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Conical screw mixers and screw dryers.

Conical Screw Mixers and Screw Dryers The Conical screw mixer has been an accepted means of blending fine chemicals, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals for many years. Terlet's new Summix conical screw mixer/dryer retains the well proven principle of a rotating screw driven by an orbital arm but differs from conventional screw mixers in several important respects.

The screw itself is tapered, which reduces the ineffective mixing zone at the centre of the mixer, and gives the extra benefit of reducing the overall height of the unit, compared with the traditional parallel screw system. By implication, the tapered screw will be shorter for a given product volume, and since the deflection on the screw is a function of its length, a bottom support is normally not needed on mixers up to 5000 litres capacity.

The volume of material transported by each screw pitch increases in proportion to the distance it is carried from the bottom of the conical stainless steel mixing vessel. This avoids pressure build up, so avoiding damage to the product and reducing wear on the screw.

Ease of maintenance was a primary consideration when designing the Summix. The drive system is oil-free, thus eliminating the possibility of product contamination, and the use of toothed timing belts for power transmission keeps noise level and heat generation to a minimum.

Seals can be inspected and replaced without the need to enter the mixing chamber; this even applies to the modular bearing assembly for the screw which, according to the manufacturers, can be replaced in less than 2 hours.

All Summix drive units are provided with a hollow shaft, which can be used to feed spraying tubes, automatic cleaning devices, level indicators or a central heating/cooling cone to supplement the optional heating/cooling jacket on the vessel. As these rotate with the orbital arm, the problems associated with rotary seals inside the mixer are avoided.

Summix mixers and dryers can be supplied for atmospheric, pressure or vacuum operation, and are available in sizes from 175 up to 40,000 litres but complete details can be discussed with Terlet UK of Unit 1, Manor Farm, Culham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, tel: 0235 554771.
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Title Annotation:Summix screw mixers and dryers from Terlet UK; product introduction
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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