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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (April 1, 2013)

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"Hollowing out" in U.S. manufacturing: analysis and issues for Congress. Levinson, Marc Report 6803
2006-2011: sectarian conflict and U.S.-assisted reconciliation. Katzman, Kenneth 3480
Assessment. Sharp, Jeremy M.; Blanchard, Christopher M. 5890
Background. O'Rourke, Ronald 2630
Bahrain: reform, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report 19640
Ban on U.S. trade and investment with Iran. Katzman, Kenneth 1867
Blocked Iranian property and assets. Katzman, Kenneth 438
Climate change and loss of Arctic sea ice. O'Rourke, Ronald 762
Commercial sea transportation. O'Rourke, Ronald 2280
Conclusion. Katzman, Kenneth Report 10285
Conclusion. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. 4858
Congressional redistricting and the Voting Rights Act: a legal overview. Whitaker, L. Paige Report 6224
Conventional prompt global strike and long-range ballistic missiles: background and issues. Woolf, Amy F. Report 24170
Core negotiating issues: market access. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report 6017
Core negotiating issues: rules. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report 4843
Covert action: legislative background and possible policy questions. Erwin, Marshall Curtis Report 5434
CRS reports on specific Arctic-related issues. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 16819
Cybersecurity glossaries. Glossary 448
Cybersecurity: selected legal issues. Liu, Edward C.; Stevens, Gina; Ruane, Kathleen Ann; Dolan, Alissa M.; Thompson, Richard M., II; Nola Report 16237
Data and statistics. Tehan, Rita List 3157
Direct overt U.S. aid appropriations for and military reimbursements to Pakistan, FY2002-FY2014. Statistical table 664
Drought in the United States: causes and issues for Congress. Folger, Peter; Cody, Betsy A.; Carter, Nicole T. Report 17761
Economic recovery: sustaining U.S. economic growth in a post-crisis economy. Elwell, Craig K. Report 13701
Effectiveness of sanctions on Iran. Katzman, Kenneth 5305
Effectiveness of sanctions on Iran. Katzman, Kenneth 11985
Egypt and the IMF: overview and issues for Congress. Nelson, Rebecca M.; Sharp, Jeremy M. Report 8440
El Salvador: political and economic conditions and U.S. relations. Seelke, Clare Ribando Report 12447
Energy sector sanctions: the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA) and related laws and executive orders. Katzman, Kenneth Report 8109
Executive orders and presidential directives. Tehan, Rita List 1250
Financial sanctions: CISADA and sanctions on dealings with Iran's Central Bank. Katzman, Kenneth 1295
Fisheries. O'Rourke, Ronald 395
Foreign investment and national security: economic considerations. Jackson, James K. Report 12720
Foreign ownership of U.S. financial assets: implications of a withdrawal. Jackson, James K. Report 8267
Foreign policy and support for terrorist groups. Katzman, Kenneth Report 9073
FutureGen: a brief history and issues for Congress. Folger, Peter Report 7162
Geopolitical environment. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 2521
Governance and human rights issues. Katzman, Kenneth 2757
Hearings in the 112th Congress. Tehan, Rita Calendar 4208
Hearings in the 113th Congress. Tehan, Rita Calendar 675
Horizontal and cross-cutting issues. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report 2136
Indigenous people living in the Arctic. O'Rourke, Ronald 1402
Institutional issues. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report 2325
Intelligence issues for Congress. Erwin, Marshall Curtis Report 13744
International climate change financing: the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Lattanzio, Richard K. Report 7632
International implementation and compliance. Katzman, Kenneth 4451
International trade and finance: key policy issues for the 113th Congress. Hornbeck, J.F.; Irace, Mary A. Report 15921
Introduction. Tehan, Rita Brief article 146
Introduction. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. 448
Introduction. O'Rourke, Ronald Brief article 198
Iran's strategic capabilities and weapons of mass destruction programs. Katzman, Kenneth Report 6944
Issues for Congress. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. 1354
Japan's possible entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership and its implications. Cooper, William H.; Manyin, Mark E. Report 9017
Jordan: background and U.S. relations. Sharp, Jeremy M. Report 9200
Latin America: terrorism issues. Sullivan, Mark P.; Beittel, June S. Report 18136
Legislation. Tehan, Rita List 992
Mexico's drug trafficking organizations: source and scope of the violence. Beittel, June S. Report 27229
National park system: establishing new units. Vincent, Carol Hardy 4742
Navy irregular warfare and counterterrorism operations: background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 13688
Next steps in nuclear arms control with Russia: issues for Congress. Woolf, Amy F. Report 20582
North Korea's nuclear weapons: technical issues. Nikitin, Mary Beth Report 18557
Nuclear energy: overview of congressional issues. Holt, Mark Report 5015
Oil pollution and pollution response. O'Rourke, Ronald 1687
Oil, gas, and mineral exploration. O'Rourke, Ronald 2147
Other human rights practices. Katzman, Kenneth 588
Overview and objectives. Katzman, Kenneth 387
Overview of the post-Saddam political transition. Katzman, Kenneth 1614
Polar icebreaking. O'Rourke, Ronald 1436
Political history. Katzman, Kenneth 943
Post-U.S. withdrawal political unraveling. Katzman, Kenneth 7447
Proliferation-related U.S. sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth 625
Promoting global internet freedom: policy and technology. Figliola, Patricia Moloney Report 4955
Protected species. O'Rourke, Ronald 535
Regime structure, stability, and opposition. Katzman, Kenneth Report 7567
Regional dimension. Katzman, Kenneth 3055
Regular vetoes and pocket vetoes: an overview. Kosar, Kevin R. Report 2008
Related resources: other websites. Tehan, Rita Website list 2255
Reports by topic. List 22467
Ricin: technical background and potential role in terrorism. Shea, Dana A.; Gottron, Frank Report 2392
Sanctioning Iranian involvement in the region. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 197
Search and rescue. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 2303
Security assistance reform: "Section 1206" background and issues for Congress. Serafino, Nina M. Report 19703
Sensitive covert action notifications: oversight options for Congress. Erwin, Marshall Curtis Report 4626
State, foreign operations appropriations: a guide to component accounts. Tarnoff, Curt; Tiersky, Alex Report 5876
Summary. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. 702
Summary. Tehan, Rita Brief article 200
Summary. Sharp, Jeremy M.; Blanchard, Christopher M. 574
Summary. Katzman, Kenneth 567
Summary. O'Rourke, Ronald 552
Summary. Katzman, Kenneth 537
Summary. Katzman, Kenneth 585
Super PACs in federal elections: overview and issues for Congress. Garrett, R. Sam Report 12491
Territorial claims and sovereignty issues. O'Rourke, Ronald 871
Terrorism, Miranda, and related matters. Doyle, Charles Report 6306
Terrorism-related sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth 659
The Berne Union: an overview. Jackson, James K. Report 2353
The European Union: foreign and security policy. Mix, Derek E. Report 13602
The evolution of the TPP. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. 449
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and terrorism investigations. Bjelopera, Jerome P. Report 15453
The FY2014 state and foreign operations budget request. Epstein, Susan B.; Lawson, Marian Leonardo; Tiersky, Alex Report 7221
The New START Treaty: central limits and key provisions. Woolf, Amy F. Report 20567
The TPP in context. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report 2142
The U.S. export control system and the president's reform initiative. Fergusson, Ian F.; Kerr, Paul K. Report 14417
The United Kingdom and U.S.-UK relations. Mix, Derek E. Report 8656
The United Nations Human Rights Council: issues for Congress. Blanchfield, Luisa Report 11386
The World Bank Group energy sector strategy. Lattanzio, Richard K. Report 10662
Turkey: background and U.S. relations. Zanotti, Jim Report 21479
U.N. sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 129
U.S. economic and trade relations with TPP countries. Fergusson, Ian F.; Cooper, William H.; Jurenas, Remy; Williams, Brock R. Report 3430
U.S. efforts to promote divestment. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 142
U.S. foreign aid to Israel. Sharp, Jeremy M. Report 15361
U.S. international investment agreements: issues for Congress. Akhtar, Shayerah Ilias; Weiss, Martin A. Report 8908
U.S. military forces and operations. O'Rourke, Ronald Report 9352
U.S. military withdrawal and post-2011 policy. Katzman, Kenneth 7810
U.S. natural gas exports: new opportunities, uncertain outcomes. Ratner, Michael; Parfomak, Paul W.; Fergusson, Ian F.; Luther, Linda Report 11082
U.S. policy and issues for Congress. Sharp, Jeremy M.; Blanchard, Christopher M. Report 17847
U.S. policy approaches and additional options. Katzman, Kenneth Report 8432
U.S. sanctions intended to support democratic change in Iran or alter Iran's foreign policy. Katzman, Kenneth 1587
U.S.-EU cooperation against terrorism. Archick, Kristin Report 13998
U.S.-South Korea relations. Manyin, Mark E.; Nikitin, Mary Beth; Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Rinehart, Ian E.; Cooper, William H. 18356
Western Sahara. Arieff, Alexis Report 6421
Why certain trade agreements are approved as congressional-executive agreements rather than treaties. Smith, Jane M.; Shedd, Daniel T.; Murrill, Brandon J. Report 4528

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