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Connery and Catherine hit it off in caper; OLD-FASHIONED... Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta jones in Entrapment and Adam Sandler in The Waterboy (above right).

ENTRAPMENT strikes me as a curiously old-fashioned movie.

It's one of those 'caper' films we used to see a lot of and which, in this case, allows veteran Sean Connery and newly-promoted star Catherine Zeta-Jones to strike sparks off each other.

She is an insurance investigator while he is the slick crook she is ostensibly trying to catch.

She persuades him she is also a thief and together they plot their own big steal.

It is implausible and absurd - how does Catherine keep her make-up looking so immaculate, for instance? - but it is also good fun stylishly achieved and it is out on video rental now.

Best Laid Plans is a cleverly constructed thriller which sees boyfriend and girlfriend Alessandro Nivola and Reese Witherspoon searching for a way out of the no-hope town of Tropico.

He makes the mistake of stealing from a major drug dealer and from that moment on his life is not his own.

The couple pick an old college acquaintance- who is house-sitting a mansion full of precious objects - as the possible source of some urgently-needed cash.

They set him up for a complicated sting but all is not what it seems as they find themselves the victims in a tense and satisfying movie with many a twist before we reach the end.

The 11 O'Clock show's main man, Ali G, is a comedy sensation.

And his first video outing, Ali G, Innit, is a hilarious compilation of his outrageous interviews from the last series. Ali also treats us to a unique guide around all the Berkshire Massive hangouts in his home town, Staines.

To coin a term from Mr G, this video's "wicked" and it is on sale now at pounds 15.99.

In The Waterboy, Bobby Boucher is the half-wit, half-time man who dishes out refreshments to the the meat-heads of the football team.

His reward for this menial job is a barrage of abuse from the lunks he is there to serve.

Then one day, like in all the best fairy-tales, the worm turns and he discovers he has a talent for the game itself.

And with his aid, the worst team in the league, managed by Henry "The Fonz" Winkler turn their fortunes around and become world-beaters.

Adam Sandler tries to do a sort of sub-Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man - but there the resemblance ends.

As a knockabout farce for children this is an OK film. For grown-ups it is inept, not to say offensive, in its depiction of disability.

This made $162 million at the US box office - which just goes to show that you can get money for old rope. It is out on tape now.

The Impostors features Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci as two deadbeat actors waiting for the big break which - they are so bad - will never come.

They flee from a punch-up with a more successful thespian and end up on an ocean-going cruise where they have to pose as waiters to escape detection.

The resultant farce has its moments and there are times when the pair evoke faint echoes of the great Laurel and Hardy but, all in all, it is too self-indulgent to be a whole-hearted success.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Bennett, Alf
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 2, 2000
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