating concrete. Another significant feature is the exterior, which is made of concrete, not steel. "These factors," says Hugh H. Willocks, spokesperson for Willocks Construction Corp., "are particularly important because metals rust rapidly in our high-humidity and salt-air conditions."

Since 1986, Convault has installed more than 12,000 ASTs throughout the U.S. an Canada without a single failure. For information on ASTs, call 982-9099.

SERVCO FORKLIFT AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT. Servco Forklift celebrates the succes of its parent company, Servco Pacific Inc., which is celebrating its 75th year of business in Hawaii and was recently named the 10th largest company in the state.

Servco's forklift division has been a major player in the construction industry selling, servicing and leasing top-quality industrial and commercial trucks, flatbeds, forklifts and buses.

Featured at Servco Forklift's facility are Japan's best-selling medium-duty trucks and passenger buses, manufactured by Hino. Other quality Hino products showcased include diesel-operated trucks and buses (up to 55,000 GVW), refrigerated vans, truck tractors and flatbeds.

For many years, Servco Forklift's most popular service has been Toyota forklift rentals. More recently, it added a complete line of Toyota vans, BT primemover and Rider narrow-aisle forklifts that run on gas, diesel, LPG or electricity.

In conjunction with this year's celebration, Servco Forklift is offering specia deals on all its fine industrial product lines. Visit the company's friendly an helpful staff at 2850A Pukoloa Street or call them at 837-0488.

PELLA WINDOW STORE. Of all the decisions you make and all the details you will consider in building or remodeling your home, none will have more lasting significance than the windows and doors you choose for it.

They are, quite arguably, the most important feature of your home. Just as a window can influence your home's comfort, it will also influence its charm, character and beauty.

Ask 10 people what they look for in a window and you'll very likely get 10 different answers. You'll hear anything from energy efficiency, durability, convenience and price to materials, craftmanship, options, reputation and service. But when all is done and said, one thing is for sure: Nobody wants an ugly window, today or in the years to come.

At Pella, there's virtually no limit to what you can create. The company offers a vast variety of styles and sizes to give you a multitude of beautiful combinations. With its custom capability, Pella can create any types of windows imaginable. For information on Pella windows, call 538-0288.

KIEWIT PACIFIC CO. Fresh from the recent blessing and grand opening of its new offices in the Kapolei Building at Campbell Square, Kiewit Pacific Co. is ideally positioned to take full advantage of an upturn in Hawaii's construction activity in the coming year. "We moved to Kapolei not only because it is a perfect location in terms of accessibility for our employees and clients, but also because we wanted to be part of the growth of the new city of Kapolei," says Lance Wilhelm, area business manager for Kiewit Pacific Co., which has bee doing business in Hawaii since 1980.

Kiewit Pacific Co. has more than 600 employees working throughout the state in both public and private sectors. In addition to major projects like the H-3 Halawa Viaduct, the Waianae Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Japan Nationa Large Telescope on Mauna Kea, the company is involved in a wide variety of othe construction work including housing projects, resort developments, industrial parks, commercial buildings and community infrastructure. "Kiewit Pacific Co. i optimistic about its prospects in 1995 and beyond," says Wilhelm.
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