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Articles from Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs (November 1, 2010)

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"Don't ask, don't tell": a legal analysis. Feder, Jody Report 8427
Acronyms. Ploch, Lauren Brief article 192
Afghanistan: politics, elections, and government performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report 24734
Afghanistan: post-Taliban governance, security, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report 601
Afghanistan: U.S. rule of law and justice sector assistance. Wyler, Liana Sun; Katzman, Kenneth Report 22350
Africa command: U.S. strategic interests and the role of the U.S. military in Africa. Ploch, Lauren Report 22974
Algeria: current issues. Migdalovitz, Carol Report 7649
Appendix A. Country counterterrorism profiles. Ploch, Lauren Report 8872
Appendix B. Regional program funding. Ploch, Lauren Table 598
Appendix C. Related Hearings of the 111th Congress. Ploch, Lauren Bibliography 5705
Appendix. U.S. and International Sanctions Lifted. Table 10899
Background. Katzman, Kenneth Report 3690
Ban on U.S. trade and investment with Iran. Katzman, Kenneth Report 1625
Bilateral programs. Ploch, Lauren Report 1530
Bill-by-bill synopsis of congressional action to date. Towell, Pat Report 25348
Blocked Iranian property and assets. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 238
Campaign finance: potential legislative and policy issues for the 111th Congress. Garrett, R. Sam Report 13714
Central Asia: regional developments and implications for U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim 29398
Comparative analysis: relationships of U.S. to international and multilateral sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth Report 1622
Comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty: background and current developments. Medalia, Jonathan Report 26246
Congressional interest. Ploch, Lauren Report 769
Countering terrorism in East Africa: the U.S. response. Ploch, Lauren Report 566
Cuba's foreign policy. Sullivan, Mark P. 498
Cuba: issues for the 111th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. 624
Defense: FY2011 authorization and appropriations. Towell, Pat 596
Economic conditions. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 1830
Effects of U.S., U.N., and other country sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth Report 13123
European Union enlargement: a status report on Turkey's accession negotiations. Morelli, Vincent Report 9404
European Union Enlargement: a status report on Turkey's accession negotiations. Morelli, Vincent Report 9758
Flooding in Pakistan: overview and issues for Congress. Kronstadt, K. Alan; Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Vaughn, Bruce Report 15394
Foreign Policy. Nichol, Jim Report 4778
FY2011 base budget highlights and potential issues. Towell, Pat Report 7084
FY2011 DOD base budget. Towell, Pat 1034
FY2011 national defense budget overview (budget function 050). Towell, Pat 674
Human rights. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 2534
International climate change: a negotiations side-by-side. Leggett, Jane A. Report 7961
International financing of responses to climate change. Leggett, Jane A. Report 14621
Iran sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth Report 621
Iraq: politics, elections, and benchmarks. Katzman, Kenneth Report 13862
Issues in U.S.-Cuban relations. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 16892
Kuwait: security, reform, and U.S. policy. Katzman, Kenneth Report 7000
Legislation in the 110th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. List 10644
Legislative initiatives in the 111th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. List 3994
Long-term planning: strategies and budgets. Towell, Pat Report 1060
Millennium Challenge Corporation. Tarnoff, Curt Agency overview 16550
Most recent developments. Towell, Pat 422
North Korea's 2009 nuclear test: containment, monitoring, implications. Medalia, Jonathan Technical report 19825
North Korea: U.S. relations, nuclear diplomacy, and internal situation. Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Taylor, Mi Ae Report 9268
Overview. Katzman, Kenneth Report 435
Overview. Ploch, Lauren Report 890
Political and human rights developments. Nichol, Jim Report 7533
Political conditions. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 2164
Post-Soviet Russia and its significance for the United States. Nichol, Jim Report 205
Post-Taliban Nation-Building Efforts. Report 3877
Proliferation-related sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth 664
Recent developments. Nichol, Jim Brief article 101
Recent developments. Sullivan, Mark P. Chronology 548
Regional Dimension. Report 5210
Regional programs. Ploch, Lauren Report 4472
Residual issues from past conflicts. Report 571
Roles and duties of a Member of Congress. Petersen, R. Eric 5185
Russian political, economic, and security issues and U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim Report 603
Security policy and force capacity building (23). Report 15311
Select oversight issues for congress. Ploch, Lauren Report 2746
Status of legislation. Towell, Pat Table 102
Structure and functions of the federal reserve system. Smale, Pauline Agency overview 3715
Terrorism list designation-related sanctions. Katzman, Kenneth 658
The first day of a new congress: a guide to proceedings on the house floor. Schneider, Judy Report 4635
The Iran Sanctions Act (ISA). Katzman, Kenneth Law overview 6306
The New START Treaty: central limits and key provisions. Woolf, Amy F. Report 18238
The President's State of the Union address: tradition, function, and policy implications. Shogan, Colleen J.; Neale, Thomas H. Report 6410
The proposed U.S.-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA): provisions and implications. Cooper, William H.; Manyin, Mark E.; Jurenas, Remy; Platzer, Michaela D. Report 28978
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Fergusson, Ian F.; Vaughn, Bruce Report 8607
The transnational terrorist threat in East Africa. Ploch, Lauren Report 3053
The U.N. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): issues in the U.S. ratification debate. Blanchfield, Luisa Report 13122
The U.S. oil refining industry: background in changing markets and fuel policies. Andrews, Anthony; Pirog, Robert; Sherlock, Molly F. Report 14690
The U.S. response. Ploch, Lauren Report 5166
Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the role of Congress in trade policy. Hornbeck, J.F.; Cooper, William H. Report 9780
Trade, economic, and energy issues. Nichol, Jim Report 4506
Treasury department "targeted financial measures". Katzman, Kenneth 881
U.S. and International aid to Afghanistan and development issues. Report 3927
U.S. efforts to promote divestment. Katzman, Kenneth Brief article 276
U.S. International Trade: trends and forecasts. Nanto, Dick K.; Donnelly, J. Michael Report 15849
U.S. policy toward Cuba. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 4926
U.S. sanctions and other efforts intended to support Iran's opposition. Katzman, Kenneth 815
U.S.-Mexico economic relations: trends, issues, and implications. Villarreal, M. Angeles Report 14152
U.S.-Russia relations. Nichol, Jim Report 14857
U.S.-South Korea relations. Manyin, Mark E.; Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Nikitin, Mary Beth; Taylor, Mi Ae Report 12926
Venezuela: issues in the 111th Congress. Sullivan, Mark P. Report 25927
Yemen: background and U.S. relations. Sharp, Jeremy M. Report 20317

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