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Construction contractors file liens against Hynix.

Byline: Development Report by The Register-Guard

LIEN TIMES: The west Eugene Hynix plant is on the outs with a couple of construction contractors.

The contractors, one based in Eugene, the other in Vancouver, Wash., have filed construction liens against the factory, claiming that Hynix owes them a total of $409,000 for work on the recent equipment upgrade at the plant.

Electrix LLC of Vancouver, in a lien filed Dec. 11, said it is owed $263,250 for hooking up new tools at the plant. All Oregon Construction of Eugene, in a lien filed Oct. 3, said it is owed $146,100 for its work on the upgrade.

Hynix appears to have largely completed the upgrade and is recalling workers, apparently with the intent of starting up production this month. Hynix has said it was spending $156 million on the retooling, with most of the money going to purchase new chip-making equipment.

Hynix Semiconductor Inc., the plant's South Korean parent company, is laboring under heavy debts and considering a proposal to sell its memory chip plants, including the Eugene facility, to Idaho-based Micron Technology Inc. Micron and Hynix officials are reported to be haggling over the price Micron would pay.

The Eugene plant has a long history of disputes with contractors. When the factory shell was originally built in the mid-1990s, there were roughly $100 million in cost overruns above the initial budgeted price of $230 million. Hyundai - which changed its name to Hynix last April- spent months fighting with its lead contractors and roughly 20 subcontractors over who should absorb those costs. The sides eventually reached a court-mediated settlement.

A Hynix spokesman did not return a telephone call from The Register-Guard seeking comment on the recent liens.

Doug Perin, co-owner of All Oregon Construction, said that after he won a bid this spring to subcontract for Ace Air Clean Environment of Southgate, Calif., on the clean room upgrade, Hynix produced a revised set of plans that required more work. "There were big changes in the plans, and that of course meant more costs for us," Perin said. All Oregon set to work, but Ace delayed paying, Perin said. Now, Perin said, he's scheduled to meet with Hynix and Ace tomorrow.

An official with Electrix declined to comment about his company's lien.

MOVING ALONG: Assisted-living facility operator Mike Hudman is moving ahead with his new complex northeast of Autzen Stadium.

Hudman has submitted plans to the city of Eugene for a 4,000-square-foot central staff and recreation building, and is already constructing two of the six residential buildings for the complex, named Gateway Gardens.

Hudman figures he'll have the two residential buildings and the staff/recreation building open by the fall, with an initial staff of about 20 people in place. Once the entire 90-bed complex is open, sometime in mid-2003, Hudman said he expects to have a total of 60 employees.

The entire project will cost up to about $3.5 million, Hudman said. Hudman is the majority owner of Gateway Assisted Living, a 160-bed center in Springfield.

Compiled by business editor Christian Wihtol.
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Date:Jan 15, 2002
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