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Constitutional Court repeals lustration from independence to date.

The Constitutional Court decided Wednesday that the lustration law should pertain only to the period until 1991 instead of January 2008 as was originally proposed. The Constitutional Court believes the Constitution of 1991 guarantees the basic human rights and established a new democratic order.

Many Macedonian media report Thursday that the public is not quite convinced that a reform of the secret police services happened in Macedonia in 1991. On the contrary, the affairs that happened in Macedonia after independence unambiguously showed that the secret police services continued to operate in breach of the law.

The initiator of the lustration process and a long-standing president of the Macedonian Parliament, Liberal Party MP Stojan Andov, refuses to comment on the moves of the Constitutional Court, yet says that erasing these important articles from the lustration law brings into question the entire process.

"If the legal lustration fails, it will be superseded by street lustration and files will be greatly manipulated. Both fake and authentic documents will become public, which will aggravate the atmosphere in the country. The law aims to prevent a witch-hunt and make the process institutional," Andov says.

In his view, in Macedonia there are many documents showing that the secret services continued to operate after the adoption of the Constitution of 1991, as was, in fact, confirmed by the massive affairs--the Blue Bird, the Hole, the Big Ear, etc.

Most Constitutional Court judges refused to comment on this decision and there was almost no debate on this law at the Constitutional Court's session. According to Utrinski vesnik, Constitutional Court President Trendafil Ivanovski concluded that it would have been much better if the law had been adopted in 1991. Only judge Gzime Starova very carefully raised the dilemma of whether there was a base for lustration after 1991.

Opposition SDSM voiced no reaction Wednesday to the decision of the Constitutional Court, VMRO-DPMNE is not at all surprised, while BDI believes that the lustration law is good and that the Constitutional Court should not have intervened at all.
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Date:Jan 28, 2010
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