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Conjunction: a poem for two tongues.


to remember
 For you, father, even after
 thirty years in America,
 Pittsburgh is still Bittsburg,
 New Jersey is New Cherz,
 garbage is carpage.

lo recordo:

I remember
 Driving with you
 through Southern California
 in our squeaky red truck
 you would have the radio blaring
 a Tijuana station,
 R-r-radio Calli,
 and you would say,
 they had Italian
 stations in Bittsburg.

Tu redordi:

You remember
 When you heard Spanish
 or Portuguese in the park
 you would stop,
 speak Italian to them,
 any immigrant a brother.
 Afterwards, I would ask
 what you talked about.
 You would say,
 I didn't understand them.

Noi recordiamo:

We remember
 Home from college
 on break I would try
 my book-learned Italian.
 You would wince,
 reply in English.
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Author:Artuso, Tony
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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