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Consistent KSSN: country radio station continues to dominate Little Rock ratings.

KSSN-FM, 95.7, is dominating the Little Rock metro area ratings. That's no news flash.

The 92,000-watt country music king, a four-time Country Music Association national station of the year finalist and the 1991 winner, has controlled the central Arkansas market for several years. Generally, the distance between KSSN and the runner-up isn't close.

Just as the numbers reflect consistency, the station kept going strong with inner consistency, KSSN general manager Jay Werth says.

"The success is found on many fronts," Werth says. "We have a very consistent on-air team. Bob Robbins has been with us since 1979, Jay Smith on mid-days has been with us over 10 years. Don Moore, our program director, has been with us two years. T.J. Williams, the night director, she's been here several years.

"It's just a very consistent product."

Ratings show that country music is a proven radio commodity, not just in Arkansas but across the nation. That keeps KSSN's numbers consistently up.

And KSSN keeps its name known and respected with community service.

"The community appreciates the fact that KSSN lends its airways and personnel," Werth says. "That helps to make us winners."

According to the Arbitron Co., the spring ratings "book" certainly says so.

KSSN's share of the 12-and-older market in central Arkansas is 20.9. A share is the percent of specific listeners tuning in at a specific time between 6 a.m. and midnight on a Monday through Sunday basis.

This week's business ranking shows how 23 stations in the metro area stack up in regard to a 12-plus share, with pertinent data included about each station.

Also, the list includes an interesting, if not sometimes neglected, ratings figure -- the 12-plus metro cumulative total.

That is the number of people that have listened at some point to a station between 6 a.m. and midnight on a Monday through Sunday basis. In this case, KSSN might share listeners with, say, KDDX-FM, 100.3, another country station, or news/talk KARN-AM, 920.

KEZQ Drops, Others Rise

Four seasonal rating periods are measured; this list concerns only the recent spring period.

In KSSN's case, the ratings vary seasonally. The station, Werth says, has enjoyed its best marks -- around the 24-26 share -- in the fall and winter. Summer tends to be the lowest period, in the high teens.

Changes are apparent from spring of 1991. KEZQ-FM, 102.9, which two years ago moved from an easy-listening to a soft adult contemporary format, saw its numbers fall from 10.2 to 6.6.

The news/talk format of KARN apparently drew some fans as the marks went from 6.3 to 9.1.

KMJX-FM, 105.1, which bills itself as a "classic rock" station featuring album-oriented music, rose from 9.2 to 11.3. KIPR-FM, 92.3, with an urban contemporary format, increased from 8.9 to 10.1.

As for KSSN, it was just consistency as usual. The station enjoyed a 0.8 increase over spring 1991's 20.1.

Arbitron has an assortment of other ratings figures. Werth likes what he's seeing in the 12-34 age bracket, a group that is usually tuned into stations with contemporary pop music.

"The most phenomenal thing to me is the amazing receptiveness of the young," Werth says. "Our numbers in the 12-34 group are just exploding. It's almost as if country music is growing its own.

"They're developing a liking for the music that they'll carry with them as they grow older ... and that only bodes well for KSSN and other country stations."

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Title Annotation:Ankansas Business Rankings; KSSN-FM, radio station; Little Rock, Arkansas
Author:Harris, Jim
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Aug 31, 1992
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