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Independent Scotland would act as a 'bridge' between EU and UK, says former SNP MP; An independent Scotland would act as a bridge between the United Kingdom and the European Union and could replicate Ireland's success in exploiting its soft power, a former SNP MP and international relations academic has said. Jun 15, 2021 627
Covid Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon announces likely further delay of restriction relaxations until at least July; Nicola Sturgeon has announced a further delay to the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland until at least the end of July. Jun 15, 2021 1074
'Utterly useless': Hundreds of Scottish civil service external roles redacted in response to second jobs concerns; The Scottish Government have made it "impossible" for the public to check whether the more than 450 civil servants holding external roles could pose a conflict of interest after releasing a document where almost every role is redacted, it can be revealed. Jun 13, 2021 762
'No role for council interference with pupil grades' insists education secretary; Teachers should not be told to downgrade the grades of their pupils by local authorities as part of the "quality assurance" process, Scotland's education secretary has insisted. Jun 11, 2021 644
Covid Scotland: Row over Public Health Scotland 'shielding ministers' sign of 'control freakery' from SNP; A key government agency leading on the publication of Covid-19 statistics has become embroiled in row after it emerged one of its duties is to reportedly protect the reputation of Scottish Government ministers. Jun 11, 2021 577
Health secretary Humza Yousaf rapped on knuckles by statistics authority over children with Covid gaffe; Humza Yousaf has been slapped on the wrist by the statistics regulator over his claim there were ten children in hospital in Scotland "because of Covid-19". Jun 11, 2021 621
Glasgow Euro 2020 fan zone cost to taxpayer rockets to nearly [pounds sterling]200,000; The cost to the taxpayer of the controversial Euro 2020 fan zone in Glasgow has rocketed to almost [pounds sterling]200,000 after another contract for the event was published on Friday. Jun 11, 2021 420
G7 agree historic declaration aiming to avoid repeat of Covid-19 pandemic; World leaders are set to strike an historic agreement committing to avoiding a repeat of the devastation and disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic by quashing future pandemics within the first 100 days. Jun 11, 2021 1039
Passing Hate Crime Bill was 'right thing to do', says new Scottish justice secretary; Passing the highly controversial Hate Crime Bill was the "right thing to do", Scotland's new justice secretary has said in an exclusive interview with The Scotsman. Jun 10, 2021 991
Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'sleekit' use of historic data around 2021 exam results; Nicola Sturgeon faced intense questioning over her government's handling of the 2021 exams amid accusations she has misled parliament over the use of historic data to check grades awarded to pupils by teachers. Jun 10, 2021 752
FMQs sketch: Nicola Sturgeon is in full Dolores Umbridge mode on exams scandal; Nicola Sturgeon was doing her best at continuing the charade there is nothing at all wrong with the Scottish Government's plans for the 2021 exams. Jun 10, 2021 569
Review of Crown Office involvement in Fatal Accident Inquiries rejected by MSPs; MSPs rejected calls for an independent review into the role of the Crown Office in Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAI) by a single vote following a debate in Holyrood. Jun 10, 2021 540
Scotland's justice institutions 'not fit for purpose' says veteran journalist in first Holyrood speech; A veteran investigative journalist turned Scottish Conservative MSP has launched a scathing attack on the Scottish Government's justice system. Jun 10, 2021 429
Former SNP MP claims Nicola Sturgeon 'should have' been aware of Alex Salmond harassment claims in early 2014; A former SNP MP has claimed she asked a member of Nicola Sturgeon's staff to pass on concerns around an incident of alleged sexual harassment by former first minister Alex Salmond, it can be revealed. Jun 9, 2021 916
SNP minister refuses to rule out agreement on 'incompatible' Green land reform policies; Talks between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Greens could lead to major changes in land reform despite warnings that proposals are "incompatible" with human rights legislation. Jun 9, 2021 403
Scotland's new justice secretary refuses to put date on clearing court backlog; The Scottish Government is focused on reducing the court backlog "as far as possible" in coming years rather than setting a firm date for it to be cleared, Scotland's new justice secretary has said. Jun 9, 2021 591
'Agricultural wasteland' threat for Scotland due to Australia trade deal; Scotland's farming industry would become an "agricultural wasteland" if a tariff-free trade deal is struck with Australia, an SNP MSP has said. Jun 8, 2021 429
Warnings SQA 'algorithm by stealth' could replicate 2020 fiasco; Scotland's most disadvantaged children could face a similar scale of injustice as in 2020 due to an "algorithm by stealth" approach to exam results, an education expert has warned. Jun 8, 2021 645
Glasgow Euro fanzone to cost taxpayer at least [pounds sterling]84,000 just for the screens; The controversial Euro 2020 fanzone in Glasgow will cost the taxpayer at least [pounds sterling]84,000 just for the big screen televisions, it has emerged. Jun 8, 2021 423
Majority back end of North Sea oil and gas production, survey suggests; The majority of Scots would back the end of North Sea oil and gas production, a new poll has suggested. Jun 8, 2021 437
Labour demand answers from Somerville around 'unfair, unclear and unacceptable' appeals system; Scotland's new education secretary is under increasing pressure to answer key questions around the 2021 exam appeals system amid claims she has misled Holyrood over the issue. Jun 8, 2021 420
Opposition parties fume at Nicola Sturgeon Covid-19 updates made on TV; Opposition parties have reacted with anger around the decision from Nicola Sturgeon to continue to make Covid-19 announcements at a press conference rather than in Holyrood. Conference news Jun 8, 2021 420
Scotland Covid-19 situation 'fragile' amid 'optimistic' signs vaccinations reducing hospitalisations; Nicola Sturgeon has said Scotland is at a "fragile" moment of the Covid-19 pandemic as cases of the Delta variant, formerly the Indian variant, continue to rise to their highest levels for months. Jun 8, 2021 794
SNP criticised for 'eye-watering' [pounds sterling]1.2m car company spend; Scottish Labour has criticised the SNP for an "eye-watering" bill of more than [pounds sterling]1.2m on cars and vehicle costs in just a year. Jun 7, 2021 315
Opposition backing for reform of 'grotesquely complex' fatal accident inquiry system; The SNP could face pressure to commit to a reform of fatal accident inquiries after all opposition parties indicated a preference for the system to be changed. Jun 7, 2021 588
Pubs warn of violence as Euros closing times branded 'unworkable'; Covid-19 rules restricting opening hours of pubs could lead to violence as landlords are forced to kick-out fans in the middle of football games during the Euros, a hospitality group has warned. Jun 7, 2021 497
Euros will 'make or break' hospitality amid calls for testing certificates for fan zone attendees; Hospitality groups are warning the European Championships present a "make or break" moment for the sector as anger continues to rise around the Glasgow fan zone. Jun 6, 2021 1713
Former SNP MSP defects to Alba over 'astonishing' lack of progress on independence; A former SNP MSP and Holyrood candidate is the latest defector to Alex Salmond's Alba Party after the 2021 election. Jun 6, 2021 403
SNP 'missing funds': Party 'closed public books' in 2014 under Alex Salmond; The SNP's problems around the allegedly missing [pounds sterling]600,000 in donations will not be helped by a decision made in 2014 to shut its books. Jun 3, 2021 680
SNP receive single [pounds sterling]300,000 donation in first quarter of 2021; The SNP received just over [pounds sterling]570,000 in short money and donations in the first quarter of 2021, the Electoral Commission has said. Jun 3, 2021 319
SQA 'ignored young people' on appeals says exams group member in scathing attack; Key representatives of young people have reacted with fury following the publication of the SQA's exam appeals system for 2021. Jun 3, 2021 455
Nicola Sturgeon pressed to avoid 'Scottish exceptionalism' and begin Covid-19 inquiry; Anas Sarwar has repeated calls for Nicola Sturgeon to set up a public inquiry into the Scottish Government's handling of Covid-19 as soon as possible. Jun 3, 2021 561
Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross self-isolating; The leader of the Scottish Conservatives is self-isolating in an Edinburgh hotel after a close contact tested positive for Covid-19, the party has said. Jun 2, 2021 268
Analysis: SQA appeals statement leaves no hope for those hit by Covid-19; Spare a thought for a moment for 16-year-old Jane who in mid-May lost her Grandmother to Covid-19. Jun 2, 2021 469
North Sea oil and gas 'won't be affected' by SNP/Green deal; Scottish Greens will demand the SNP "move" on North Sea oil and gas as negotiations between the two parties around a potential co-operation agreement begin this week. Jun 1, 2021 641
The SNP's [pounds sterling]600k 'missing cash' and what it could mean; Transparency concerns at the top of the SNP and allegations of fraud have rocked Scotland's ruling party, but what is at the heart of the issue? Jun 1, 2021 592
Covid-19 in Scotland: Nationwide move to Level One delayed as Glasgow shift Level Two confirmed; Several areas of Scotland will be kept in level two for an additional period of time in a bid to stave off a potential third wave of Covid-19 caused by the so-called Indian variant, Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed. Jun 1, 2021 613
Business groups warn Nicola Sturgeon taking Scotland from 'lockdown to slowdown'; Key business groups have warned the decision to keep nearly three million people in level two could be the "final straw" for local businesses as Scotland goes from "lockdown to slowdown". Jun 1, 2021 1621
Calls for clarity over Scotland Covid-19 inquiry; Clarification around the terms and timing of a potential public inquiry into the Scottish Government's handling of Covid-19 is needed as soon as possible, the Scottish Liberal Democrats leader has said. Correction notice May 29, 2021 598
Scottish Government unlawfully claimed Alex Salmond harassment report 'did not exist'; Scottish Government officials breached Freedom of Information legislation by attempting to claim the final report of the investigation of harassment complaints against Alex Salmond did not exist, it can be revealed. May 28, 2021 673
Nicola Sturgeon Covid-19 briefing: Glasgow to move to level two next week; Nicola Sturgeon has announced Glasgow is set to move down to level two next week after it was kept subject to tougher restrictions than the rest of Scotland due to rising case numbers. May 28, 2021 363
Drop-in clinics may be used to increase vaccine uptake in younger Scots, Nicola Sturgeon has said; Nicola Sturgeon has urged younger people to "be careful" before they get a Covid-19 vaccine as she indicates drop-in clinics may be used to ensure increased uptake in vaccinations amongst the youngest age groups in Scotland. May 28, 2021 568
Glasgow hospitality to be 'devastated' by lockdown continuation; Hospitality groups have warned of "devastation" to their industry caused by the extension of the lockdown in Glasgow as opposition politicians call for a "clear exit plan" for Scotland's biggest city. May 28, 2021 1347
Nicola Sturgeon accuses UK Government of 'shutting out' Scotland in Australia trade deal; Nicola Sturgeon has accused the UK Government of being "determined to shut" the Scottish Government out of discussions around the potential trade deal with Australia. May 27, 2021 462
Nicola Sturgeon 'utterly disgusted' by 'thuggish minority' of Rangers fans amid warnings Glasgow lockdown could be extended; Nicola Sturgeon has labelled rioting Rangers fans as a "thuggish minority" and "selfish beyond belief" as Glasgow was warned the city could be staying in level three restrictions for longer than the next week. May 17, 2021 1505
Scots split on SNP mandate for referendum with independence 'top priority' for just one in 11; Scots are equally split down constitutional lines as to whether the SNP has a mandate for a second independence referendum as voters indicate a preference for a 2022 vote on the issue, an exclusive poll has suggested. May 16, 2021 1262
Rangers fans showed 'blatant disregard' for safety of public and police; Fans gathering in Glasgow to celebrate Rangers' title victory have been criticised for showing a "blatant disregard" for the safety of the wider public and the police officers, the chair of the Scottish Police Federation has said. May 16, 2021 883
Nicola Sturgeon 'utterly disgusted' by 'selfish', 'thuggish minority' of Rangers fans; Nicola Sturgeon has described violent scenes in Glasgow during Rangers fan celebrations of their title victory as "selfish beyond belief" and the actions of a "thuggish minority". May 16, 2021 483
Extended Glasgow lockdown may last longer than a week, says Jason Leitch; The national clinical director has warned Glaswegians that their extended lockdown may be in place for more than the week initially announced by Nicola Sturgeon. May 16, 2021 592
Pope Francis planning to attend COP26 summit in Glasgow; Pope Francis is set to attend the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow when it is due to be held later this year. May 16, 2021 312
Scotland's own currency if independent would be 'worth 20 per cent less than sterling', claims economist; Scots could face lower incomes and more expensive holidays should an independent Scotland use a separate currency to the pound, an economist has said. May 16, 2021 436
Home Office immigration system 'barbaric', says campaigning lawyer after Glasgow raid; Campaigning lawyer Aamer Anwar has labelled the Home Office's approach to immigration as "barbarism" as he calls on the UK Government to devolve immigration policy to Scotland. May 16, 2021 627
Pollokshields immigration raid showed 'undignified' action 'designed to provoke' by Home Office; Early on Thursday morning, a van adorned with Home Office insignia rolled up Kenmure Street in Pollokshields, Glasgow, unaware a routine immigration enforcement raid would lead to the story of the day. May 15, 2021 1232
Counsellor per school target missed by SNP, Liberal Democrats claim; The SNP's commitment for Scotland to have at least 350 counsellors available to secondary school pupils was missed, the Scottish Liberal Democrats have claimed. May 14, 2021 546
Taxpayers to continue paying rent for Alba MPs who will no longer regularly travel to Westminster; Taxpayers will continue to pay for at least one London flat rented by Alba MPs no longer making the "routine sojourn" to London to represent their constituencies. May 14, 2021 609
SQA urged to publish appeals system amid growing concerns around 2021 Scottish exams; Poorer students were systematically more likely to see their grades downgraded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) last year as concerns over the lack of an agreed appeals system for pupils sitting exams in 2021 grow. May 13, 2021 1262
Tories demand SNP commit to Scottish Covid-19 inquiry; The Scottish Conservatives have called on the Scottish Government to commit to holding a Scotland-specific inquiry into the handling of Covid-19. May 13, 2021 432
'Something to hide': Police Scotland release 17 pages of redacted documents connected to 'shameful' Rangers scenes; Police Scotland have released 17 pages of almost entirely redacted correspondence between it, the SPFL and the Scottish Government around the planned operations around Rangers fans' celebrations after their title victory in March. May 12, 2021 636
Scottish election 2021 results: Did Alba and All for Unity impact the result and were the polls right? With the fallout from the Holyrood election last week, what is the story of the election in numbers? May 11, 2021 598
Gordon Brown: 'No would win indyref2' as former prime minister says he is not afraid of referendum; Unionists will win the next independence referendum, former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown has said, as he launches his latest bid to build a positive case for the union. May 10, 2021 622
Scottish election 2021 results: Scottish Labour hopeful, but will need to box clever in future; There will be an argument that Scottish Labour are the biggest losers in this election and the final numbers are likely to create that impression. May 9, 2021 445
Scottish election 2021 results: Did the Alex Salmond inquiry damage Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP? For opponents, the Alex Salmond inquiry was meant to be the defining failure of Nicola Sturgeon. May 8, 2021 603
Scottish election 2021 results: Who are the winners and losers in Holyrood now that count is done? The second day of a strange and unusual Scottish Parliament election saw little change on the overall make-up of Holyrood, but some parties will be happier than others. May 8, 2021 1054
Scottish Election 2021 results: What do the early turnout figures mean? Turnout at the Holyrood election appears to be up compared to 2016, but with few results announced it is not clear what exactly this will mean when all of the results have been counted. May 7, 2021 442
Scottish election 2021 results: What next for John Swinney? John Swinney became the first of the remaining class of 1999 to be re-elected to the Scottish Parliament following his victory in his constituency of Perthshire North. May 7, 2021 466
Scottish Election 2021 results: SNP majority hopes on a knife-edge amid gains for Nicola Sturgeon's party; The SNP will be celebrating a successful election as the party is set for another five years in power, but Nicola Sturgeon has conceded that an overall majority was a "long shot". May 7, 2021 1453
Scottish elections 2021 results: Nicola Sturgeon has positive day, but majority likely out of sight; The SNP are set for a thumping victory at the Scottish Parliamentary election once the final votes are counted on Saturday, but the chances of an overall majority are slim. May 7, 2021 462
Scottish elections 2021: Your guide to the Holyrood election results; Covid-19 restrictions have resulted in one of the strangest elections in Scotland's history, but what will happen once all the ballots are counted and what will be the key moments over the coming days? May 6, 2021 1060
Scottish election 2021: Why are voters backing each of the three main parties? Their party's stance on independence is more likely to drive voters who are voting for the Scottish Conservatives than the SNP, a new poll has found. May 5, 2021 1047
Tories hit out at rise in number of disabled people on Scottish council housing waiting lists; The number of disabled people on council housing waiting lists has risen by around a quarter in the past year, the Scottish Conservatives have claimed. May 5, 2021 600
Scottish election 2021: Rise in casual teacher contracts under SNP a 'disgrace', says Willie Rennie; The rising number of teachers on casual contracts has been attacked as a "disgrace" by the Scottish Liberal Democrats ahead of the Holyrood election on Thursday. May 4, 2021 573
'Billions impacted' by UK Government overseas aid cuts as academic criticises 'total lack of honesty'; Aid cuts showed a "total lack of honesty" on behalf of the UK Government, the co-director of a leading Scottish research group has said. May 4, 2021 574
'I don't work for Russia Today', says RT presenter and Alba candidate Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh; A leading Alba candidate and former SNP MP has claimed she does not "work for Russia" despite producing and co-presenting The Alex Salmond Show on RT. May 4, 2021 652
Mental health crisis among teachers sees record numbers signed off with stress; The number of teachers signed off for stress-related reasons has risen by more than a quarter since 2016/17 levels, analysis by the Scottish Conservatives has found. May 4, 2021 443
Scottish election 2021: Why are voters turning to the Greens? Pro-independence parties appear set for another five years of majority rule with the Scottish Greens sitting high in the polls on 10 per cent, likely guaranteeing another five years of constitutional back-and-forth between the UK and Scottish Government. May 3, 2021 1127
Why Scottish election will still be 'intoxicating' despite expected result - Conor Matchett; It has been billed as the most important election in Scotland's history, but with just days to go it seems like not much is going to change when the ballots are finally counted. May 3, 2021 357
Scottish election 2021: Why crime and Brexit are among the SNP's failings; Nicola Sturgeon was stuck between a rock and a hard place on Brexit, with voters giving the SNP an overall thumbs-down for their handling of the constitutional divorce. May 2, 2021 339
Scottish election 2021: Brexit pushing foreign and EU citizens towards SNP; For the first time in Scottish electoral history, an estimated 55,000 foreign voters will be able to vote for the first time. May 2, 2021 1210
Voters split on SNP record, but education, crime, and housing worst performers, poll shows; The SNP's record on education, crime, Brexit and housing are the main areas of failure for the Scottish Government, a new poll suggests. May 2, 2021 1208
Coalition with the SNP would require 'very difficult conversations', says Patrick Harvie; Patrick Harvie takes umbrage at the suggestion he can now be labelled a veteran of Scottish politics, but as an MSP since 2003 and co-leader of the Scottish Greens for more than a decade, it's a description that fits. Apr 29, 2021 1157
Scottish election 2021: SNP to launch [pounds sterling]20m summer student support fund; Plans to support students through the summer months in future years are set to be brought in by the SNP after the election, The Scotsman understands. Apr 29, 2021 671
Scottish election 2021: SNP success dependent on voter turnout as support slips; It is not an exaggeration to say the result of the Holyrood elections next week is ultimately dependent on the actions of just a few thousand voters across Scotland. Apr 29, 2021 439
Scottish election 2021: Tories to 'create four times as many jobs for disabled people than SNP'; A new company dedicated to supporting disabled people into appropriate jobs could provide more than 12,000 jobs for those struggling to access long-term employment, the Scottish Conservatives have said. Apr 29, 2021 413
Worst polling for Yes since 2019 as SNP support continues to drop, poll shows; Support for independence is at its lowest level for almost 18 months as the SNP's hopes of a majority continue to dwindle, a new poll has shown. Apr 29, 2021 1042
Scottish election 2021: Possibility of low turnout will worry SNP, not Scottish Labour, says Anas Sarwar; Anas Sarwar has said his party is not worried about the potential for his message on the constitution to lead to a low turnout of voters at next week's Holyrood election. Apr 29, 2021 635
Indyref2 a 'fools errand' as poll shows biggest No lead since general election; Prioritising a second independence referendum ahead of the recovery from Covid-19 has been described as a "fools errand" as a new poll puts the result of the Holyrood election next week on a "knife-edge". Apr 29, 2021 616
Scottish election 2021: SNP 'cut 22,000 council jobs', claims pro-union campaign group; Cuts to council budgets over the last parliament are to blame for 22,000 fewer jobs in local authorities across Scotland, a pro-union campaign group has claimed. Apr 28, 2021 586
Daily Mail most popular news website for Scottish Government staff; The Daily Mail is the most popular news website for Scottish Government staff, The Scotsman can reveal. Apr 28, 2021 413
Scottish election 2021: Lib Dems to 'progress' and take advantage of 'soft' SNP vote, vows Willie Rennie; Willie Rennie has said the Scottish Liberal Democrats are planning to make the most of 'soft' SNP voters at this election, adding that he is sure his party will progress. Apr 27, 2021 609
Scottish election 2021: Douglas Ross attacked for historic comments on gay marriage during TV leaders' debate; Douglas Ross was attacked for his historic views on same-sex marriage during a bad tempered leaders' debate on Channel 4. Apr 27, 2021 614
Scottish election 2021: Who won the Channel 4 leaders' debate? It was a debate that showed the worst of Scottish politics, obsessed with the constitution and unable to debate without resorting to comfort zone attacks. Apr 27, 2021 430
Scottish election 2021: SNP pledge to double Climate Justice Fund to [pounds sterling]24m if re-elected; The SNP has pledged it will double its 'Climate Justice Fund' if re-elected in the Holyrood elections as it continues to fight to prove it is serious about battling climate change. Apr 25, 2021 405
Boris Johnson rejecting indyref2 despite pro-independence majority would be supported by Scots, poll suggests; Boris Johnson's 'just say no' approach to demands for a second independence referendum would be backed by almost half of Scots, a new poll has suggested. Apr 24, 2021 1013
Scottish election 2021: 'Absurd and offensive': Patrick Harvie hits back at 'HarvieHatesWomen' hashtag; The co-leader of the Scottish Greens has hit back at those posting the hashtag 'HarvieHatesWomen', labelling suggestions he and his party are anti-women as "absurd". Apr 24, 2021 677
Brexit pushing voters to independence as almost half of Scots think it has 'gone badly'; Brexit is pushing voters towards Scottish Independence as almost half of Scots believe leaving the European Union has gone badly for Scotland, a new poll has shown. Apr 23, 2021 950
Scottish election 2021: Tories claim SNP 'wasted' [pounds sterling]4.5bn of taxpayer cash while in power; Douglas Ross has launched an excoriating attack on the SNP's financial record in government, claiming the party has cost taxpayers [pounds sterling]4.5 billion since it came to power in 2007. Apr 23, 2021 628
Scottish election 2021: Alba Party website hit by potential cyber attack after 'unusual activity'; The Alba Party's website was hit by a potential cyber attack on Thursday evening after 'unusual activity' was spotted by administrators. Apr 23, 2021 332
Scottish elections 2021: Scots set to experience electoral Groundhog Day; For the most important election in Scotland's history post-devolution, the campaign ahead of the Holyrood elections on May 6 is a stagnant pool of political apathy. Apr 22, 2021 419
Scottish election 2021: Hopes for SNP majority continue to fade as more support slips away, shows poll; SNP hopes of a majority at next month's Holyrood elections continue to fade as another poll shows the party is set to narrowly miss out on returning more than 65 MSPs. Apr 22, 2021 995
'Nobody can predict' when physical distancing will end in Scotland, says Jason Leitch; Nicola Sturgeon has said physical distancing may be removed once there is more understanding about how the vaccine programme impacts transmission of Covid-19. Apr 21, 2021 434

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