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Congressional report harshly critical.

A recent House Government Operations Committee report states outright that the IRS is failing to do its job--that is, it is failing to collect revenue and preserve the integrity of the tax system. The report said the IRS's three main stumbling blocks are its huge accounts receivable backlog, an inadequate tax processing system and a lack of employee integrity.

These problems, the report says, are all due to flaws in the IRS's management and to outdated computer systems in "crisis." Efforts to modernize the computer systems never have gotten off the ground, according to the report, because of frequent leadership changes at the IRS and the Treasury Department.

Accounts receivable. The report said the IRS lacks the information necessary to collect the billions of dollars owed in back taxes. The IRS also "lacks an overall strategy" to combat the problem.

Employee integrity. The report claimed "a steady flow of complaints" from/RS employees and the public indicate "major [worker] integrity difficulties" still exist. However, it acknowledged the/RS had made progress in rectifying its employee ethics problems.

Note: A member of the Government Operations Committee who did not participate in preparing the report characterized it as full of contradictions.
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Author:Wagenbrenner, Anne
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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