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Conquering debt. (Letters).

AS A YOUNG PERSON GROWING UP, AND throughout my first few years of college, I never thought that being in debt was so hard to overcome. After being blessed to be able to read issue after issue of BLACK ENTERPRISE, the knowledge I have gained has shed some light on my future. May I say that one special article in the December 2001 issue, "Golden Goals" (Moneywise), especially caught my eye.

The article showed how one family turned a debt of $100,000 into a distant memory. So I figured that if this family can turn around as much as $100,000, then my little debt should not be hard at all to turn around. I am seriously thinking about starting my own business in computer technology.

I am now looking to start a portfolio, but I was having a hard time deciding where to start. Lo and behold, right beside the above-mentioned story in the Moneywise section is the article "Investments Under $1,000." This article had some very good ideas that seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the tip.
Eldrick Davis
Mobile, Alabama

I'D NEVER WORKED CONSISTENTLY UNTIL April 2001, when I landed the job I currently hold. I'm in the process of re-establishing my life. It's been a hard six months, with more than $15,000 in debt, trying to save money, and taking care of two children.

I work at night, so I would bring my son's BE magazine to read. The stories of families succeeding in getting out of debt and becoming financially secure inspired me to invest. I began to move away from those stories and concentrated more on the parts of the magazine featuring investment information. I read the Moneywise and Techwatch sections looking for stock tips, and I always check out the Investment Clubhouse column. Who's buying what, top stocks to buy--it was never ending.

With all my research, I finally drew up a portfolio, sacrificed buying some items I would really love to have, and saved my money. It's always scary doing something for the first time, but I bought stock in three companies that I felt were well-established and had been around for a while: AOL Time Warner (NYSE: AOL), Pfizer Inc. (NYSE. PFE), and Nextel Communications (Nasdaq: NXTL). I'm happy with my choices and feel I will profit in the long run.

Once I earn the money I would like to own my stock, I will reinvest and try some dotcoms. My goal is to retire at age 50 and to do what I've always wanted to do: dedicate myself to my community as a strong voice of motivation and continue to educate the community on issues that affect African Americans.
Dolina E. Duzant
New York, New York
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Publication:Black Enterprise
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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