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MWO Regulation Updated

AR 750-10, The Army Modification Program, was revised 24 Feb 06. It updates the emergency modification work order (MWO) process, changes maximum completion time of routine MWOs from 4 to 5 years, and sets the correct path for generating a materiel change number in the modification management information system.

M1114 Turret Handle Update

TM 9-2320-387-24P gives you parts stock numbers for your M1114 HMMWV, with at least one exception! Now you can order either the aluminum turret crank handle with setscrews or just the setscrews separately. NSN 5340-01-536-0999 gets you the replacement handle with setscrews. If you only need the setscrews, use part number 6431807-118, CAGE code 6W728, to place an order using DD Form 1348-6 through DLA at:

Contact Richard Fuller, DSN 850-1038, or

for more information.


Need replacement tent pins for your Type I or Type II solar shade system? NSN 8340-00-985-7461 brings an 18-in steel pin. NSN 8340-00-823-7451 brings a 12-in steel pin. If you plan to mix the pin sizes when you pitch the solar system, use the 18-in pins for the guy ropes and corners. Use the 12-in pins through the foot loops along the edge of the cover.


So your combat vehicle is damaged, but you're not sure if it's bad enough to warrant depot overhaul or repair. The Combat Vehicle Evaluation (CVE) team can help. Authorized by AR 750-1, the CVE team will come to your unit to assess damaged or defective vehicle hulls and turrets to determine whether they need depot-level repair. Vehicles with high mileage, repeated downtime, and accident or fire damage are all candidates for the program. For more details, email the CVE team at:


Scorching sun? Extreme heat? No shade? You need solar shades to protect you, your shelters, munitions, vehicles and other equipment from the sun. The shades block out 60 percent of the sunlight. Here are the NSNs:
Solar Size NSN
Shade in feet 5410-01-519-

Type I 35 x 35 7041
Type II 50 x 50 7185

Each NSN brings a fly, poles, stakes, rope and repair kit.


Free Rosetta Stone foreign-language training is available for all active Army, National Guard, Reservists, and Department of Army civilian personnel. The training, including a course on Arabic, can be found on Army Knowledge Online (AKO). Logon to AKO, click MY EDUCATION, and choose the ARMY E-LEARNING PORTAL PAGE link:
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