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Articles from Conscience (June 22, 2003)

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"Cardinals fail more often than condoms". (The church and AIDS). Brief Article 289
"The Magdalene Sisters": a movie that lifts the lid on Catholic totalitarianism. Riddick, Ruth Movie Review 1129
An easy choice: globalize safe abortion. Crane, Donna Book Review 977
Art, Religion and Censorship. (Letters). Letter to the Editor 819
Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien of Phoenix, Arizona, who made an "unprecedented" admission of guilt in exchange for avoiding indictment for obstruction of justice in a series of sex abuse cases, has resigned following his indictment in a fatal hit-and-run incident in which a local man, Jim Lee Reed, 43, died. (Sex Abuse Update). Brief Article 161
Bookshelf. 1123
Catholic censorship. (Letters). Swan, Susan Celia Letter to the Editor 494
Catholic hierarchy's opposition to condoms under further scrutiny. (The church and AIDS). Brief Article 230
Catholic lawmakers hinder plans to slow spread of HIV/AIDS. (The church and AIDS). Brief Article 269
Coercion in family planning. (Letters). Bukovska, Barbora Letter to the Editor 310
Contraceptive emergency: Catholic hospitals overwhelmingly refuse to provide EC. Ellertson, Charlotte 2846
Editor's note. Nolan, David J. Editorial 401
Flip-flopping: reflections on presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich, a "prolifer" for choice. (Opinion). Kissling, Frances 1636
Gaining ground: despite political and religious opposition, Latin American activists force advances in reproductive rights. Frasca, Tim 2330
Getting real about HIV/AIDS: ABC does not stop at abstinence. Ray, Sunanda 2497
Hierarchical power games: sex and celibacy in the catholic Priesthood. Raterman, T.A. Book Review 557
Keating compares bishops to Mafia, resigns. (In Catholic Circles). Brief Article 284
Living with sin: the Catholic hierarchy and reproductive rights in the Philippines. David, Rina Jimenez 3181
Mexican bishops denounce first lady for advocating condom use. (The church and AIDS). Brief Article 118
Mexican bishops face legal challenge. (The Church and State). Brief Article 128
New battleground, same old story: antichoice activists find their way to Brussels. Chitalia, Salima 2371
Postscript. 702
Resources for the long haul: the church on the brink of destabilization. Ganley, Rosemary Book Review 1526
Sex, Lies and Duct Tape. (Letters). Letter to the Editor 314
Sexual illiteracy. Ruether, Rosemary Radford 1413
Straining to present a religion under siege. Myers, David Book Review 1320
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has followed the dioceses of Louisville and Boston, among others, in trying to argue that its files related to priests are confidential and protected by the First Amendment and therefore must remain sealed, despite prosecutors' requests to open the files in their bid to resolve abuse cases. (Sex Abuse Update). Brief Article 105
The Bishops Go to the Movies. (Letters). Hilden, Julie Letter to the Editor 140
The bishops' National Review Board will send investigators into all 195 US dioceses over the coming months to check that bishops are complying with promises to openly resolve existing complaints and ensure that future scandals over sex abuse are dealt with promptly. (Sex Abuse Update). Brief Article 81
The Catholic church in Ireland has paid out more than $320,000 to settle a case of sexual abuse and, for the first time, issued a formal apology. (Sex Abuse Update). Brief Article 82
The Diocese of San Bernardino in California has sued the Archdiocese of Boston for transferring a notorious pedophile, the Rev. Paul Shanley, while claiming he was a "priest in good standing." (Sex Abuse Update). Brief Article 87
The handmaids of the hierarchy. Cunningham, Mary Ann Book Review 1508
UK priests oppose church ban on contraception. (End Notes). Brief Article 89
Vatican demands conformity from bioethicists. (The Church and State). Brief Article 125
Vatican rebuffed in quest for privileged place for religion in European Constitution. (The Church and State). Brief Article 303
Vatican's new dictionary is a "crusade against reason and science". (The Church and State). Brief Article 313
Vaticanology: Lexicon: the Vatican's newspeak guide. (Opinion). Maguire, John 1332
Weekly Standard is no standard for theological competency. (The Church and State). Brief Article 173
With God on his side. Wills, Garry 3286

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