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When Escontrol, a Brazilian manufacturer of control and electronic instrumentation, needed to replace the electrode insulator connectors in its thermal equipment instrumentation for high-pressure vessels, it chose VICTREX ST high performance polymer to improve durability, reliability and increase the overall lifetime of the connectors.

The instrumentation, used in industrial, medical, food and petrochemical industries, is essential for the proper operation of fluid phase power generation equipment Originally, the connectors were made with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) but they exhibited a number of durability issues which required the need for interventions and unscheduled downtime for maintenance. Escontrol concluded that PTFE had insufficient strength to withstand the combination of high pressures and high temperatures in which the connectors are subjected. This caused a high susceptibility to electrical leakage and the consequent risk of short-circuiting the system.

Looking for a higher performing solution, Escontrol tested a number of materials. "We tested polyimide (PI) and thermoplastic polyimide (TPI), but these had a much shorter life (1 to 2 weeks) due to hydrolysis caused by exposure to superheated steam," said Jaime Denicol, Technical Director at Escontrol. "By switching to VICTREX ST polymer, the module's expected lifetime is now more than three years."

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Date:Mar 1, 2012
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