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ConneXt Supports Siebel eEnergy; ConneXt Embraces New and Expanded eBusiness Solution for the Energy Industry.

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ConneXt, a Seattle-based software developer of billing and customer care solutions for the utility industry, today announced its support for Siebel eEnergy 2000.3, the most complete and comprehensive family of eBusiness applications software specifically designed for the Energy industry.

Siebel eEnergy, offered by Siebel Systems, Inc., (Nasdaq:SEBL) the world's leading supplier of eBusiness applications software, allows organizations to manage, synchronize and coordinate all customer touchpoints including the Web, call center, field organization and distribution channels.

Siebel eEnergy is designed to meet the needs of retail energy, distribution, oil and gas, and chemical companies serving a broad range of customers, from consumers to businesses of all sizes. It offers unparalleled breadth of functionality enabling energy companies to cut transaction costs, profitably acquire new customers, and take advantage of cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

As a Siebel Premier Software Partner, ConneXt will work with Siebel Systems to integrate the ConneXt ConsumerLinX with Siebel eEnergy. The ConneXt ConsumerLinX solution provides new options for utilities to link their billing and customer care operations with new or existing applications, allowing them to provide enhanced services to their customers. Together, ConneXt and Siebel Systems help joint customers create new revenue streams and target customers with stronger, more compelling value propositions.

The combination of ConsumerLinX with Siebel eEnergy enables utilities to share key customer data and expand core billing functionality, enabling follow-on sales and targeted marketing campaigns. The joint solution uses credit and collection management functionality to decrease a customer service agent's workload, allowing expansion of customer service with minimal hiring. The resulting increase in employee retention and customer satisfaction will help joint customers leverage the new loyalty and retention management, pricing management and contract management capabilities within Siebel eEnergy.

"The combination of Siebel eEnergy with ConneXt's ConsumerLinX will provide our customers with a powerful end-to-end solution that expands their scope of success from a regulated market into a deregulated one," said John Przelenski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ConneXt. "We look forward to taking advantage of the breakthrough technology now available from Siebel Systems to address the critical customer demands of retail and distribution energy companies."

"ConneXt's ConsumerLinX solutions address the complex requirements of retail energy and distribution companies in billing and customer care," said Richard Campione, Vice President and General Manager of Siebel Communications and Energy. "The integration with Siebel eEnergy reduces our customers' time-to-market for the joint solution while minimizing the risk of deployment. Together, commitment of Siebel Systems and ConneXt are providing industry- leading, comprehensive solutions that improve customer satisfaction."

About ConneXt

ConneXt(R) is a Seattle-based developer of packaged customer information system software for utilities. The company's flagship billing and customer care solution is ConsumerLinX(TM), a powerful, agile, and adaptable CIS featuring high-volume billing for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. ConsumerLinX enables utilities to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing energy marketplace.

ConneXt is located at 1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1900, Seattle, Washington, 98101. For additional information, phone 800/706-1976, fax 206/521-2400 or visit the ConneXt Web site at
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Date:Feb 15, 2001
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