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Connections: the scholastic art awards.

This year, SchoolArts features works by students who have received recognition from the Scholastic Art Awards. To find out more about these awards, visit www.

David Greenhalgh, age 14, The Maestro, St. John's Country Day School, Orange Pack, Florida. Teacher: Tamara Culbert, Silver Award.

Rami Ismail, age 15, Fossil Legs, University School of Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee. Teacher: Emily Holt. Gold Award.

"This particular work of art is abstract, so a person veiwing it is made to ponder its meaning."

Grey Idol, age 13, Untitled, Ligon Magnet Middle School, Raleigh, North Carolina. Teacher: Karen Thorsen. Gold Award.

"Instead of drawing the chair, I drew the negative space around it."

Joel Jaquez, age 16, Extremely Flammable, South Gray High School, Montezuma, Kansas. Teacher: Angie Mitchell. Gold Award.

"I am inspired by my family, friends and art teacher. I am also inspired by the things that go on around the world. "

Maggie Herskowitz, age 14, Windows to the Pier, The Mirman School, Los Angeles, California. Teacher: Karin Durup. Silver Award.

"My mother is an artist and my father is a writer. Seeing the amazing work they create inspires me greatly."

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