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Constitutionalism and Democracy.


Constitutionalism and democracy.

Ed. by Richard Bellamy.

Dartmouth Publishing


573 pages



The international library of essays in law and legal theory; second series


In this series of 24 facsimile articles, contributors examine exactly how constitutions relate actually as well as logically to democratic practice. They take a substantive view of constitutional democracy, including essays by Dworkin, Rawls, Waldron, Fabre and Dahl. Procedural views on judicial review, process-based constitutional theories, and the work of John Hart Ely, the reconciliation of substance and procedures in such cases as Dred Scott and Brown and in the rule of law, populist constitutionalism in such cases as civil rights, and considerations beyond the nation-state in issues of reduction of freedom, economic globalization, republican cosmopolitanism, the European constitution, and sovereignty in the European Union.

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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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