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Consortium Service Management Group Announces Successful Cancer Surgery Using Patented Tissue-Bonding Technology.

Surgeons Report Significantly Reduced Surgical Times, Minimal Blood Loss

Consortium Service Management Group, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: CTUM) (CSMG), announced today the results of oncological clinical trials in Ukraine using the company's patented live biological tissue-bonding technology.

From April 2004 through June 2004, 60 cancer patients were successfully treated in procedures that produced a number of patient benefits including significantly reduced surgical times and reduced blood loss. The trials were conducted under the auspices of the company's subsidiary, Live Tissue Connect.

The trial procedures included:

Oncoproctological (26 surgeries) procedures that included excision of excessive relegated colon, formation of intestinal and colonanal anastomosis and hemorrhoidectomy.

Oncogynecological (20 surgeries) procedures that included hysterectomy, supravaginal amputation of uterus and ovariectomy.

Oncourologyical (four surgeries) that included resection of urinary bladder and orchifuniculectomy.

Oncosurgical (10 surgeries) procedures for radial mastectomy.

The company previously announced that 71 patients were operated on for diseases of the lungs, mediastinum, pleura and traumas of the chest using Live Tissue Connect's biological tissue-bonding/welding technology.

Prof. G. V. Bandor, MD, director of the Donetsk Region Antineoplastic Center in Ukraine, said, "We were extremely pleased with the outcome of these trials. We realized a number of advantages, including reduction in surgery time up to 60%, significant reduction in blood loss and use of suture materials, reduction in patients' hospital stays, elimination of suturing in treatment of uterine stumps, elimination of postoperative analgetics, reduction of time needed to form anastomosis and formation of neat seams."

Donald S. Robbins, CEO of CSMG said, "The continued positive results of these human trials shows the ever-expanding versatility of tissue- bonding/welding technology in significantly improving patient outcomes involving blood loss and healing time. It is becoming increasingly clear that this technology could universally improve the way surgery is performed."

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About CSMG's Tissue-Bonding Technology

CSMG's patented tissue-bonding device bonds through radiofrequency fusion and reconnects living soft biological tissue (organs) without the use of foreign matter or conventional wound closing devices such as sutures, staples, sealant or glues. The technology leaves little or no scar visible to the naked eye after a few months. Unlike other tissue coagulation methods that tend to destroy tissue by charring, searing and necrosis, the CSMG-patented technology bonds and reconnects incised tissue and avoids charring, searing and necrosis by using a patented low-heat delivery method aimed at restoration of the normal functions of the live organs and tissue. U.S. and Australia patents have been issued, with other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

In Ukraine, nearly 3,000 successful human surgeries in clinical trials have been completed on various organs using a number of types of procedures. Today, surgeons at five Ukraine hospitals and clinics are using the tissue- bonding technology in clinical trials and performing over 100 new surgeries each month for open and laparoscopic surgical procedures and techniques. The procedures so far have involved the bonding and reconnecting of incised or separated human tissues in the following body areas -- nasal septum, intestine, stomach, skin, gall bladder, liver, spleen, blood vessels, nerves, alba linea, uterus, fallopian tube, ovary and testicles and dura-matter -- while restoring the normal function of the body organ or tissue.

CSMG owns the technology and exclusive world rights to the medical device through Live Tissue Connect, Inc., a subsidiary corporation formed for the development and exploitation of the platform technology. The technology was invented and developed at the internationally renowned E.O. Paton Institute of Electric Welding, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine at Kiev, Ukraine headed by Professor B.E. Paton.

CSMG maintains offices in Corpus Christi, TX, Oklahoma City, OK and Kiev, Ukraine. The company website is and its email address is

Additional information about CSMG can be found on the website An online investor kit containing CSMG press releases, SEC filings, current price Level II quotes, interactive Java, stock charts and other useful information for investors can be found at and Investors may contact Don Robbins or Gordon Allison, CSMG at (361) 887-7546 or Frank Hawkins or Julie Marshall, Hawk Associates, at (305) 852-2383, email:

CONTACT: Don Robbins or Gordon Allison, both of CSMG, +1-361-887-7546; or Frank Hawkins or Julie Marshall, both of Hawk Associates, +1-305-852-2383, or, for CSMG

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