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Consensus on the Celtic Sea.

CELTIC Seas Partnership builds on the success of PISCES, another WWF-led project that came to an end in 2012. PISCES brought together key marine stakeholders to look at how they could protect the dynamic Celtic Sea ecosystem from pressures such as pollution and over-exploitation. It united those who use the sea in Ireland, France, Spain and the United Kingdom to find sustainable solutions that allow marine activities such as coastal recreation, shipping, offshore infrastructure and fisheries to continue without jeopardising marine wildlife.

The project concluded with a series of successful and well-attended events and has received wide-ranging praise from sea-users, academics, government representatives and the European Commission. Roger Cook, of the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers, said: "PISCES gave me the opportunity to talk to other people that use the sea and I came to recognise that we have many common interests and in the right environment we can work together." The key to PISCES' success was its ability to empower all sea-users to create their own guidelines on how to sustainably manage the different activities that take place in the Celtic Sea. It was the first to translate marine policy into practical guidelines for multiple sectors across a multi-national area. These guidelines are now seen as a blueprint in other marine areas, particularly the crucial role of stakeholders in the process.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 19, 2013
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