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Conservative: Racist gags OK.


A TORY grandee caused outrage yesterday by claiming it was fine to tell jokes about "honkies" and immigrants.

Sir Nicholas Winterton, 71 - who is retiring as an MP after being shamed over his expenses - defended his MP wife Ann for making a racist joke about Asians at a rugby club bash.

He said people should "not worry" if others crack gags about "honkies and others", adding that people "who come here" should not be offended if they are the butt of such jokes.

Mr Winterton told Radio 5: "If you can't tell what I describe as amusing in some people's minds - i n others not - risqu jokes at a rugby club, where can you tell such jokes?" But former Home Secretary David Blunkett said the comments showed they were the "same old Tories".

He said: "It is offensive that Tories think you can go around using such derogatory terms. But it's not surprising given it comes just days after the man who wants to be Home Secretary has said that B&B owners can put up signs saying 'no gays'."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 6, 2010
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