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At low temps, bismuth superconducts: despite few free electrons, element loses electrical resistance. Dec 24, 2016 396
Blue is high-energy color for begonias. Dec 10, 2016 404
Physicists discover 'bubble nucleus': unstable silicon-34 has shortage of protons at its center. Nov 26, 2016 767
Philosopher dives into physics of nothingness. Book review Nov 26, 2016 495
Physicists make 'time crystal' in lab: flipped ions demonstrate new form of symmetry breaking. Nov 12, 2016 540
Dark matter searches come up empty: physicists broaden efforts to identify bulk of universe's mass. Nov 12, 2016 1549
Constant connections: new units based on fundamental properties of the universe will make measurements more precise. Nov 12, 2016 3288
Peering between a book's covers. Brief article Oct 29, 2016 262
Shock waves rocked baby universe: study sheds light on magnetic fields' birth, antimatter mystery. Oct 29, 2016 538
Rarest nucleus reluctant to decay: tantalum-180m's half-life is at least 45 million billion years. Oct 29, 2016 394
Evidence points to new form of matter-antimatter asymmetry. Brief article Oct 29, 2016 227
Wi-Fi helps house distinguish between occupants. Brief article Oct 15, 2016 185
New steps toward quantum internet: researchers make advances in teleportation and memory. Oct 15, 2016 588
Bacteria-sized molecules made in lab: linked cesium atoms could play role in quantum computing. Oct 1, 2016 361
LHC finds no signs of supersymmetry: lack of new particles suggests need to consider other theories. Oct 1, 2016 1269
Juno sends back first close-ups of Jupiter. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 185
Blue whirl \bloo werl\ n.: a swirling flame that appears in fuel floating on the surface of water and glows blue. Brief article Sep 17, 2016 289
LIGO find offers dark matter hint: massive black holes detected last year could be primordial. Sep 3, 2016 559
New data give clearer picture of Higgs: LHC results allow physicists to scrutinize boson's properties. Sep 3, 2016 597
Cooling stars hint at existence of dark matter particles. Brief article Sep 3, 2016 147
Electrons made to attract each other: experiment is step toward high-temp superconductors. Aug 20, 2016 533
Chasing a devious metal: pressure is on to make metallic hydrogen. Aug 20, 2016 2938
Committing Feynman to atomic memory. Brief article Aug 20, 2016 206
Debate persists on cosmic expansion: different methods don't agree on value of Hubble constant. Aug 6, 2016 1426
Falling through Earth would be a drag: air resistance, friction reduce velocity toward planet's core. Aug 6, 2016 458
Three cousins join family of four-quark particles. Brief article Aug 6, 2016 233
No crystal ball? Ask the hive mind. Website overview Aug 6, 2016 413
Quantum fragility may help guide birds: magnetic field's effect on retinal chemistry could aid navigation. Jul 23, 2016 504
Shark jelly is strong proton conductor. Brief article Jul 9, 2016 238
More gravitational waves detected: LIGO records signals from another collision of black holes. Jul 9, 2016 803
Newest elements on periodic table receive names, symbols. Brief article Jul 9, 2016 222
Earth is young at heart. Brief article Jun 25, 2016 219
Schrodinger's cat in 2 boxes at once: entangled microwaves offer benefits for quantum computing. Jun 25, 2016 600
New method creates real randomness: 'extractor' removes bias from computer-generated numbers. Jun 25, 2016 580
Physicists smash particle imitators: 'quasiparticle' collider could help devise better materials. Jun 11, 2016 372
Sorting out a butterfly's bright color, with a twist. Brief article Jun 11, 2016 271
Even quantum information is physical: erasing qubits emits heat, as predicted by Landauer's principle. May 28, 2016 595
Hints of new particle baffle physicists: hundreds of papers attempt to explain unexpected LHC data. May 28, 2016 786
Gamers rise to physics challenge: in quantum task, humans find strategies computers miss. May 14, 2016 357
How to make black holes 'sing': certain mergers would create odd gravitational wave signals. May 14, 2016 482
Ancient dwarf galaxy was heavy-element factory. Brief article May 14, 2016 175
Map charts previously unknown gamma-ray sources. Brief article May 14, 2016 159
Faint gravity waves in LIGO's future: new analysis finds better prospects for spotting weak ripples. Apr 30, 2016 337

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