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Consciously Speaking Enlightens the Podcast World.

Santa Cruz, CA, March 29, 2015 --( Santa Cruz seems to be a hub for conscious thought, mindfulness, spirituality, alternative healing modalities and all things “new-agey”. So what better place to launch a podcast that talks about those subjects?

That's exactly what Michael Neeley has done with his new show, Consciously Speaking. He launched it on February 9th, 2015 and has a diverse list of guests as well as a comprehensive format.

Monday through Friday, Neeley interviews conscious thought leaders, authors, coaches, healers, spiritual guides and teachers. His lineup of guests have included best-selling authors and international seminar leaders like Kathlyn Hendricks, Rick Tamlyn and Dov Baron, as well as Pranic healers and past life regressionists like Kylie Riordan (Australia) and Atasha Fyfe (United Kingdom).

On Saturdays, Consciously Speaking presents guided meditations with a variety of guest hosts and their associated styles. It's a great way for beginners to explore meditation while giving long-time practitioners exposure to different methods or techniques.

Sundays are reserved for topical content episodes where Neeley and a guest do a deep-dive into a particular issue. Frequently, the guest is actually someone that was interviewed in a prior episode, though sometimes it will be one of Neeley's actual coaching clients that is willing to share their “stuff” for public consumption.

“My goal with Consciously Speaking is to broaden people's perspectives by exposing them to alternative ways of thinking that they might otherwise never even know about,” says Neeley, who wonders what his life might have been like had he been aware of certain wisdom at a much earlier age.

“I started my seeker's journey in my late twenty's when I began to devour the works of motivational authors like Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino and Earl Nightingale. This quickly led me to Tony Robbins and eventually to Landmark Education by my mid-thirties.”

Some would consider this a strange path for a guy with his degrees in acting that spent a great deal of his professional career jousting and sword-fighting for Medieval Times and the New York Renaissance Faire.

“Sure, acting was my profession, but the more I explored the depth of the characters I was playing, the more curious I became about my own inner workings. I began to wonder on a very deep level about why I was here, and for that matter, why are any of us here? What is the nature of being human and how is everything connected?”

After twenty plus years as an actor, Neeley shifted careers and spent some time in corporate America. In hindsight, he considers these years as a formative period for what was next in his life. It was during this time that he deepened his explorations of ontology and began to formulate the concepts of his upcoming book, The Art of Forgetting: Your First Step Toward Lasting Change.

“Having spent so much of my life in the realm of personal development, I kept noticing a pattern within myself and many of the people I encountered on a similar path. It was like taking two steps forward and one step back, or sometimes even two or three steps back. My own internal work guided me to a profound discovery that one, I think is universal, and two, was nothing really new.

“We've long known about how our stories of our past get in the way of our present living, but what we seem to neglect is the simpler aspect of that same concept. We've been taught to apply it to our big stuff, but in that process, we've overlooked the value of all of the minutiae.”

Of course, Neeley goes into greater detail about all of this in his book and with his clients in his workshops and personal coaching. And he shares some of it in his podcast, though he claims that that is not the reason he launched the show.

“Even with my book, which I have jokingly subtitled 'the second-to-last self-help book you'll ever need,' my mission is to help people on their own path of enlightenment, or development, or discovery, or whatever you want to call it. I consider myself a Conscious Thought Evangelist and I want to do everything I can to facilitate the exposure of what really interesting and cutting edge people are up to. They might be coaches, or writers, or healers - it doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if I agree with their methodology or belief systems. I'm not sitting in a seat of judgment and my show is not designed to knock or even challenge what they are doing, but to get their message out there. Then it's up to my audience whether they choose to subscribe to that school of thought or not.”

Consciously Speaking must be catching on, because it has been featured in iTunes' New & Noteworthy section for the entire eight weeks since its launch. It has reached the #1 spot in both the Self-Help and Religion & Spirituality categories and made it up to #3 in Society & Culture (Philosophy).

You can find out more about Michael Neeley at and you can subscribe to Consciously Speaking on iTunes at

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Date:Mar 29, 2015
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