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Constitutional law. 3d ed.


Constitutional law. 3d ed.

Ed. by Neil C. Blond.

Aspen Publishers, Inc.


471 pages



Blond's law guides


Part of a series of law school guides, this study guide helps readers review constitutional law prior to an exam. Chapters review key information through flow charts and outlines. Additionally, brief summaries (about half a page) of relevant cases cover the facts of each case, the issue at its core, the rule, and any dissent that followed. Mnemonics to aid study are also suggested. The chapters are organized into the following topics: the Supreme Court's authority, national power as relates to commerce power, other national powers, state regulation and the national economy, separation of powers, the Bill of Rights and the states, 14th Amendment substantive rights, equal protection, post Civil War amendments and civil rights legislation, freedom of expression, and the constitution and religion.

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