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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (March 1, 2021)

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"Staying Nuclear"?: Legal Challenges to State Subsidies for Aging Nuclear Power Plants and Related FERC Actions. Murrill, Brandon J. 1458
An Overview of Federal Regulations and the Rulemaking Process. Carey, Maeve P. 1392
Antarctica: Overview of Geopolitical and Environmental Issues. Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Vaughn, Bruce; Procita, Kezee Report 13932
Army Corps of Engineers: FY2021 Appropriations. Normand, Anna E.; Carter, Nicole T. 1316
Asylum Processing at the Border: Legal Basics. Harrington, Ben 2556
Banking Policy Issues in the 117th Congress. Perkins, David W.; Cooper, Cheryl R.; Getter, Darryl E.; Gnanarajah, Raj; Labonte, Marc; Miller, Ren Report 25928
Calculation and Use of the Disaster Relief Allowable Adjustment. Painter, William L. 1160
Carr v. Saul: Supreme Court to Decide When Social Security Claimants Must First Raise Appointments Clause Challenges. Sheffner, Daniel J. 2308
Central Valley Project: Issues and Legislation. Stern, Charles V.; Sheikh, Pervaze A. Report 16427
Clean Air Act: Electricity Sector and Greenhouse Gas Standards. Shouse, Kate C. 998
Clean Energy Standards: Selected Issues for the 117th Congress. Lawson, Ashley J. Report 4335
Coast Guard Cutter Procurement: Background and Issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 25626
Coast Guard Waterways Commerce Cutter (WCC) Program: Background and Issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald 1196
Colombia: Challenges for U.S. Policymakers in 2021. Beittel, June S. 1013
Commercial Filming and Photography on Federal Lands. DeSantis, Mark K. 1659
Community Development Block Grants: Funding and Allocation Processes. Jaroscak, Joseph V. Report 9915
Compensation Programs for Potential COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries. Hickey, Kevin J.; Ward, Erin H. 3748
Connecting Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities to Health Services: Resources for Constituents. Colello, Kirsten J.; Malloy, Michele L.; Napili, Angela 1254
Contesting the Seizure of Vehicles Under Civil Forfeiture: What Process Is Due? Thompson, Richard M., II 2121
COVID-19 Impact on the Banking Industry: Conditions at the End of 2020. Perkins, David W.; Gnanarajah, Raj 1045
COVID-19 Variants: Vaccines, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics. Sarata, Amanda K.; Bodie, Agata 1783
COVID-19: Selected Medicare Resources for Beneficiaries and Health Care Providers. Malloy, Michele L. 580
Do Warrantless Searches of Electronic Devices at the Border Violate the Fourth Amendment? Smith, Hillel R. 3629
Domestic Funding for COVID-19 Vaccines: An Overview. Sekar, Kavya 1047
Drug Pricing and Intellectual Property: The Legislative Landscape for the 117th Congress. Hickey, Kevin J.; Richards, Kevin T.; Ward, Erin H. Report 24220
Early Development and Regulation of Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions. Sarata, Amanda K. Report 5496
Energy and Water Development: FY2021 Appropriations. Holt, Mark; Clark, Corrie E. Report 21390
Executive Orders: An Introduction. Richards, Kevin T. Report 13362
Expanded Access and Right to Try: Access to Investigational Drugs. Bodie, Agata Report 8810
Federal Deficits, Growing Debt, and the Economy in the Wake of COVID-19. Weinstock, Lida R. Report 8502
Federal Home Loan Banks: Primary Mission Asset Ratios and Transitioning from LIBOR. Getter, Darryl E.; Mullins, Maura 656
Federal Offshore Oil and Gas Revenues During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Comay, Laura B. 1492
Federal Resources for State and Local Economic Development. Lawhorn, Julie M. 1476
FEMA Assistance for Vaccine Administration and Distribution: In Brief. Lee, Erica A.; Sekar, Kavya Report 5613
Finding Medicare Enrollment Statistics. Report 2190
Global COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution. Tharakan, Sara M.; Salaam-Blyther, Tiaji 1748
Green Building Overview and Issues. Clark, Corrie E. Report 29556
Heritage Areas: Background, Proposals, and Current Issues. DeSantis, Mark K. Report 8314
Hydrofluorocarbon Phasedown: Issues for Congress. Shouse, Kate C. 1534
Indian Energy Programs at the Department of Energy. Clark, Corrie E.; Holt, Mark 1485
Introduction to U.S. Economy: Business Investment. Weinstock, Lida R. 1438
Liability Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA). Bowers, Kate R. 1638
Manufacturing USA: Advanced Manufacturing Institutes and Network. Sargent, John F., Jr. Report 12609
Medicaid Work Requirements: An End to the Litigation? Staman, Jennifer A. 1854
Medicare Hospital Payments: Adjusting for Variation in Geographic Area Wages. Villagrana, Marco A. Report 12295
Medicare Trigger. Davis, Patricia A.; Garvey, Todd; Davis, Christopher M. Report 6350
Mergers and Acquisitions in Digital Markets. Cho, Clare Y. 12719
Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Selected Policy Options. Ramseur, Jonathan L.; Croft, Genevieve K.; Clark, Corrie E.; Lawson, Ashley J. 1161
National Flood Insurance Program: The Current Rating Structure and Risk Rating 2.0. Horn, Diane P. Report 8397
New COVID-19 Defense Production Act (DPA) Actions: Implementation Considerations. Cecire, Michael H.; Hart, Nina M.; Peters, Heidi M. 998
Operation Warp Speed Contracts for COVID-19 Vaccines and Ancillary Vaccination Materials. Siddalingaiah, Simi V. 1038
Overview of Department of Defense Use of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Hoehn, John R.; Gallagher, Jill C.; Sayler, Kelley M. 17841
Overview of the 2018 Farm Bill Energy Title Programs. Bracmort, Kelsi 1419
Pandemic-Related Provisions Expiring in the 117th Congress. Scott, Andrew P.; Smole, David P. Report 8292
Pandemics, Payments, and (Digital) Property. Scott, Andrew P. 897
Pipeline Transportation of Hydrogen: Regulation, Research, and Policy. Parfomak, Paul W. Report 14089
Potential State Impacts of a Pause on Federal Onshore Oil and Natural Gas Leases. Tracy, Brandon S. 1466
Proposals to Modify Supreme Court Justices' Tenure: Legal Considerations. Lewis, Kevin M. Report 7262
Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) and Public Safety Officers' Educational Assistance (PSOEA) Programs. Szymendera, Scott D. Report 4645
Recent White House Actions on Immigration. Smith, Hillel R.; Santamaria, Kelsey Y. 2459
Registered Apprenticeship: Federal Role and Recent Federal Efforts. Collins, Benjamin Report 7406
SBA Disaster Assistance for Civil Unrest. Lindsay, Bruce R.; Nagel, Jared C. 1196
SBA New Markets Venture Capital Program. Dilger, Robert Jay Report 12011
SBA Office of Advocacy: Overview, History, and Current Issues. Dilger, Robert Jay Organization overview 9316
SBA Office of the National Ombudsman: Overview, History, and Current Issues. Dilger, Robert Jay Organization overview 8049
SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program. Dilger, Robert Jay Report 14961
Small Business Administration (SB A) Funding: Overview and Recent Trends. Dilger, Robert Jay Report 25127
Small Business Administration: A Primer on Programs and Funding. Dilger, Robert Jay; Lowry, Sean Report 23993
Small Business Mentor-Protege Programs. Dilger, Robert Jay Report 11126
Statement of Charles V. Stern Specialist in Natural Resources Policy Before Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water and Power U.S. Senate Hearing on "Water Infrastructure for the 21st Century: The Viability of Incorporating Natural Infrastructure in Bureau of Reclamation Water Management Systems". 4075
Stepping In: The FCC's Authority to Preempt State Laws Under the Communications Act. Linebaugh, Chris D.; Holmes, Eric N. Report 22785
Student Loan Programs Authorized by the Public Health Service Act: An Overview. Heisler, Elayne J.; Hegji, Alexandra Report 11190
Supreme Court Considers Standard for Voting Rights Act Claims. Whitaker, L. Paige 3471
Supreme Court Decision Sheds Light on State Authority to Regulate Health Care Costs. Staman, Jennifer A. 1893
Supreme Court to Consider Whether Patent Judges' Appointments Are Constitutional. Richards, Kevin T. 2243
Texas Power Outage: Implications for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Policy. Humphreys, Brian E. 819
The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA; P.L. 117-2): Title IX, Subtitle G-Tax Provisions Related to Promoting Economic Security. Sherlock, Molly F.; Crandall-Hollick, Margot L.; Gravelle, Jane G. Report 13872
The Application of Internal Revenue Code Section 280E to Marijuana Businesses: Selected Legal Issues. Ball, Milan N. 9012
The Biden Administration's Immigration Enforcement Priorities: Background and Legal Considerations. Smith, Hillel R. 3453
The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 Broadband Provisions: In Brief. Rachfal, Colby Leigh; Gallagher, Jill C.; Figliola, Patricia Moloney; Humphreys, Brian E. Report 4233
The Digital Divide: What Is It, Where Is It, and Federal Assistance Programs. Rachfal, Colby Leigh Report 11121
The Endangered Species Act: Overview and Implementation. Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Ward, Erin H.; Crafton, R. Eliot Report 28576
The PREP Act and COVID-19: Limiting Liability for Medical Countermeasures. Hickey, Kevin J. 3400
The Qualified Mortgage (QM) Rule and Recent Revisions. Getter, Darryl E. 1692
U.S. Aluminum Manufacturing: National Security and Tariffs. Platzer, Michaela D.; Peters, Heidi M.; Fefer, Rachel F. 1693
U.S. Energy in the 21st Century: A Primer. Diaz, Melissa N.; Bracmort, Kelsi; Brown, Phillip; Campbell, Richard J.; Clark, Corrie E.; Holt, Mar Report 19011
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Streamgaging Network: Overview and Issues for Congress. Normand, Anna E. Organization overview 9832
U.S. Public Health Service: COVID-19 Supplemental Appropriations in the 116th Congress. Sekar, Kavya; Bodie, Agata; Cornell, Ada S.; Duff, Johnathan H.; Heisler, Elayne J.; Nicchitta, Isaa Report 17082
United States Bankruptcy Courts: Caseload Statistics for the 12-Month Period Ending December 31, 2020. McMillion, Barry J. 920
Vehicle Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Standards. Lattanzio, Richard K.; Tsang, Linda; Canis, Bill Report 1727
Veterans Health Administration: Gender-Specific Health Care Services for Women Veterans. Sussman, Jared S. 1667
Water Resource Issues in the 117th Congress. Stern, Charles V.; Carter, Nicole T.; Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Normand, Anna E.; Lipiec, Eva; Folger, Pet Report 10625
Wind Energy: Offshore Permitting. Vann, Adam Report 6943

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