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Congressman wants nanoscience advisory board. (Security Beat).

Rep. Michael Honda, D-Calif., introduced legislation to establish a national nanoscience and nanotechnology advisory board, as part of a national nanotechnology coordination office, within the President's Office of Science and Technology Policy.

A nanometer is a unit of measurement approximately 10-9 microns long. Using nanotechnology, it is possible to stack molecules tightly to create almost impenetrable, self-repairing, self-sensing or self-adapting materials, suitable for homeland security defense applications.

The advisory board would be comprised of 20 members appointed by the president from industry and academia, and would advise the president and Congress on research investment strategy, policy, objectives, and oversight related to the federal government's National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI).

This bill would create an advisory board of experts who would help articulate short-term, medium-range, and long-range goals and objectives. The board would also submit an annual report to the president and Congress regarding nanotechnology progress.

"The nanotechnology industry could become one of the new engines of our economy, and will have a dramatic impact on society," said Honda. "It is of utmost importance that the United States lead in the development of the nanotechnology industry. My legislation will make sure that the federal government has an aggressive, achievable and measurable plan," he said.
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Title Annotation:Michael Honda
Author:Book, Elizabeth G.
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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