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Connie's post scripts.


Tank-automotive and Armaments Command has expanded stockage of mounted tire and wheel assemblies, assigning 39 NSNs for those assemblies used on light, medium and heavy tactical vehicles. Additionally, TACOM has shipped more than 5,000 assemblies to SWA for HMMWVs, HEMTTs, FMTVs, PLS/HETs, M915 line haul tractors and M939 series 5-ton fleets, A complete listing of NSNs, item managers and prices are located at TACOM's AEPS website:

The SMR code for the assemblies is PCOHH. The stacked items can be installed, replaced or used by org/unit level, but GS is the lowest level that can do complete repair and determine disposition action on an unserviceable item. As supplies increase, units within SWA will be able to update their SARSS boxes to forward unserviceable assemblies for repair to the AMC Forward Repair Activity in Balad, Iraq. Address questions to Marleen Fiantaco, DSN 786-7551, commercial (586) 574-7551, email

M992A2 Conveyor Removal

That old and often broken down conveyor system on your M992A2 amino carrier is no longer required. In fact, you can get rid of it. Instructions for removing the conveyor are found in TB 43-0001-62-03-2 (Jun 03). See your TACOM LAR or write to Half-Mast for a copy.

M1A1 Infrared viewer

Page B-3 in TM 9-2350-264-10-2 (Mar 03) lists the AN/VAS-5A infrared viewer, NSN 5855-01-475-9446, as a Component of End Item for the M1A1 tank. This item is for Marine Corps use only and is not authorized for Army tanks. Any Army requisitions for this item will be rejected.


Use NSN 2940-12-342-1512 to get a new oil filter for the MEP-952B 5-KW diesel generator used on your M577- and M1068-series command post carriers. Just remove the E from the end of the part number (Item 15 in Fig G-19 in TM 9-6115-664-13&P) and it will cross on FED LOG.
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