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Connect With Colleagues in the Financial Sector's Most Private Network.

Provio is a private and secure community, exclusive to financial professionals

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Provio community, is exclusive to experienced finance professionals. In fact, the majority of members are referred by the existing members. New applicants must validate that they work in finance or have significant previous industry experience.

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Provio is designed to be the one-stop career management and communication portal for the financial sector. Developed by two former Goldman Sachs bankers, Will Matthews and Mika Purra, Provio strives to deliver the financial sector's immediate goals:

* facilitate finding top-level career opportunities within the industry;

* raising capital and/or finding investment opportunity;

* comparing industry salaries;

* accessing hand-picked industry information;

* networking among accomplished and a pre-qualified group of professionals.

These unique features fulfill their promise in an extremely secure environment. Privacy is the number one concern for finance industry professionals and privacy is at the core of Provio. All members can take advantage of the patented anonymity features. If members wish, their name, personal information and place of employment are withheld from other members and recruiters.

An anonymous resume in Provio's confidential resume database enables members to be in the job market at all times. Top financial firms and recruiters are able to search members and see their credentials without knowing their personal information or place of employment. They are able to contact the members, and if they wish, initial contact can be anonymous as well. Members never have to disclose their identity until they are ready to formally interview. Further, Provio members are able to apply anonymously to any position(s) posted by firms and recruiters.

Another substantial feature of Provio is the " Investment Database." Provio members are established professionals who are looking for investment opportunities or to raise capital. The "Deal Room" enables members to share, pitch and to look for investment opportunities within Provio's pre-qualified community. The anonymity features apply to the investment database as well. Members are able to communicate anonymously and only need share contact information once they feel confident to do so.

The networking aspect of Provio is a tremendous way to get information on market activity and what others in the industry are doing. Provio provides an unrivalled opportunity to keep in contact with industry leaders and your colleagues. Industry information is hand-picked by Provio staff and forwarded per the members preferences.

Co-founder Mika Purra, who holds a PhD in Political Economy from Oxford comments, "There are many aspects of communication that I prefer not to use my devices for. Privacy is simply not possible and for the social aspect of interacting with my colleagues, I certainly never wanted to text or send an e-mail from work. Provio alleviates these concerns."

Co-founder, Will Matthews, a former hedge fund investor and investment banker at Goldman Sachs adds, "When we developed Provio, our goal was not to provide just a job board. Being bankers, we knew the type of information that the industry required. Therefore, we set out to develop a wide range of utility within the community. Our hope is that Provio becomes a regular part of our members day."

Provio is a unique service in the financial sector. It offers a patented anonymous career management tool, a professional community of proven talent, hand-picked information, sector information such as salary caparisons and the exclusive capital investment database. Provio is exclusive to persons with several years of proven financial experience and thrives on its adherence to privacy related issues.


Mr. Will Matthews Email 1-866-688-7561 #101

Mr. Mika Purra Email 1-866-688-7561 #102

Mr. Ken Jackson Email 1-866-688-7561 #103

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Date:Nov 10, 2015
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