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Conn and Company.


Conn and Company, LLC

11 S. Marion St.

Warren, PA 16365 USA

Tel: 814-723-7980

Fax: (814) 723-8502



Company Description

Conn and Company has been designing and manufacturing industrial mixing equipment for 55 years. We build equipment to meet the customer's requirements with air or electric drive specifications to suit operating conditions; horsepower to suit service conditions; dimensional design to suit operating conditions or existing tank. We firmly believe in keeping it simple, durable and functional. Call us with your mixing problems and requirements. We will be glad to be of assistance.

Markets Served

Conn provides low shear blending blades or high shear dispersion blades or complete drive assemblies for processing paints, adhesives, inks, cements, urethane foams, chemicals, slurries, grouts, etc.


Conn and Company recognized the need for blending blades and dispersion blades that provided true pumping action instead of plowing action. We have brought three patented blades to the market under the trade name CONN Blade[R]. The blade illustrated in our advertisement is the FIT style and with the combination of louvers and teeth, it is a high pumping high shear blade and it is the most efficient and aggressive dispersion blade available. The IT style has the louvers providing superior pumping action but without the teeth it is a high pumping low shear blending blade. The ITC CONN Blade[R] is an 8-vane open style blade providing excellent material flow, with more shear than the IT but is not as aggressive as the ITT.

Major Products

The CONN blades are available from 2" diameter to 48" diameter with mounting holes or mounting hubs to retrofit and upgrade your present equipment. Split construction is available for entry through manways. CONN also manufactures complete units and drive assemblies to mount on your tanks. We supply air or electric utility/laboratory mixers, spool-type top entry for flange mounting to your tank and drive assemblies for mounting on bridge support for open top tanks. Let us know your requirements and we will he glad to be of assistance.

Global Capabilities

We handle all worldwide sales from the home office in Warren, PA, USA. Contact Richard C. Freeman at, call (814) 723-7980 or fax (814) 723-8502.

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