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Constant-dollar inventories, sales and inventory-sales ratios for manufacturing and trade: 1990:I-1993:II.

THE CONSTANT-DOLLAR INVENTORIES, sales, and inventory-sales ratios have been revised beginning with 1990 to incorporate new source data. The constant-dollar inventories through the second quarter of 1993 are consistent with the revised inventory estimates in the August 1993 Survey of Current Business. The constant-dollar sales have been revised to be consistent with the inventories.

Tables 1, 2, and 3 present quarterly and monthly constant-dollar inventories, sales, and inventory-sales ratios, respectively. Table 4 presents fixed-weighted constant-dollar inventory-sales ratios--that is, ratios obtained by weighting detailed industry ratios by 1987 sales. Table 5 presents quarterly and monthly inventories for manufacturing by stage of fabrication.


Quarterly constant-dollar manufacturing and trade inventories, sales, and inventory-sales ratios for 1977-89 were published in the January 1993 Survey.

Data availability

Quarterly and monthly constant-dollar manufacturing and trade inventories, sales, and inventory-sales ratios for 1967-92, as well as constant-dollar manufacturing inventories by stage of fabrication, are available on printouts, diskette, and computer tape. To order, write to the National Income and Wealth Division, BE-54, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Specify Constant-Dollar Manufacturing and Trade Inventories, Sales, and Ratios (Accession No. BEA 54-90-21-205 for printouts, BEA 54-91-40-409 for diskette, or BEA 54-85-01-004 for computer tape), and include a check or money order for $55.00 for printout, $20.00 for diskette, or $100.00 for computer tape, payable to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. To order by telephone, call (202) 606-5304; MasterCard and VISA are accepted.
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Publication:Survey of Current Business
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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